Do you ever wish you could quickly preview a song without having to play it? Today we look at a quick and easy way to do that in Windows Media Player 12.

Open Windows Media Player in Library Mode and select your Music library. Hover your cursor over the Title of the song and a Preview pop-up window will appear after a few seconds.


Click on the Preview in the pop-up window and the song will begin to play.

As the preview begins to play, you will see the Skip link and a song timer. Click on Skip to jump ahead 15 seconds in the song. When you are finished previewing the song, simply move your mouse away from the preview window to stop playback.

Automatically Preview Songs

You can adjust settings in Windows Media Player to automatically preview songs when you hover your cursor over the title.

Select Tools  from the menu and click Options.

On the Options window, select the Library tab and click on Automatically preview songs on title hover. Click OK.


Now when you simply hover your cursor over the song title the preview window will appear and playback will begin automatically.

This feature works just as well in Details view as it does in Expanded Tile view.

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