Do you find yourself with a lot of tabs open but dread closing all but one manually? Now you can close all of your tabs with a single click, and have just one ready to go with the Close all Tabs extension.


We all find ourselves with a lot of tabs open sooner or later. That is not so bad until we realize that we need to close all of them and get back to work. A person could open a new tab and manually close the rest or close the entire window and restart Chrome. But a single click solution would be a lot more convenient.



There it is…the single click solution. Just click the Toolbar Button and BOOM!


One fresh window with a single new tab page showing. Now if you could only take the rest of the day off…



The Close all Tabs extension may not be something that everyone would use, but if you are tired of manually closing all of those tabs then you will definitely like it.


Download the Close all Tabs extension (Google Chrome Extensions)