While browsing it is easy to find information that you would like to know more about, convert, or translate. The Hyperwords extension provides access to these types of resources and more in Firefox.

Using Hyperwords

Once the extension has finished installing you will be presented with a demo video that will let you learn more about how Hyperwords works.

For our first example we chose to look for more information concerning “WASP-12b” using Wikipedia. Notice the small bluish circle on the lower right of the highlighted term…it is the default access for the Hyperwords menu (access by hovering mouse over it).

If you hover over the Wikipedia (or other) link you can access the information in a scrollable popup window.

Or if you prefer click on the link to view the information in a new tab. Choose the style that best suits your needs.

Hyperwords is extremely useful for quick unit conversions.


Suppose you want to share a news story that you have found while browsing. Highlight the title, access Hyperwords, and choose your preferred sharing source.

You may need to authorize access for Hyperwords to post to your account.

Once you have authorized access you can start sharing those links very easily. This is just a small sampling of Hyperwords many useful features.


Hyperwords has a nice set of preferences available to help you customize it. Alter the menu popup style, add or remove menu entries, and modify other functions for Hyperwords.


Hyperwords makes a nice addition to Firefox for anyone needing quick access to search, reference, translation, and other services while browsing.


Download the Hyperwords extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

Download the Hyperwords extension (Extension Homepage)

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