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Add Hotmail & Live Email Accounts to Outlook 2010

Microsoft has recently been promoting upcoming updates to their Hotmail service, promising to make it an even better webmail service. But Microsoft’s revamped Outlook 2010 is already here. Here’s how to integrate Hotmail with Outlook.

Outlook 2010 works with a wide variety of email accounts, including POP3, IMAP, and Exchange accounts.  The only problem with POP3 and IMAP accounts is that they only sync email, but not your calendar and contacts like Exchange does.  Hotmail, however, lets you sync your email, contacts, and calendar with Outlook with the Hotmail Connector.  This lets you keep all of your PIM data accessible from everywhere.  Let’s look at how we can set this up on our account.

Getting Started

The easiest way to add Hotmail to Outlook is to first install the Outlook Hotmail Connector (link below).  Make sure Outlook is closed first, and then proceed with the installation as usual.


If you enter your Hotmail account into the New Account setup in Outlook before installing the Hotmail Connector, Outlook will prompt you to download the Hotmail Connector.  However, you’ll have to exit Outlook before you can install the Connector, and then will have to re-enter your information when you restart Outlook, so it’s easier to just install it first.


Add Your Hotmail Account to Outlook

Now you’re ready to add your Hotmail account to Outlook.  If this is the first time you’ve run Outlook 2010, you’ll be greeted with the following screen.  Click Next to proceed with setup.


Then select Yes and click Next again.


If you’ve already got an email account setup in Outlook, you can add a new account by clicking File and then selecting Add account.


Now, enter your Hotmail account information, and click Next.


Outlook will search for your account settings and automatically setup your account with the Hotmail connector we previously installed.


If you entered your password incorrectly previously, you may see the following popup.  Re-enter your password and click OK, and Outlook will re-verify your settings.


Once everything’s finished and setup, you’ll see the following completion screen.  Click Finish to complete the setup and check out your Hotmail in Outlook.


Welcome to your Hotmail account in Outlook 2010.  You’ll notice a small notification at the bottom of the window notifying you that you’re connected to Windows Live Hotmail.  Now your email will synchronize with your Hotmail account, and your Outlook calendar and contacts will be synced with your Live calendar and contacts, respectively.  This is the closest you can get to full Exchange without an Exchange account, and in our experience it works great.  In fact, Hotmail Sync seems to work faster than IMAP sync for us.


Setup Hotmail With POP3 Access

If you need to access your Hotmail email account but don’t want to install the Outlook Connector, then you can add it with POP3 sync.  We recommend going with the Outlook Connector for the best experience, but if you can’t install it (eg. you’re not allowed to install applications on your work PC) then this is a good alternative.

To do this, follow our tutorial on setting up a Gmail POP3 account in Outlook. Although the article concentrates on Gmail, the settings are essentially the same. The only thing you’ll want to change is the Incoming and Outgoing mail server.

  • Incoming mail server –
  • Outgoing mail server –
  • User name – your Hotmail or Live email address
  • Incoming Server (POP3) – 995
  • Outgoing Server (SMTP) – 587
  • Also, check This server requires and encrypted connection

Just as in the Gmail example, select TLS for the type of encrypted connection.  Then, on the bottom, make sure to uncheck the box to Remove messages from the server after a number of days.  This way your messages will still be accessible from your Hotmail account online.



Even though Hotmail is generally not as popular as Gmail, it works great with Outlook integration.  If you’re a heavy user of Windows Live services, or want to try them out, Outlook Connector is the easiest way to keep your desktop activity synced with the cloud.  If you’re just one of the millions of Hotmail users who want to access their old Hotmail account alongside their other accounts, this method works great for you too.

If you’re using Outlook 2003 or 2007, check out our article on using Hotmail from Microsoft Outlook.


Download Outlook Hotmail Connector 32-bit

Download Outlook Hotmail Connector 64-bitnote, only for users of Office 2010 x64

Matthew digs up tasty bytes about Windows, Virtualization, and the cloud, and serves them up for all to enjoy!

  • Published 05/20/10

Comments (40)

  1. SquareWheel

    A comparison of Outlook 2010 to Windows Live Hotmail would make a great future read, Mathew. Do you do software reviews?

  2. Matthew Guay

    @SquareWheel – Thanks for the suggestion. I just might have to do that after Hotmail get all the new features Microsoft has announced for this summer :)

  3. SquareWheel

    Oh, I actually meant to say Windows Live Mail. Sorry, the naming sure gets confusing. I was thinking of a comparison between the two clients (WLM and Outlook), but a comparison to the web interface would certainly be interesting as well.

