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How To Customize Wallpaper in Windows 7 Starter Edition

If you have the Starter Edition of Windows 7 installed on your netbook you may be sick of looking at the default wallpaper. With Starter Background Changer you can access other customization options with ease.


There is not a lot that you can say about the singular default wallpaper included with the Starter Edition…it just kind of sits there all boring like.


Installing Starter Background Changer

Since the installer part of the program is in French we have the entire set of install windows shown here with the appropriate buttons highlighted to get you through the whole process without any problems.







Using Starter Background Changer

Once the installation process has finished you will simply see a quiet screen with no desktop icons or Start Menu entries visible. Now if you are wondering at this point “Did the program finish installing or did it install at all?” the answer is yes. Right click on your desktop and you will notice a new entry on the Context Menu…the same one that is included in the other editions but not Starter. Time to have some fun…


The Personalization Window will open maximized but we have reduced it here for our screenshots. You have four regular categories to choose from in the lower part of the window: Wallpaper, Colors, Sounds, & Screensavers.


The first category that we chose for our example was Wallpaper. As you can see here the main display area (My Collection) has no wallpapers showing at the moment. You can use the drop-down menu to access your My Pictures Folder or browse for a different location. Notice that you can choose how the image fills the screen and set up a timed wallpaper slideshow at the bottom.


Any picture (or pictures) selected will be added to the My Collection display for easy access the next time you open the window. Once you choose a picture click on Validate the modification to set the wallpaper for your desktop and return to the main window.


When you return to the main window you will see a preview for your selection. At this point you can simply close the window or make further adjustments in the other categories.


Starter Background Changer provides easy one-stop access to other customization areas. We started off with Colors…


Followed by Sounds…


And finally Screensavers.


Before you do close the main window you can take a quick look at the Options if desired. We did set Optimization of the images to High on our system.


Quick and easy wallpaper satisfaction.


We did pin the Program Window to our Taskbar…nice if you prefer this method as opposed to the Desktop Context Menu.



If you have been longing for a way to change the wallpaper in Windows 7 Starter Edition then you will definitely want to give this program a try. Goodbye boring default wallpaper!

For more wonderful ways to customize your Windows 7 Starter Edition be sure to read our article here.


Download Starter Background Changer

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 05/6/10

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  1. Maqsoud

    Well, well, well… about time…
    Haven’t tried it yet, but by the looks, it sure looks promising!

    Thanks How-To-Geek… you surprise me every time I pay a visit!

  2. Asian Angel

    @Maqsoud – It really is a nice bit of software and makes changing the background, etc. very easy to do. ^__^

  3. Wendy Robson

    This looks interesting. I currently have one of the eeePC range of netbooks and use the utility (called Update Utility) from Asus to change the wallpaper. This works fine – does anybody know if Starter Background changer offers any advantages?

  4. hero

    has anyone tried installing this? thnks

  5. RwB

    I downloaded this program and followed the onscreen instructions here. Unfortunately, It did nothing to change the default wallpaper on my wife’s Acer AspireONE with 7 Starter Edition. Anyone else with this brand netbook tried this program and had success? Chime in and lets see if it’s just this one.

  6. jojoh

    I hav the EeePC with windows 7 starter and i tried to change the wallpaper using this program. Easy to do but the wallpaper has not changed. I see it on my system when i turn it of but is not visible. thanks

  7. rara

    works like a magic,thanks :)

  8. carlosar

    @ jojoh, right click ur mouse and then click personalized, then you select the picture you want to be u desktop background.

  9. dsilver

    fantastic! just changed the wallpaper on my Acer netbook with W7 Starter. thank you!

  10. Ed Smith

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    Thank you so much…I made it..Thanks for a this clear instruction..

  12. Jim

    Works perfectly on our Samsung N220 – thanks guys…..

  13. Allan

    Installed at Aspire one D260………TNX 100X

  14. Nessa

    Thank you soooooo much!! Works perfectly:)

  15. Bryanna

    It works perfect! :D I’m so happy I don’t have the boring wallpaper anymore, woohoo!

  16. Ben

    My toshiba nb305-350 burped pack up and i had to factory reinstall os and drivers

  17. Tasnim

    wow it’z d best one i tried…..worked d 1st time….thankz infinity for sharing it ..:)

  18. toshigal

    i tried it for my toshiba netbook. it did not work. it won’t let me go past choosing images for my collection. has anybody had this problem?

  19. toshigal

    tweaked it and it worked! thanks!

  20. Tommo

    Brilliant! Worked a treat on my Sony Vaio Netbook VPCW12 – I’d been using Stardock MyColours until now and was getting sick of the sight of Green! Thank you for the translation too.

  21. Vic

    C:\Users\user\Downloads\StarterBackgroundChanger_V08.exe is not a valid Win32 application.

    Tried 2 different downloads & got the same error from each. I am logged in as an administrator.

  22. Carolina

    This worked perfectly on my Samsung N150 Plus. Thank you! :-)

  23. I man

    thaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks alot

    i ws sick n tired of dat boring wallpaper,, now i can easly change it

    thnk u so much

  24. Ocman76

    I am using an acer aspire one and it worked on the first try!!!!! THANKS!!!!

