Week in Geek: The Painful WordPress Upgrade Edition

By Lowell Heddings on June 14th, 2009

This weekend we finally upgraded the HTG backend system to WordPress 2.8 from an ancient 2.0 installation, thanks to the hard work of Shawn, our new programming wizard.

This enabled us to finally do a ton of great new things… like start the hard work of reorganizing our messy category pages. Now you’ll notice that the Office section is broken out into sub-categories… we’ve added a Windows 7 category, etc.


The home page now has bigger thumbnails, and all of the daily articles should show up as “featured” so you know exactly what is new.


Now we’ve got a list of the authors on the home page, and each article will have a similar box showing you exactly which one of us wrote the article you are reading (if you are reading on the web site itself)  Note: We haven’t added Daniel yet, but we will shortly.


These changes really aren’t that impressive—it’s the stuff behind the scenes that makes this upgrade great, and we’ll be adding new features to the site very soon.

For those that might be curious, upgrading from 2.0 to 2.8 is actually relatively painless as long as you didn’t hack the source code. Which I did. (Seriously, it was ugly) Thankfully Shawn is a very talented guy, and he re-implemented all of my hacks as proper plugins, so from now on we should be able to upgrade WordPress without worries.

But wasn’t 2.0 insecure? Sure, you should absolutely keep WordPress updated with the latest release—but your risk is minimized if you follow some good security guidelines and lock down your wp-admin folder, make sure to create an automated backup script, sync your backups off-site, and lock your server down.

Random Links We Found This Week

Almost all of these are thanks to our great forum administrator Scott, who sends me good stuff on a daily basis.


Reviews And Such

Yay reviews. And soon, a nicely organized reviews section. And you’ll be able to leave your own reviews! Will be good stuff.

Wise Disk Cleaner Pro
The Good: Fast deep scans, easy to use interface, included file recovery tool can be a lifesaver

Read the Full Review…
WinDVD 9
The Good: A lot of great enhancements for audio and video playback and supports Blu-ray

Read the Full Review…
Ad Aware 10th Anniversary Edition Free
The Good: Same great spyware protection you have learned to expect from Ad-Aware. Much faster overall. Redesigned easy to use graphical user interface.

Read the Full Review…

The Weekly Articles

Here’s the articles we wrote this week.

Editor’s Weekly Random Thoughts

It’s 4am here and I’m really tired. That’s pretty much the extent of my thought process right now =)

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  • Published 06/14/09
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