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Monitor System Resources from the Windows 7 Taskbar

The problem with most system monitoring apps is that they get covered up with all of your open windows, but you can solve that problem by adding monitoring apps to the Taskbar.

Setting Up & Using SuperbarMonitor

All of the individual monitors and the .dll files necessary to run them come in a single zip file for your convenience. Simply unzip the contents, add them to an appropriate “Program Files Folder”, and create shortcuts for the monitors that you would like to use on your system.


For our example we created shortcuts for all five monitors and set the shortcuts up in their own “Start Menu Folder”.


You can see what the five monitors (Battery, CPU, Disk, Memory, & Volume) look like when running…they are visual in appearance without text to clutter up the looks. The monitors use colors (red, green, & yellow) to indicate the amount of resources being used for a particular category.

Note: Our system is desktop-based but the “Battery Monitor” was shown for the purposes of demonstration…thus the red color seen here.


Hovering the mouse over the “Battery, CPU, Disk, & Memory Monitors” on our system displayed a small blank thumbnail.

Note: The “Battery Monitor” may or may not display more when used on your laptop.


Going one step further and hovering the mouse over the thumbnails displayed a small blank window. There really is nothing that you will need to worry with outside of watching the color for each individual monitor. Nice and simple!


The one monitor with extra features on the thumbnail was the “Volume Monitor”. You can turn the volume down, up, on, or off from here…definitely useful if you have been wanting to hide the “Volume Icon” in the “System Tray”.


You can also pin the monitors to your “Taskbar” if desired. Keep in mind that if you do close any of the monitors they will “temporarily” disappear from the “Taskbar” until the next time they are started.

Note: If you want the monitors to start with your system each time you will need to add the appropriate shortcuts to the “Startup Sub-menu” in your “Start Menu”.



If you have been wanting a nice visual way to monitor your system’s resources then SuperbarMonitor is definitely worth trying out.


Download SuperbarMonitor

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 04/29/10

Comments (6)

  1. Jason

    Yeah, tried these before. They didn’t really work all that well. Some times they would show the status, others they wouldn’t. Also, too large and cartoonie.

    Using Rainmeter now. I get what I need with simple, east to ignore when I want to icons/readounts.

  2. Nike

    I really dig the volume control. The others are just unnessesarry.

  3. Thomas Skov

    I use them, and are very happy with them. Only “problem” I have with them, are the boring icons…
    If you think the same as me, just make a shortcut to the .exe file and then assign a different icon to the shortcut. Attach the shortcut to your taskbar, and then you have the icon of your choice.

  4. DDjusD

    Nice! I use the CPU, RAM, and Disk ones. I find the CPU and RAM ones as eye-candy. The Hard Drive let’s me see how much space I have total and how much is left, would be better if it showed the total space and not only that of a partition. I have one unrelated question though. Why does you “Asian Angel”, “Recent Items”, “Computer”, and “Control Panel” buttons have the expand icon on the right of them and what is it for?

  5. Asian Angel

    @DDjusD – You can set those items to open as expandable menus instead of as links in the properties for the Start Menu. Makes it very nice if you want to access a file or function very quickly. ^__^

    Right click on your Start Menu, click Properties, click Customise, then choose whether to have each item display, open as a link, or open as a menu. ^__^

  6. DDjusD

    Thanks! Just one more thing to make my 7 experience even better then it already is.

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