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Change the Default Color Scheme in Office 2010

Like in Office 2007 the default color scheme for 2010 is blue. If you are not a fan of it, here we show you how to change it to silver or black.

In this example we are using Microsoft Word, but it works the same way in Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint as well. Once you change the color scheme in one Office application, it will change it for all of the other apps in the suite.

Change Color Scheme

To change the color scheme click on the File tab to access Backstage View and click on Options.


In Word Options the General section should open by default…use the dropdown menu next to Color Scheme to change it to Silver, Blue, or Black then click OK.


Here is what Black looks like…who knows why Microsoft decided to leave the blue around the edges.


This is the default Blue color scheme…


And finally we take a look at the Silver color scheme in Excel…


That is all there is to it! It would be nice if they would incorporate other color schemes to Office 2010, as some of you may not be happy with only three choices. If you’re using Office 2007 check out our article on how to change the color scheme in it.

Also, The Geek has a cool article on how to set the Color Scheme of Office 2007 with a quick registry hack.

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  • Published 06/1/10

Comments (9)

  1. Isabella_OTeam

    Thank you for this post on how to change color schemes in Office 2010. This month, Microsoft is giving away several copies of Office 2010 through a contest that has already begun on Twitter and LinkedIn. Check out and participate in the contest for an opportunity to win the latest version of Office!

    MSFT Office Outreach Team

  2. Twentydragon

    The “blue around the edges” is your glass color. Office doesn’t change the color of your glass.

  3. Chris

    Does anyone know how to actually edit the default Office color schemes?

  4. Bob

    It appears that MicroSoft has fallen as low as Apple! Dictating how we use and prefer our systems to look. All of the color schemes are the pits!

    People with eye problems can not see the screens!

    Come on support, give options like we’ve had in the past!

  5. Alexine

    I agree. I absolutely LOVE the 2010 version and the color scheme-change option. However, I would have preferred to have a choice of maroon or even purple. Also, the black option is actually gray and not black, which would have been really awesome.
    Try again, Microsoft!!!

  6. Phil

    Why do we not have an option to simply make it match the current Windows scheme like every other application?
    The 3 options are nothing like the rest of my applications, I keep minimizing the wrong windows since the office 2010 title bar blends in

  7. Mark

    I can change the colors on the edit screen, however the changes will not show up on the pull-down screen after I save it? Does anyone know how to save the color changes and make them come up on the pull-down screen?


  8. wind7key


  9. assaf

    thanks, it was very helpful!

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