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View Your Google Calendar in Outlook 2010

Google Calendar is a great way to share appointments, and synchronize your schedule with others. Here we show you how to view your Google Calendar in Outlook 2010 too.

Google Calendar

Log into the Google Calendar and under My Calendars click on Settings.


Now click on the calendar you want to view in Outlook.


Scroll down the page and click on the ICAL button from the Private Address section, or Calendar Address if it’s a public calendar…then copy the address to your clipboard.



Outlook 2010

Open up your Outlook calendar, click the Home tab on the Ribbon, and under Manage Calendars click on Open Calendar \ From Internet…


Now enter the link location into the New Internet Calendar field then click OK.


Click Yes to the dialog box that comes up verifying you want to subscribe to it.


If you want more subscription options click on the Advanced button. Here you can name the folder, type in a description, and choose if you want to download attachments.


That is all there is to it! Now you will be able to view your Google Calendar in Outlook 2010.


You’ll also be able to view your local computer and the Google Calendar side by side…


Keep in mind that this only gives you the ability to view the Google Calendar…it’s read-only. Any changes you make on the Google Calendar site will show up when you do a send/receive.


If live out of Outlook during the day, you might want the ability to view what is going on with your Google Calendar(s) as well. If you’re an Outlook 2007 user, check out our article on how to view your Google Calendar in Outlook 2007.

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  • Published 06/3/10

Comments (25)

  1. Dave

    Anyway to make it editable?

  2. Nicholas

    How bout the reverse…viewing outlook calendar in google? Google Calendar Sync does not support Outlook 2010.

  3. Nick

    I tried this and outlook keeps telling me that it is not a valid internet calendar file. Is there some other setting one needs to do in google or outlook 2010? I’m using 64bit Outlook on windows 7 professional (64bit)

  4. Jim

    @nick you did not select the “private” calendar link you selected the public link make sure you select the “private” ics link it is the second selection in the google calendar dialouge.

    Hope this helps

  5. Jolijn

    Can anyone help me?
    We try to share our google calenders to outlook 2010, but it doesn’t work.
    We’ve shared them in google and we can add them to outlook, but we don’t see each others appointments etc.

    Help us!

  6. David

    This approach works fine for showing a Google Apps calendar in Outlook2010. Any guidance on doing the reverse. That is showing (not sync) an up to date Outlook/Exchange calendar in Google Apps Calendar?

    I tried creating an extra calendar called something like “office” in my Google Apps account and then using the Outlook 2010 “Publish to WebDAV Server” feature to publish my Outlook/Exchange calendar to this new google apps calendar. But it fails.

    I followed the instruction on the Google Support site for posting a calendar using CalDAV with the relevant Calendar ID: “In the Location field, enter [ [ Google Calendar ID ] /events ] and click Next…

    Every way I try this Outlook says it is connecting for a few seconds and then comes back with an error message “The upload of “Calendar” failed. Server returned an error.” and nothing else.

    I have tried appending :443 for the port number as some, posts under Google Calendar Support suggest, but it makes no difference. Neither does alternating %40 or the @ character.

    All instructions I have found refer to showing google calendars in Outlook or syncing Outlook & Google calendars or sharing calendard with an iPhone or iCal. None seem to cover this situation.

    Anyone know the answer?

  7. Thomas Anderson

    When I go to the home ribbon in outlook, I see the button for open calendar but it is grayed out. What is the problem?

  8. funk-e

    Scroll down the page and click on the ICAL button from the Private Address section, or Calendar Address if it’s a public calendar…then copy the address to your clipboard.

    => You can also click the link to your private adress. Outlook will add the calendar to the section: ‘Other calendars’

  9. lisao

    I don’t have a home tab or a ribbon on my outlook calendar, what should I do to download the calendar I want?

  10. EMILL

    No, this doesn’t work at all. It rejects the link as “not a valid internet calendar file,” exactly what happens to Nick. (The answer you gave him does not help at all.) I’ve seen this problem all over the net, and no one has been able to solve it.

  11. allen

    If You are using 2010 upper right corner you will see the drop down arrow to the left of Help “?” Icon that will hide/show the ribbon

  12. Jamie

    For some reason it rejects a majority of my events as not valid. All of the Holidays show up, but none of anything else! :(

  13. Stuart

    I don’t have the option for Private Link. Any ideas?

  14. Peter Joy

    This is a really brilliant work around for the bug that Google Calendar Sync has when using a smartphone sync to google calendar. The events from Outlook go to G calendar and then to smartphone but events from smartphone only appear on G calendar NOT in Oultlook despite the sync.

    Thanks a lot!!!

  15. Norton

    I have the same problem as Stuart. I’m using Google Apps, but don’t have a Private Address option. Any idea how to get it? Or if there is a work around?

    Thanx in advance.

  16. Richard

    @David, did you ever find an answer to your question? How can one go about doing the reverse (reading MS Outlook calendar from Google, or any other calendar application)?

  17. Matt

    So, this is pretty handy, except I cant add things to my google calendar from here in this manner. Has anyone had any success in getting the exchange account set up for Outlook 2010 on google’s servers so that the calendar can be edited as well?

    I know the server to use is… in fact, you should be able to use the same settings that the iphone use to do the same thing… except for whatever reason, its slightly different and doesnt seem to work. Ideas?

  18. Brian

    InboxEx ( lets you use Outlook directly with Google calendar.

    It also offers other great features for outlook.

  19. rkaneknight

    Google Calendar sync will do this for one calendar.
    I am using is this way, and then I have a shared calendar I view in read only mode and when I need my co-workers to see events I put them in through thunderbird cause it’s much better at this stuff.

  20. Sandy

    Thanks works

  21. Stephanie

    I have the same issue as Stuart and Norton… I do not have an ICAL link for a private address. I only have the public address and I am not comfortable with making my business calendar public! Any suggestions on how to get the private link?

  22. Vlad

    I’m having the same error: “not a valid internet calendar file”.. tried both public and personal links.. even downloaded the files locally to insert them but the result was the same error.. ;( any ideas?

  23. Jonathan

    Nick and Emill, I was running into the same issue as you. I went and added my GMail account to Outlook 2010 first, and then tried the steps above with the URL – that worked.

  24. Josh

    I was having the same problem with outlook telling me that the caledar file was nto valid. Then in outlook I reset the URL and followed the same steps and it works smoothly after that. Now if I could only get rid of the read only

  25. Darren

    Thanks for the tip. It’s really nice having all of my calendars together on my computers, as well as my phone.

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