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Friday Fun: Super Mario Bros. Crossover

Friday is finally here and it’s time to waste the afternoon on company time. Today we take a look at a super cool Classic NES Mashup called Super Mario Bros. Crossover.

The game is Super Mario Bros. the way you remember it. However, the cool thing is you can switch between different classic NES game characters and use their moves and attacks during game play. Characters like Link, Mega Man, Samus…and more.


When you are a different game character you’re shown tips on how to use their moves in the game.



Playing as Link…


Between each world you can select a different character which is pretty neat.


If you want to play this classic the way you remember it, you can be Mario too.


This can be played using your keyboard, but it also supports using a controller, which you can find the instructions for at the link below.


You probably don’t want to bring a controller to work…but it’s cool they give the option. Make sure to turn the volume down on your computer so your boss is none the wiser, and believes your working hard.

Play Super Mario Bros. Crossover

How To Play Super Mario Bros. Crossover with a Gamepad

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  • Published 05/7/10

Comments (2)

  1. jeffs3rd

    I played this two weeks ago (you guys seems to always highlight games that I recently played, it’s weird . . . are you stalking me? :-) and it’s really cool. Kind of hard to get used to some of the other characters, but a neat experience.

  2. desiree

    Played mario, Like the old one i played like it!

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