If you work in an office, you probably look up and bookmark quite a few things over the course of the day. They may not be work related, but either way you don’t want to lose them. If you study, this is doubly true. For those who bookmark every little thing that interests them – this is a category that I certainly belong to – we simply don’t have time to label them all.

Inevitably, we might forget what it was on the page that we even cared about in the first place. Occasionally the page has even changed by the time we get back to it, and the bookmarking is then wasted entirely. Wired-Marker solves both of these problems by allowing us to permanently highlight text on a page, saving the cache of the page so that we will never lose that hilarious forum post – I mean important work reference – again.

First, install the addon by selecting the most recent version, and clicking accept and install.


Then select install now.


And then restart Firefox. On restart you’ll be taken to the addons menu, and it should tell you that one new addon has been installed. If so just close it off.

You should then be taken to this page, which will give you an overview of its features.  You’re now ready to go.

To highlight some text, simply right click, select Wired-Marker, Marker, and then select a color.

When you’re done your text will be highlighted the color you’ve selected.


The first thing to note about this program is that the text you mark is permanent. This might seem unimportant, but no one wants to navigate back to a page only to find that they’re in the same situation as they were when they first looked it up. Go ahead, test it out. Highlight some text, then clear your history.

It’s not worth another screenshot, but the text is still highlighted, and will remain so until you delete it through the addon itself. To do this, simply right click, select Wired-Marker again, and then Clear this marker.

This is all well and good, but if we’re just highlighting these pages, how do we find them again? Well, given the ability to hold the cache of the page, you no longer need to bookmark the whole thing for the information you want, so you don’t want to be doing this too. To find what you’ve highlighted, just hit Alt + X and you’ll get the following menu on the right of your screen.


Then simply select the color you used to highlight your text – you’ll probably want to standardize this to help make finding the information easier.


I’ve chosen Marker2, because it corresponds with the green colour I used earlier. If you think you’ll have trouble remembering which you used, just use the same one every time. Then right click on the text below, and click open in a new tab, and it’ll take you right back where you were.

And you basically know all you need to know to make your browsing way more productive. It’s also a nice way for grammar-police to keep track of forum posts etc. that are edited/deleted – in case you need to bring back up that that thing that guy said when he accidentally wrote ‘then’ instead of ‘than’.

Download Wired-Marker from Mozilla Add-ons