If you run a minimal UI and hide the status bar then you do not have access to the security level lock icon. View the security level using colors in the address bar with the Glassy Urlbar extension for Firefox.


When visiting an “https:” website just how secure is it? In our two examples here both have the โ€œhttps: prefix but are not equal in security. If you have the status bar visible you could view the lock icon to check but if you run a minimal UI then what?

The lock icon definitely shows that “unencrypted information” is a problem here.

If the feature has not been disabled the Security Warning window will also appear when total encryption is not available. What you need is something that will show the difference with just a glance while helping you maintain a minimal UI.


The extension makes it easy to know the level of security for “https:” websites. If the website is totally secure the entire address bar area turns green.


And if the website is not totally secure then you will see a yellow color to serve as a warning. Simple and hassle free.


If you are looking for something to show you the safety of the sites you are visiting, the Glassy URL extension is one you may want to take a look at.


Download the Glassy Urlbar extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

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