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Reset All Internet Explorer 8 Settings to Fix Stability Problems

If you like to tweak and customize IE with Add-ons and changing settings, sometimes you may have problems with stability. To save time, you can reset all of the IE settings rather than trying to troubleshoot individual areas.

Reset IE Settings

To reset Internet Explorer Settings, click on Tools then Internet Options. When you reset the settings, you won’t lose personal settings like your homepage, search provider, passwords…etc.


The Internet Options screen opens…click on the Advanced tab, then under Reset Internet Explorer settings click on the Reset button.


You’ll need to verify that you want to reset all Internet Explorer Settings. If you choose to, you can delete all of your personal settings as well, but it shouldn’t be necessary to fix stability issues.


The settings will start to reset, and when it’s finished close out of the message box.


For the process to complete you’ll need to restart Internet Explorer.


When it restarts you’ll be presented with the Welcome screen where you can go through the setup wizard again.


After it’s complete, you should be back in business and can start using IE again.


With the new enhancements and features available in Internet Explorer 8, sometimes too much tweaking can cause it to stop working. One area you could start with is troubleshooting IE 8 Add-ons. However, if you don’t want to waste time troubleshooting each potential issue, sometimes it’s just easier to reset things back to how they were originally.

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  • Published 05/3/10

Comments (7)

  1. mmg1818

    how to remove Welcome screen from IE8 ?

  2. bryn_ie8team

    Thanks for sharing these great tips! Keep them coming!

    IE Outreach Team

  3. Gene

    Yesterday I spent HOURS trying to fix a problem with my computer. I won’t go to any length to describe it but I saw this article and I thought “What the hell – I’ll try this”…………THANK YOU…It solved a problem I was having with Windows Explorer, Outlook 2003 and IE 8……….I’m going to tell SANTA you’re all GOOD people.

  4. 1fastbullet

    The ultimate fix button for all problems, all versions of IE is the uninstall button. And, it’s free.

  5. RAK1_UP

    I am running XP Pro with IE8. When I launch MS Explorer, the color background of the menu options is black when they should be grey. My URL bar is clear (as well as the rest of my screen) but the color around the tool bar options is black. Has anyone seen this before? Is there a fix?

  6. Mrsski

    I have tried to follow these instructions however… I keep getting a message saying that I have to close all other programs running IE. Only problem is I cannot identify what this “other program” might be. I do not believe I have another page open, I have closed Skype and can’t think of anything else that is going on.
    HELP!!! Please I haven’t found anyone else with this problem

  7. inna

    hi, i have a Window 7, yesterday, i was trying to look some pictures with Window Media Center,
    right now I have a big problems to open any icons on my desktop, even Internet Explorer is not opens.
    Any icon I do click on it, opens with Window Media Player. Please, help me to fix this problem.
    Thanks a lot,

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