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Desktop Fun: 21 Cool Ubuntu Wallpapers

Ubuntu 10.04 was released last month, and comes with some breath taking design enhancements, and has some fabulous art work integrated into it. We’ve put together a collection of wallpapers to make it more customized.

We thought of pulling out some of the best Ubuntu wallpapers in this post so that you have a good mix to choose from when you are slightly bored of the default Lucid Lynx (Ubuntu 10.04) wallpaper. The following is a collection of top 21 Ubuntu wallpapers. To download the wallpaper just click on the hyperlink above the image.

Ubuntu Wallpapers

EgFox Lucid Lynx Blue 2010 by ~Eg-Art


EgFox Lucid Lynx K HD 2010 by ~Eg-Art


Lucid Lynx 10 04 by ~Momez


Ubokeh Wallpaper Pack by ~giantspeck


lucid fog brown by ~darkburt


EgFox Lucid Lynx HD 2010 by ~Eg-Art


LTS 2010 by ~alkore31


Ubuntu Bokeh by ~ttk1opc


Ubuntu Glow by ~BigAction


Destroy Ubuntu by ~lukeroberts

ubuntu-human  1440x900

Ubuntu Triskell by ~deviantdark


Ubuntu 2.0 by ~monsteer


Ubuntu leaves by ~sizakor



Ubuntu Brown leather distress by *monkeymagico


Ubuntu Black Metal Hex by *monkeymagico



Ubuntu Wallpaper by ~Ruzzy2006


ubuntu-Gloss by ~SWOriginal


Enjoy the new wallpaper to suit your desktop. You also might want to make sure and check out our Desktop Fun section for more collections of cool wallpapers.

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  • Published 05/15/10

Comments (27)

  1. deralaand

    Can you provide the xml code that would allow us to have these in background switch format?

  2. the_madman

    Some of these were just soo reminiscent of the Oxygen artwork for KDE… :/

  3. hypoxy

    Ubuntu colors are depressing. Are there no reds, whites, blues, greens, et?

  4. Trinae Ross

    The wallpapers are nice. The only one I saw before was Ubuntu 2.0 (I use it on my laptop). Thanks forgiving me more goodies to check out.

  5. Dillak

    its nice wallpapers….i like it

  6. SuAlfons

    Very nice wallpapers!

    Anyone else here thinking, the default wallpapers in lucid lynx are down turning?

  7. Mohan

    Very cool, thanks for posting this posting!

  8. Balaji J H

    I love Ubuntu Aurora by *monkeymagico very much


  9. lvleph

    Did you not look at the wall papers? The first one was fricking blue.

  10. Amit

    Thanks man!

  11. Bloghissimo

    Wow.. Thank you so much!! :D

  12. Reynolds

    Any chance that we can get these wallpapers without the Linux branding? Most of them are phenomenal but I’d much prefer to use them without the logos and text.

  13. Jason

    Quote: Ubuntu colors are depressing. Are there no reds, whites, blues, greens, et?

    Thats Windows Colors so they are banned :P

  14. Nick

    I really like these! Thank you for sharing, I’ll make sure to use a few of them. :)

  15. dan

    wow…what a nice collection of ubuntu wallpaper


    @ lvleph
    maybe hypoxy is a color blind person :D

  16. syahrilhafiz

    nice wallpaper..

  17. Kilgore Trout

    These wallpapers look kinda of lame to me but thank you for showing them anyways.

  18. mohamnnt


  19. elham

    these very very nice.

  20. SuperFriki

    Very very nice :3

  21. abdullah

    Please, can I say something? It’s amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzziiiiinnnnnnnng thanks

  22. Travis

    “Ubuntu Black Metal Hex by *monkeymagico” Looks great with the Ambiance theme, thanks. :)

  23. Kulwant Nagi

    Amazing man…………. I love these wallpapers………. keep posting some more cool and nice Rocking UBUNTU wallpapers

  24. Granny

    I don’t understand linux. Can I put oone of my pictures as the wallpaper for linux?

  25. -Pablo-

    @Granny: I can’t think of any modern graphic environment where you CAN’T change your wallpaper. Of course most Linux distributions (bar those that only have a command line) let you do it. On Ubuntu, right click the desktop, choose “Change Desktop wallpaper” and there you can choose one or click add to add your own files (or follow the link blow to browse some wallpapers online).

  26. vezikon

    wooooooooooow .. very nice … many thanks ;]

  27. david boring


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