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Display Song Lyrics in Windows Media Player with Lyrics Plugin

Looking for a way to display song lyrics in Windows Media Player? Today we look at a very simple method to accomplish this with Lyrics Plugin for Windows Media Player.

Download and run the Lyrics Plugin install. (See download link below) When the installation is finished you’ll be prompted to run Windows Media Player. Click Yes.


Begin playing your song or playlist then switch to Now Playing mode.


You should now see the full song lyrics of the currently playing track.


To toggle the lyrics on and off, select Tools from the Menu in Library view, choose Plug-ins, and click Lyrics Plugin.


If you don’t see the Menu bar, you can enable it by going to Organize, Layout, and Show Menu Bar.


When Lyrics Plugin is turned off, Windows Media Player will switch back to it’s default visualization.


Whether you just want to know the lyrics or you’d like to hone your karaoke chops, Lyrics Plugin makes a nice addition to Windows Media Player 12.

Download Lyrics Plugin for Windows Media Player 12.

Andrew is a media center geek with some serious Windows skills. He's never far from a WiFi connection or a great cup of coffee.

  • Published 04/30/10

Comments (21)

  1. Marty

    For a more advanced feature set lyrics plug in grab mini lyrics from

  2. Jim

    I agree with Marty. MiniLyrics is the one.

  3. Firas

    Thank you very much for this software, and I’d like to say that it works perfectly with windows media player 11 too .


    Thank you so much!!!

  5. amit kumar agarwal

    i get the lyrics but not of the same song,,but some other,, although the title of the song is same

  6. amit kumar agarwal

    i get the lyrics but the song is different, though the title is same

  7. gino

    thankssssssssssssssssssss from Peru

  8. Nemu

    i have older installations of this..but one day i just kept on getting blank pages. going to the address itself yields same result. and the homepage now longer has a visible download link for windows like it used to , though now itunes has been supported. anybody have same problem and resolved? been using this long time, and don’t think i’ll ever see another simpler situation any time soon ><

  9. Skeptic

    Yep, same problem here, and looking for solution. I just hope it’s only temporary, however, the absence of WMP plug-in download link from official site looks discouraging. :(

  10. Sol provider

    Try the download link from Internet Explorer browser. Works like a charm.

  11. J.W. Goedkoop

    I loved the lyrics plugin but after (the forced) upgrading from version 0.3 to 0.4 I also get blank pages where the lyrics should have been (MS Windows XP, WMP 11). Reinstalling the old version didn’t help and even installing Winamp didn’t give the solution (also a blank page). On a different computer (also XP and WMP 11, same router) it is still working so I guess it must besome local setting.

    Please, can someone give me a glue where to look (firewall, preferences?)

  12. JIKKS

    lyrics r not stored in comp.once u go offline, Lyrics do not appear.while we stay online lyrics should be stored in client’s comp

  13. vilma

    nice :D

  14. Knight

    when i try to install the plugin for windows media player it says “unexpected error.Error 2503”
    what do i do??

  15. juliette


    J’ai téléchargé Lyrics plugin.msi mais après je le vois pas dans la bar d’outil.comment faire pour véritablement l’installer dasn media player.


  16. Juliette

    Sorry I wrote in french^^.
    I said that i download Lyrics plugin.msi but when i’m in tools bar I can’t see it.
    How i have to proceed to instal instal it in media player?
    Thanks very much

  17. Quinn

    thanks, works fine :D
    only took about a minute to install and be ready.

  18. Britt

    Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!
    to the people that are getting no lyrics or the wrong ones after installing this you can edit them :D

  19. S

    it doesnt play!1its der in teh plugin folder but not in tools…i cannot get the lyrics..i clicked the upgrade version onthe ms site but yet..i want lyrics in now playing window..please help!!!

  20. Jansher Marri

    It’s awesome

  21. n00bz

    my lyricplugin is error now..
    cant display any lyric..
    when try to access the site, it cant be opened :(

    please help…

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