  25. Ocman76

    excellent instructions btw

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    It worked on me. Redfox w1103i. Lovely

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    WOW! it’s really works on my Samsung N150 Corby. Thanx a lot! U’re Rock Bro!

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    I have EeePC and it doesent work =/

  29. BobGrak

    Worked on my Toshiba. The changing of the wallpaper every xxx seconds is a cool feature too. Thanks.

  30. Stefanie

    i bought a ASPIRE One happy today and it work!!!!!! thanks so much kiss

  31. Fyreman

    Worked GREAT on my Dell Inspiron mini. Thanks alot guys!

  32. LyndaRS

    I just tried to download this on my new Acer One Aspire Netbook. While it was downloading, a Fatal Error message popped up saying “Unable to install this program. Please uninstall it.” I did NOT click the OK box on that error message, but I did click the top right X to get rid of it. Meanwhile, the Starter Background Changer continued to download, seemingly without a glitch. But, when it finished, and I right-clicked on my windows screen, then clicked on the new Personalization option that came up at the bottom of the menu…. nothing happened. AT ALL.

    I’m going to uninstall, then try reinstalling. Has anyone else had this happen? Any ideas? I currently have the black screen only, because a few days ago I tried changing my wallpaper by following an instructable I found online, which sent me into the computer’s windows/web/wallpaper file, where the stupid boring ugly img0.jpg was located. Per the instructable, I set myself as the administrator of that file, then renamed the image that was in there, pasted my desired background image into the file, and then changed its name to img0.jpg…….. I’ve had the black nothing background ever since, which I actually find preferable to the ugly starter wallpaper, but not by much.

    Here’s the weird thing: every time I shut down my computer, I see my chosen wallpaper image for about 3 seconds before the computer turns off. Can anybody tell me what to do here? I REALLY don’t like not being able to choose my own wallpaper… and the harder microsucks makes it for me to simply change my own wallpaper on my own computer, the more they TICK ME OFF and make me NEVER want to give them another penny, for anything, ever again! I mean…. BYTE ME! My husband and I are retired and living on Social Security and a small pension; we can’t afford to be nickled and dimed to death by these greedy theivery tactics. I had to settle for a little inexpensive netbook due to financial constraints… we have 8 grandkids to buy Christmas gifts for, I can’t be spending another $119 to get the full Windows 7. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

  33. LyndaRS

    OK~ I went to the control panel and tried the Repair option first, before doing an Uninstall/Reinstall. While the Repair was running I got the following error messages:
    Fatal error
    Impossible to continue the installation of this software. Please, uninstall it.
    Microsoft .NET Framework

    Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the application will close immediately.

    Value of ‘109’ is not valid for ‘Value’. ‘Value’ should be between ‘minimum’ and ‘maximum’
    Parameter name: Value.
    At this point in the “Repair,” without my clicking on anything, the Starter Background Changer vanished off my list of programs, and when I tried right-clicking on my windows screen, the newly-added “Personalization” option was gone. I am afraid to try to reinstall this on my Acer Aspire One. Help? Please?

  34. Asian Angel

    @LyndaRS – Based on your two comments, my first guess would be that the previous hack instructable that you tried a few days beforehand might be part of the problem. It would be a good idea to undo what you did with that hack then try installing Starter Background Changer again.

    Second, there is a technical support contact for the software here:

    They may have a very good idea of what is going on with the .NET Framework error that you mentioned above. Hope that this helps! ^_^

  35. LyndaRS

    Thanks, Asian Angel. I’m not very tec savvy, my husband and I are more Geezer than Geek… but I’ll try your suggestions and see what happens. The only way I know to undo my original changes is to go back to an earlier setpoint. If that doesn’t work, then I’ll try the support contact. I’m saving that option for my if-all-else-fails, because of the duo language barriers: French, and Tech. ;D

  36. lei


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    I installed it on my ASUS 1015PEM…and it worked perfectly!! Thanks very more blue wallpaper!!

  38. Krishan_Science Geek

    I Have a question. I have a Acer Aspire One and I changed my backround using a program called Starter Backround Changer and a few days later I wennt black (the wallpaper was) . I tried using the program u used and checked the registry. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    I have a Windows 7 Starter 32bit

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    Hi, it works really well on my HP mini when I installed it. Unfortunately, after I shut down my system and put it back on, the wallpaper I fixed is still there but I can access the right click ”PERSONALISE” option again, Keeps giving me an error message
    Please, any ideas on what could be the problem?

  44. Asian Angel

    @Vic – My suggestion would be to contact their technical support to see their recommendations:

    Krishan_Science Geek & josh – I would try uninstalling, then reinstalling Starter Background Changer to see if that helps. If that does not you can ask the developer for help here:

  45. Spud great on my Toshiba NB305

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    Now I can at least look at a nice picture while I fumble my way through the net, cheers guys and gals,
    BTW: I’m using a Toshiba NB250, if you are thinking about it don’t get one, if you already got one, yes this programme works great and makes the other drawbacks with my netbook a little bit more bearable..


