So you have your regular bookmarks reduced to icons but what about the folders? With our little hack and a few minutes of your time you can turn those folders into icons too.

Condensing the Folders

Reducing bookmark folders to icons is a little more tricky than regular bookmarks but not hard to do.

Right click on the folder and select “Rename…”.

The folder’s name should already be highlighted/selected as shown here.

Delete the text…notice that the “OK Button” has become unusable for the moment.

Now what you will need to do is:

  • Hold down the “Alt Key”
  • Type in “0160” (without the quotes) using the numbers keypad on the right side of your keyboard
  • Release the “Alt Key” after you have finished typing in the number above

Once you have released the “Alt Key” you will notice two things…the “cursor” has moved further into the text area and you can now click on the “OK Button” again.

There is our folder after editing.


And it works just as well as before but without taking up so much room.

Here is how our “iconized” folder looks next to our bookmarks. Perfect!

What if you want to reduce multiple folders to icons? Perform the same exact steps shown above for each folder and pack your “Bookmarks Toolbar” full of folder goodness!

As seen here the folders will have a little more space between them in comparison with singular bookmarks due to the “blank name” for each folder.

For those who may be curious this is what your bookmarks will look like in the “Bookmark Manager Page”.

Note: If you export your bookmarks all bookmarks contained in multiple blank name folders will be combined into a single folder.



With just a little bit of work you can pack a lot of goodness into your “Bookmarks Toolbar”. No more wasted space…

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