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Fill a Flash Drive with Portable Software using Lupo PenSuite

A flash drive full of portable software is helpful to have along wherever you go. The Lupo PenSuite lets you choose from three different versions to get the best fit for your everyday needs.

Note: If running the full version you will need a 512 MB USB flash drive or larger.

Using Lupo PenSuite

The one window to watch for during the setup process is where you have the opportunity to add a specific language pack if needed. Outside of that all that you need to do is sit back and wait for the suite to be extracted.

Note: Extraction times will vary based on version and extraction location.


We extracted the suite to our flash drive.



Once the setup process is complete locate and double click the Lupo_PenSuite.exe file. This one time window will present you the opportunity to start using the suite immediately, or go directly into the options.


When the suite is active you will have a new system tray icon that operates as a start menu button. At the bottom you can monitor the remaining room on your flash drive, and use the close button to exit the suite (may display as a power button based on menu theme).


A quick look at the set up inside the suite.


There is a pre-configured area for organizing and storing your personal files.


Prefer a classic style menu? Just select for it in the options (various tab) and enjoy a smaller streamlined look.

Note: You can also change the theme for the regular menu and add a user pic.


The suite provides access to your portable software and online sites. You get to enjoy the best of both as shown in the following examples.


Websites will open using the suite’s portable Firefox install.


VLC is ready to play your downloaded videos.


The suite also has some very nice photo editing programs added in.


Installing Additional Apps

If one of your favorite programs is not included in the version you chose then it only takes a few minutes to add it in. Go to the Additional Apps webpage, download the app(s), and extract them onto your hard-drive.

Note: Link for additional apps webpage provided below.


Add the extracted app(s) to the MyApps folder in the suite’s folder hierarchy.


Click on ASuite in the suite’s start menu.


Drag and drop the portable app’s exe file into the MyApps section in the ASuite window.


Your new software’s shortcut should display as shown here. Close this window when finished.


Checking the suite’s start menu will show your new software ready to be used.



If you need a good portable software collection to carry with you on a flash drive then Lupo PenSuite is definitely worth taking a look at. We tested Lupo PenSuite on XP, Vista, and Windows 7 and it works great on all three.

Another popular choice is PortableApps (see our review here). They are essentially the same thing…just packaged differently.


Download Lupo PenSuite (Full, Lite, & Zero versions) *Download links approximately one-third down the page.

Download Additional Apps for Lupo PenSuite

Download Additional Skins for Lupo PenSuite Start Menu

View Video Tutorials *Has tutorial for easy updating of entire suite.

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 05/27/10

Comments (6)

  1. Christopher Masiello

    This is a good tutorial. also has a nice suite and collection of apps.
    Here is a <a href=";?video tutorial for setting up a USB drive using PortableApps.

  2. morningowl67

    Trend Micro blocks this Lupo site stating it is malicious

  3. grannyGrump

    @ morningowl67, that is almost certain to be a false postitive.
    A lot of the applications hosted there are compressed with UPX, which is known for causing false positives from AV programs.
    Lupo does not distribute malware.

  4. Bill

    Trend Micro may be blocking Lupo because they essentially stole the applications and rebranded them.

  5. Jakeu1701

    This is a re-branding of the apps. When you click on the apps to load, it takes you to’s listing for that app. I would need to understand the differences before I even though of using this.

  6. Ron

    CodySafe is better.

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