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Reduce Bookmarks in Chrome to Toolbar Icons

Do you want to make the most efficient use of the space in Chrome’s Bookmarks Toolbar? Now you can reduce the bookmarks to icons with just a few minutes work.

Note: You may or may not wish to do some reorganizing with your bookmarks before-hand.

Condensing the Bookmarks

If your browser is anything like ours then it has not taken long to fill up your Bookmarks Toolbar. Accessing the drop-down section often throughout the day is not too fun.


The bookmarks are the easiest part of your collection to condense. Right-click on each bookmark and select “Edit…” to open the Edit Bookmark Window.


Delete the text, click OK, and you are finished.


You still have a useable bookmark that looks nice and takes up very little room.


These are our bookmarks from the first screenshot above…no problems with accessing all of them now. With just a few minutes work you can have a beautiful and compact Bookmarks Toolbar.


If you have been looking for a more efficient and compact Bookmarks Toolbar in Chrome, then this little hack will certainly be useful for you.

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 05/20/10

Comments (11)

  1. SquareWheel

    Well, duh.

  2. dodo

    Smart Bookmarks does the same thing for Firefox, and is the main reasons for why I choose Firefox instead of Chrome for every-day browsing.

    Actually Smart Bookmarks hides bookmark’s name and displays it only at mouse-over. Brilliant!

  3. Peewee

    How about bookmarklets and sites without favicons?

  4. mickeyblue

    simple yet effective, nice one. thanks

  5. Insomnic

    I used this same trick in Firefox with favicons enabled for bookmarks.

    The one minor issue I’ve run into with this is that when using the Chrome bookmark sync, the bookmarks in Google Docs don’t have names and no favicons so it isn’t easy to see which ones are which. It’s a minor issue, but one to note if you’re using the Google Docs Chrome folder as “cloud” access to your Chrome bookmarks. This same situation can cause minor issues with other bookmark sync services like Xmarks.

    @Peewee – for those I tend to use a shortname – like an abbreviation – for the site. If howtogeek didn’t have a favicon it would just have “HTG” to help distinguish it. Shortens it up a bit at least.

  6. Someone

    Its not like smartbookmark! I am searching for smartbookmark for chrome, but there isnt, so FF rlz!

  7. Roi

    OMG! I can’t believe I never thought of that! Thank you!!!!!

  8. ben

    how to make a short icon more efficiently, as the way you make is to delete the name one by one, so if users have lots of such link, it would be so time-consuming to do so.

  9. Touth

    Delete the name one by one? Chrome sucks…

  10. Meiph
  11. alexis

    I really dont understand why chrome don’t allow an option to only enable Favicon (i mean enable or disable text)
    I swear I will leave Firefox the day chrome implement this option!

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