Different websites have their own format for viewing images and videos, but may not be a lot of fun to use. The Cooliris extension for Firefox lets you view those same images and videos in a dynamic 3D format.


For our example we conducted a search for nature photos at Flickr. You could view them in a static format or even as a slideshow but what about something more dynamic looking?


As soon as the extension has finished installing, you will notice a new toolbar button used for launching the Cooliris tab.

When you launch the Cooliris tab you will have an expandable menu system in the upper left corner.

A speed dial setup in the center.

And a small toolbar in the lower right corner.

Before going further you should check and make any desired adjustments in the preferences to enhance your viewing experience.

In the upper right corner you can start your search by selecting from the available sources.

The same search for nature images is more focused and clean looking this time.

Clicking on an image will bring it forward and enlarge it.

You can use the slider tool at the bottom of the tab to browse left or right through the images and videos.

And when you find one that interests you, click on the popout button to open it in a new tab.


The Cooliris extension makes viewing images and videos fun and interactive with its’ 3D style format.


Download the Cooliris extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

Download Cooliris for Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari (Mac Only), & Chrome

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