Do you love listening to music while you browse? Now you can access and control your favorite music player directly from Firefox with the FoxyTunes extension.

FoxyTunes in Action

Once you have installed the extension and restarted Firefox you will see the FoxyTunes Toolbar located in the “Status Bar”. The default media app is Windows Media Player but can be easily changed.

Here are the buttons/items available with the default settings: Search, FoxyTunes Main Menu, Show Player, Select Player, Previous Track, Play, Next Track, Mute On/Off, Volume, Play File, Twitty Tunes, Foxy Tunes Search/Explore, Open FoxyTunes Planet, & Toggle Visibility/Drag and drop to move.

Note: You can hide or show individual buttons/items using the “FoxyTunes Menus”.

Curious about the media players that FoxyTunes works with? Here is a complete listing…that definitely looks terrific! Notice that the currently selected media app is “bold and blue”.

For our example we chose Spotify which we have previously covered. Keep in mind that you may or may not need to have your favorite media app open prior to “starting” FoxyTunes up (i.e. Play Button).

Here is a good look at the “FoxyTunes Main Menu” and “Controls Sub-Menu”.

The “Extras Menu”…if you click on skins you will be taken to the FoxyTunes Skins webpage.

Here is a closer look into the “Configurations Menu” and one of the sub-menus. You do not need to look for options in the “Add-ons Manager Window”…everything you need is contained in these menus.

If you do not like having FoxyTunes in the “Status Bar” you can easily drag and drop it to another toolbar.

You can also condense the appearance of FoxyTunes using the small “triangle buttons” that are located in different spots throughout the “FoxyTunes Toolbar”. With just a click or two you can greatly reduce its’ impact on your UI.


If you love listening to music while browsing then the FoxyTunes extension will let you take care of everything right from your browser.


Download the FoxyTunes extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

Download the FoxyTunes extension (Extension Homepage) *Note: FoxyTunes add-ins for Internet Explorer and Yahoo! Messenger available here.

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