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    thankx for this post

  54. daisy

    hey, does anyone know if your desktop shortcuts come back up. im actually realy scared they wont, please help.

  55. Asian Angel

    @daisy – This should have no effect on your desktop shortcuts. ^_^

  56. Riley

    Hey it doesn’t work for me for some reason. I have the eeePC and i see it has worked for other people with this but when i click download at the link it comes up with boxes, squares, and some symbols. Can anybody help me!!?!?!?!!

  57. Asian Angel

    @Riley – It sounds like your computer does not recognize the French language format when you go to download it at the website. What you could do is set up a portable version of Iron or Chrome browser quickly and use that since they will offer to translate the webpage for you. ^_^

    The file itself will have an English language formatted name. Once you have it downloaded use the screenshots above to go through the set/install process. ^_^

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    Okay so I have an Acer Aspire one 533, this didn’t work at first and the background came out black. Pictures saved as PNG files didn’t work, but JPEG files did, if you are experiencing the black background, try this!

  63. Student Nurse

    This totally worked like a charm the first time, and I am not tech savvy. Super easy! I can’t tell you how much I lug my little Acer Aspire One with me wherever I go, whether it be lectures or nursing clinicals. Finally I can glance at a picture on my desktop background of our last vacation, and dream I’m there during my 10+ hr labs/clinicals…. :) Thank you for sharing!

  64. hardik

    Hey guys, Yea I first installed this one last year, perhaps October 2010., It worked very well and i could change the wallpaper. Didnt touch it for a long time and my background was the same which i had chosen.

    NOW, as i try to click Personalize in the right-click context menu it just goes NOT RESPONDING and it tries to look for the solution online. It just doesnt work anymore for me.
    AFAIK, this is the best program to change background in win 7starter, but It has stopped working for me.

    Mr. Renaud Gerson, the developer., do you have any solution for this.? I use 32-bit windows 7 starter.

  65. Asian Angel

    @hardik – Just out of curiosity…I assume that you have updated with Service Pack 1 and this is the first time trying to access it since then?

    One thing that you may try that will help is to uninstall the app, then reinstall it to see if that will kickstart it to working again. I just get a “feeling” that a Windows update (service pack or previous update) of some sort down the line is behind the problem…

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  74. em

    I downloaded this on my new HP and can’t get it to work- I haven’t touched the original boring wallpaper file. I installed the program, ran it- chose the picture I wanted, and nothing happened (it stayed the same boring blue). Restarted my computer to check if the wallpaper would change then, but nothing! So I tried a few different things (not much- just changed the photo’s I wanted as wallpapers to .jpeg, and picked 3 of them to change every 15 secs) and after that the wallpaper changed to black. When I restart my computer I can see the wallpaper that I want for a few seconds, but when it comes back on it’s just stuck on black.

    Does anyone have any advice? I’ve contacted the technical support but haven’t heard back yet :(

  75. Danish Edward

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    any help would be much appreciated! xxx

  77. mimi

    I just brought a Dell Inspiron mini, I really want to try out this trick however will it change my warrantee on my Dell?

  78. faflamour

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  79. Asian Angel

    @mimi – This is only altering the background picture and should have no effect on your warranty at all. ^_^ This is just like installing other software such as additional browsers, etc. ^_^

  80. GreatfulBob

    Awesome!! Perfecton ToshibaNB550D … Just a tip… if my pic had 300dpi the desktop didnt change. Making them 150dpi resulted in instant success!


  81. Manson

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    I just installed this on my Toshiba NB 250 and i was pee’d off because it didn’t change the wallpaper at first. But you need to make sure that the image you wish to use is a JPEG and not PNG and if so, convert them to JPEG and voilà, it will display them and i have my daughter and wife on the screen now and not that blue wallpaper that windows inflicted on us all!!!!!

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    FORGET THIS IT DOES NOT WORK- this did not work for me because after I installed it it did NOTHING AT ALL. I could not even uninstall it in the uninstall a program menu. As it was not listed there. So the only way I could remove it. Was to go into programs on C drive and delete the program file myself to get it off of my computer. But OCEANIS Windows 7 Starter wallpaper changer does work, as I have installed that now. So forget this and get Oceanis instead. Andrea Borman.

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    change my screenbackground

  166. julia

    It works perfectly with my toshiba nb305, the only thing that bothers me is its slow preview on the desktop after applying the wallpaper. Nevertheless, this is much easier to use than the other bgchangers. (less hassle) Thanks.

  167. Julie

    Worked on my Acer Aspire One.. Although, it told me I needed (and created) a “Registry” because apparently I didn’t have one. To be honest, the idea of changing (or adding) something to my actual system without being able to understand it made me kind of nervous, especially after I restarted and it went through loading a bunch of “Registry” items.. But everything seems to be working properly. Be careful when you get into the “Configuration Personalization” menu. For some reason it wouldn’t close after I clicked “OK”.. that was the only glitch I’ve run into. Thanks for the help, though! What an annoying feature not to have, haha. :)

  168. Avinash Royale

    hurrah!……..thank you friend finally i got it………………

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