    I get the feeling that the updates Microsoft has promised will primarily be integration with their other live services, I’m not expecting much of an interface overhaul. I guess time will tell, though.

    Also, I can’t comment on these article when I’m logged it. The top of the page knows I’m logged in, but the submission form doesn’t.

  4. Matthew Guay

    @SquareWheel – Oh, I see. Well, Windows Live Mail is getting a refresh this summer as well, so that would be interesting as well. I believe WLM will have the ribbon and conversation view like Outlook 2010, so it should be interesting to see how similar/different they are.

  5. SquareWheel

    I wasn’t aware that the ribbon was being implemented. This I will look forward too.

  6. Carl T Boylin

    Have you tried this with addresses I’ve added my but the doesnt seem to want to work

  7. Lorne Marr

    To SquareWheel, the ribbon in the main app is actually a good thing, because you can hide all the useless icons (CTRL+F1) and that gives you a nice space for the actual emails. Seriously, I only use ribbon icons in the main Outlook window once in a blue moon.
    Back to the topic – I used to have troubles with Outlook Connector in Outlook 2007 – it caused my system to hang and exhibit strange behaviour (such as malfunction of Fn keys etc.). I am reluctant to try it again (as long as I can use Windows Live Mail for my Hotmail accounts).

  8. Halo Designer

    Thanks for posting this instrucation,did worked perfectly …HD

  9. Nayeem

    it was very good explained, thanks to the people who put their efforts to make thinks easy

  10. Kristian Byrialsen

    I can send emails, but i cant receive any emails?? How can i fix that? I used the Hotmail connector..

  11. Matthew Guay

    @Kristian – Hmm … sounds like something might have gotten messed up in your setup. The easiest way to get it fixed might be to delete your Hotmail account from Outlook and add it again fresh. See if that helps :)

  12. sapan

    hi can anyone tell me, how to change the default location of data file storage.

    this is possible to change in yahoo account.

    but in hotmail and gmail, i did’t found the way to change the default storage location.

    any one .. did it..

  13. jackphils

    Can we setup OUTLOOK 2010 to receive emails using live account without installing the OUTLOOK HOTMAIL CONNECTOR?

  14. Matthew Guay

    @jackphils – Yes, if you’d like to sync via POP3, you can do it with your Hotmail account info and the following settings:

    Incoming Server:
    Incoming Port: 995
    SSL Encryption: yes
    Outgoing Server:
    Outgoing port: 25 (use port 587 if the default port is not working)
    Authentication: yes
    TLS Or SSL: yes

    That said, the Hotmail Connector gives a much better experience in my opinion, as it keeps your email, contacts, and calendar synced between your computer and the cloud. Feel free to use either option that works best for you!

  15. ProstheticHead

    Thanks Matthew! This clears things up quite a bit.

  16. SubRosa

    Awesome! Thanks for the clear instructions. I’ve been searching for help in this area a couple of hours and this post stressed a couple of points the others didn’t mention. Worked like a charm.

  17. Mark Wayne

    Can I install Windows Live Mail WLM on a system running Outlook 2010 (OS is Windows 7 Ultimate)
    The reason would be to use WLM for one Live Mail account as well as currently using Outlook 2010 to view both Hotmail accounts and several POP email accounts.

  18. martym

    I recently bought a new pc with Outlook 2010 and have a question. I setup two email accounts and they both work. However, the two accounts don’t merge the into one set of folders (inbox, trash, sent, etc.) and data file as my old Outlook did. Instead each account has it’s own data file and set of folders and I have to deal with a lot of redundancy and innefficiency. One of the accounts is a POP3 proprietary account and the other is a Hotmail IMAP account that I setup with the Connector. Is there a way to change what I’ve setup or even redo it so that I end up with one datafile and set of folders? Thanks for any help.

  19. Tareq


    The link for the download is not working, it keeps redirecting

    Can you upload the download file on other location than Microsoft website


  20. kashif Khowaja

    Thanks, i configured on my outlook.

  21. CiscoK

    martym, I am having the same problem or concern. Did you ever find an answer concerning the seperate set of folders? I also get an error when I start up Outlook on it’s initial send/receive that my Hotmail is not connected. I hope someone can help, thanks.

  22. Rod0007

    Can anyone help with a related problem? When I try to install Outlook 2010 I get the error message “Microsoft Outlook 2020 may not be installed with a newer version of Outlook”. It makes some sense if I assume they mean “older version”, but even then it’s odd because I only have Windows Mail, which can’t be removed from Vista. Have I bought yet another useless Microsoft product, or is there a way this problem can be overcome?

