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Schedule Auto Send & Receive in Microsoft Outlook

If you use Outlook as your email client, you might want to schedule how often it checks for new messages. Today we show you how to schedule how often auto send/receive occurs.

If you’re busy during the day and need to keep up with your emails, you might want want Outlook to check for new messages every few minutes. Here we’ll show how to schedule it in Office 2010, 2007, and 2003 for a busy inbox where you want to keep on top of your important emails.

Outlook 2010

To schedule Auto Send/Receive in Outlook 2010, click on the File tab then Options.


The Outlook Options window opens…click on Advanced and scroll down to Send and receive and click on the Send/Receive button.


In the Send/Receive Groups window under Setting for group “All Accounts” check the box Schedule an automatic send/receive every…minutes. It is set to 30 minutes by default and you can change the minutes to whatever you want it to be. If you’re busy and want to keep up with your messages you can go as low as every one minute.


You can also get to the Send/Receive groups by selecting Send/Receive tab on the Ribbon and then Define Send/Receive Groups.


Outlook 2007

To select the send/receive time intervals in Outlook 2007, open Outlook and click on Tools \ Options.


Click on the Mail Setup tab, check the box next to Send immediately when connected then the Send/Receive button.


Now change the schedule to automatically send/receive.


You can also access the Send/Receive Groups section by going to Send/Receive > Send/Receive Settings and Define Send/Receive Groups.


Outlook 2003

In Outlook 2003 click on Tool \ Options…


Click on the Mail Setup tab then check Send immediately when connected, then the Send/receive button.


Then set the amount of time between send/receive attempts.


If you live out of Microsoft Outlook and want to keep up with messages, setting the automatic send/receive minutes will keep you up to date.

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  • Published 05/25/10

Comments (24)

  1. Gene

    Boy are you people SMART………………I just had to reload my Outlook 2003 and I have been hitting the SEND/RECEIVE button to get my mail………….Then low and behold you send a nice reminder as to how how to automate the schedule.

  2. RvdP

    Is it also possible to have all your imap folders connected on start-up?
    Now when I start up Outlook 2010, it connects to my gmail IMAP because it’s my default folder, but it does not connect with my other imap accounts, I first have to click their Inbox’s.
    Any ideas?

  3. Rod Taylor

    I have my work schedule set as an appointment in outlook (2010)..
    Can i tell it not to send / recieve whilst im in that appointment?
    (I have the computer always on standby at home… but i forget to switch off outlook when i go to work.. My phone periodically checks for emails… but i seem to miss most of them)

  4. Yatin

    Is there any way to do auto send/recieve in seconds instead of 1 minute,which i know the minimum time option available in the drop down menu,Any help wold be appreciable.Either through registry mod.

    Thanks in advance

  5. Gordon BP

    DO NOT, EVER, set the polling time to LESS than 10 minutes. It mucks up the POP server or whatever other type of email server you are using.

  6. Jackie

    I set min for one minute is this why it’s not working, I loved getting emails without hitting send receive with 07, now upgrade to 2010, and the send reveive isnt working UGH.

  7. Jeff Van

    Using 2007.

    I would like to automatically receive incoming emails every 20-30 mins, but do not want to send this frequently, infact would prefer to push a “receive” button.
    Is it possible to do this?

  8. Angna

    Thanks. It helped.

  9. Kevin Myers


    you missed out a very impoortant bit for 2010. You need to press “edit” on “All accounts” and then make sure “include the selected account in this group” is checked (by default it is not!). See



  10. Brandon

    Does anybody know how to make outlook (2007) constantly send/receive??? I mostly need the constant receiving part though.


  11. ANGEL


  12. Teresa

    Thanks, I knew how to do this on older versions of Outlook but spend 20 minutes trying to find it in Outlook 2010, including going to Microsofet Help.

  13. Tiger Tahir

    it is really helpfulllll i like it , thanks and the helper

  14. kapil

    this was really helpfull. Thanks

  15. Arnold

    So nice to have a friend on the net to go to for help. Thanks for the great article on how to setup Send/Receive settings for Office 2010 for gmail. You got me going quick.
    Thank you

  16. Arnold

    Opps – I meant to say Outlook 2010… Sorry for any confusion – hope it’s all on my part.
    Thanks again

  17. Jason

    Very good and accurate article.

  18. AL

    @Kevin Myers – Thanks for that help. Going into the edit –> All accounts was what I needed.

    Due to this I set my send/receive to 5 minutes and my Outlook does that for me. If I need to speed up the process (e.g., if I want to immediately send out a specific e-mail faster) I just hit the send/receive button.

  19. gamallashin

    my microsoft outlook is not working when I press any itms to send message or receive . i find the following

    there is not enough space on the desk

  20. Speedy

    Thank you very Much!

  21. Steve Johnson

    I can’t figure this out and it’s driving me crazy!!!

    I have Outlook 03’……in my Inbox the received time on my incoming emails only show the time when I open up OUTLOOK. I have to go into the actual email to see the actual time it was received. Does this make sense? In other words….

    If I was getting emails all day and wasn’t on the computer…..when I open up outlook when I get home, all the incoming/received times show the same time!

    Thanks for any help!! :)

  22. Ken


  23. Joetta

    This information was so helpful to me!!! I didn’t realize the plethora of information available here.


  24. Kirby

    Somehow, I lost the send receive display at the bottom right corner on Outlook 2007; it shows the automatic send receive cycle on a constant basis so that you see the action taking place. How do
    I get it back? Thanks!

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