Do you want an easy way to find images related to news stories or articles when browsing in Internet Explorer? Then you will definitely want to have a look at the Bing Image Search accelerator.

Bing Image Search in Action

Two simple steps will have the new accelerator installed: click Add to Internet Explorer to start the process and confirm the installation when the secondary window appears.

For the first of our two examples we chose the “Deepwater Horizon rig”. To find images highlight the word/name that you are interested in, and select Bing Image Search in the context menu. Hovering your mouse over the context menu listing will present a “top” image in a popup window…

Or if you prefer to view multiple images click on the context menu listing. A Bing image search for the highlighted word/name will be opened in a new tab.

Our second example was the Guatemalan volcano “Pacaya”. As before we first viewed the popup window image…

Followed by a full image search in a new tab. The accelerator makes it quick and easy to find additional images when needed.


The Bing Image Search accelerator makes it a simple task to find additional images related to what you are reading or looking at while browsing.


Add the Bing Image Search accelerator to Internet Explorer 8

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