  23. Len

    FINALLY able to use my hotmail account within outlook again as the outlook connector and outlook 2007 on vista was just NOT compatible (now using Win7x64+OL2010; bypassed the connector and went straight POP3 and everything is syncing nicely again… Thanks!

  24. Suk

    I followed all the instruction above and all the test account setting are working but then my hotmail account didn;t show anything in all the folder (inbox,sent, etc)..Can anyone help me out?thanks

  25. Suk

    and then on the logon information setting for my hotmail account i need to put in my username + in order to successfully log in the server and if I only put my username without, it won’t be able to log in..maybe that is part of my problem as well..Please help me out anyone..

  26. carl

    what about the second (non-public) hotmail account? I keep getting error messages

  27. MIke

    This description helped me alot :). Thank you my friend!!

  28. azeem

    help needed – I have this error “This account does not have permission to synchronize your mail” when I tried connecting my free hotmail account to outlook 2010…. what could be the problem?? Thanks in advance!

  29. Plumhead

    Thank you!

  30. Bill Step

    FYI…I’ve had an account on for quite some time but we switched to another carrier and they were cool about keeping my email account up for about 14 days and me being the ‘I’ll switch it over tomorrow” guy…I had to deal with it at 9:30PM tonight.

    The instructions on this page are great but they didn’t work for me. Specifically; ‘’ nor ‘’ as the server addresses will not work.

    As I’m writing this I just realized that if I added these in the DNS Name setting it probably would have worked, but…I simply PING’d both and used the DNS name that came back in the Outlook Settings and she works fine.

    Incomming Mail Server =
    Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) =
    Incomming Server (POP3) port# = 995
    Outgoing Server (SMTP) port# = 587
    “This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)” should be checked
    “Use the following type of encrypted connection:” should be set to TLS

    And the bottom selection is your personal preference…Me, If I download a message to my hard drive, there’s no reason to keep a copy of it on a web mail server that I don’t look at anyway. As long as you periodically backup your Outlook .PST file, there’s no reason to keep it on the mail server.

  31. Ed

    Hi Guys…
    I’m having a little trouble.
    I have had instructions to set up my reply business email in Hotmail but I cant get it to work…
    Can any one help me on the following, I’m using Office 2010.

    There should be a setting in the setup of mail addresses in Outlook where you can tell the account to act as outgoing mail only. Unfortunately as I’m not using Outlook at the moment I’m not sure where this might be, but it should be visible from the account setup screen.


  32. ihtxam

    hello mathew
    great site and your work.

    can you please tell how to manage “leave a copy on the server” while using hotmail connector?

  33. wendy

    I am attempting to sync live mail to outlook, when opening outlook it comes up with user and password, how can this be reset?

  34. John

    Hi – I’m using outlook 2010 and the hotmail connector. I can’t get my hotmail contacts to be the default. I have tried in address book>tools>options setting “when sending e-mail, check address lists in this order” to “custom” and putting my hotmail contacts top of the list plus setting “when opening the address book, show this address list first” to my hotmail contacts …. but when I try to add details from an email to my contacts it is saved in contacts – personal folders rather than contact – hotmail.

    Please can anyone help?

  35. thomas

    When I edit / change contact information with in outlook, does it sync automatically with windows contacts?
    If yes, how do we set it up to make it sync all the time when we change contact information on outlook

  36. Sue Kan

    I want setup my outlook2010 ith pop3 It turn a error message as below Pls. help to solve my problem

    Send test e-mail message: Cannot send the message. Verify the e-mail address in your account properties. The server responded: 550 5.7.3 Requested action aborted; user not authenticated

    Thank you so much

  37. Tim

    Is there a way to sync ONLY my personal/home hotmail calendar with my outlook exchange email at work? I like to have my calendar show up in my outlook at work but really don’t want all of my personal emails to be pulled down to my work PC. Using outlook connector It seems it is kind of all or nothing (i.e., either all my personal email and calendar get sync’d with my work PC or nothing does).


  38. Joel

    Hello, I have the following problem:
    Outlook never finished downloading emails from hotmail.
    Make the download again and again, doubling the mails.
    How I can limit the date the download is only from the post today?


  39. Dave

    Thanks – this was really useful, as not the greatest PC user. Followed this, sorted, man Outlook makes emailing loads easier doesn’t it!!!

  40. Ash

    I have followed these instructions but am still getting an error that cannot be connected to incoming server…!!??

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