If you are having a slow day and nothing looks interesting on the net what do you do? Instead of looking through the same sites again you could have fun finding new websites with the StumbleUpon extension for Google Chrome.

Note: No account is required in order to use the extension. Do keep in mind that any websites that you mark as favorites will not be permanently saved without an account though.

The StumbleUpon Toolbar

Here is a quick look at the left side of the toolbar…

And a quick look at the right side. Height-wise it takes up about the same amount of room as the “Bookmarks Toolbar”.

Using the “Toolbar Icon” you can easily toggle the StumbleUpon Toolbar on and off.

Get ready to Stumble!


You can start “teaching” the toolbar what you like and to show you more of the same using the “I like this Button”.

Clicking on the “Share Button” will open a temporary drop-down “Sharing Pane”.

You can leave the “All Topics Setting” in place and really be surprised by the variety of websites that you will find or narrow the focus to subjects that you are specifically interested in. You can use the “Arrow Buttons” on each side to navigate back and forth between the two “subject panes”.

StumbleUpon in Action

For our example we chose the “Linux/Unix Category”. Here is the first page that came up for us…

A few more clicks and another great page to look at. Time to share it on Twitter…

Clicking on the “Twitter Button” will open a new window as shown here. If you are not logged in yet you will need to take care of that particular detail…


Once you are logged in the article name, website name, and a shortened StumbleUpon URL will be automatically pasted into a new tweet. Add anything else that you like and post the tweet.

Going one step further for the same article we tried the “Share Function”. Just add the appropriate e-mail address, your name, and any message that you want to include. Click “Share now” when you have finished.

Another stumble and yet another great website. That is definitely a classic help desk sign…


If you are having a slow day and want something new to look at then the StumbleUpon extension should provide the perfect solution to liven things up.


Download the StumbleUpon extension (Google Chrome Extensions)

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