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Save Links for Later Reading in Firefox

Do you want a simple way to save and manage links for reading later? The Save-To-Read extension for Firefox makes it easy to do without an account.

Using Save-To-Read

As soon as you install the extension you will notice two new additions to your UI. You will see a small plus sign in the address bar and a new toolbar button (opens and closes the sidebar shown here).


Your bookmarks menu will also have a new folder entry.


For our example we chose to save three pages for later reading. Each time you want to save a website click on the small plus sign, and it is automatically added to your read later list.


Our second article…


And finally the third article. Notice that the small plus sign has become a minus sign after adding the article to our list.


Opening the sidebar shows our three entries waiting to be read.


Checking the bookmarks menu shows the same articles available there.


When you are ready to read your articles simply click on the link in the sidebar, bookmarks menu, etc.


Notice that the entry is still available at the moment…there are no automatic deletions until you are finished with an article. This is great if you accidentally click the wrong link before you are ready for it.


Removing an article from the list is as simple as clicking on the address bar minus sign. It will revert to a plus sign and the entry is no longer visible in your list.


For those who want to avoid using a sidebar there is a different toolbar button available too.


The alternate toolbar button provides access to a drop-down article list. Choose the access style that best suits your needs.



The preferences are simple to work with and focus on appearance/ease-of-use.



If you have been looking for a simpler alternative to other “read later” extensions, then Save-To-Read could be just what you have been waiting for. To see another cool option for reading posts later (even on eReaders) check out our article on Instapaper.


Download the Save-To-Read extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 06/15/10

Comments (7)

  1. Evan Low

    I believe Read It Later is better.

    1. It has it’s own drop down and sync on it’s own.
    2. Doesn’t mess with your original Firefox bookmarks.
    3. There is a free iPhone app for sync your reading beyond your PC/Mac.

  2. Evan Low

    4. There is even an offline option for both the PC/Mac and iPhone.

  3. Gyzmau

    Very cool extension, but i prefer Read it later who permit to synchronize link.
    Very usefull at work for review link at home. or on mobile platform.

    thnks for your blog, i like it
    A french reader ;)

  4. Balachander

    I have been using Scrapbook extension which is similar in functionality. In addition it also allows you to download linked files upto the depth you specify, which can come in handy if you see a page full of songs or pdfs that you want.

  5. Ron A.

    I’ve found that Delicious and its Firefox add-on are perfect for this task. I (and many Delicious users) simply use a “toread” tag, later search that tag (or skim a linked bookmark folder), then remove the tag after reading. Twitter’s “favorite” function is also good, if it’s tweets you’re saving.

  6. MerryMarjie

    This looks great for me! I have tried the other add-ons mentioned, but I either forget about them or how to use them, so having the plus sign right on the address bar will prompt me to save and read the articles later. It is much better than my current solution, which is to keep opening tabs until Firefox huffs and puffs!

    Thank you for this helpful extension!

  7. Boter2099

    This is awesome – and I just discovered one extra bonus… Redirect the default folder to any existing folder already chuck full of bookmarks and it indexes them all. I just cleared out 200+ bookmarks in about an hour all from the main window. I opened the bookmark sidebar, set the folder name in the preferences window and clicked through, with nothing more than a click in the menu bar to remove all my old bookmarks. Thanks man!

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