Sometimes you have a small app or other software that you want to keep topmost but how do you keep it on top without a lot of hassle? If this sounds like your situation then you might want to have a look at OnTop.


For our example we had four individual apps open…any of the four could easily be on top at the moment.

OnTop in Action

The exe file for the app comes in a zip file. Simply unzip the file, place it in a Program Files Folder, create a shortcut and you are ready to go. Once you start OnTop you will see a new System Tray Icon…right click to access the Context Menu with a list of currently open apps.

We decided to set Winamp to be always topmost first.

Note: OnTop detected all three individual sections of our Winamp Player along with the individual monitors running in our Taskbar.


Clicking on Paint.NET brought it forward over Firefox and Microsoft Word but Winamp was still sitting on top.

Clicking on Microsoft Word next still did not affect Winamp’s topmost status. Nice.

As soon as we switched the topmost status to Microsoft Word you can see that it immediately came to the front. One thing that we did note in our tests…the best method for switching topmost status is either to choose a different app or close the app that was topmost.


OnTop might be considered niche software but if you have an app window that you need to keep on top of other windows then you might want to give this small app a try.


Download OnTop at Softpedia

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