Anyone who has used the CoolPreviews extension in Firefox knows how wonderful that preview window can be. Now you can get the same kind of functionality in Chrome with the ezLinkPreview extension.

Note: Extension will not work on websites containing “frame buster” code (navigation to the actual URL will occur).


Normally if you want to have a better look at a particular webpage the only option you have is to go ahead and open it in a new tab or window. But it would certainly be nice to be able to take a quick “sneak peek” before-hand…


As soon as you have finished installing the extension everything is ready to go…just refresh any pages open prior to installation and enjoy the preview goodness. When you hover your mouse near any link you will notice a small “Preview Button” appear with the letters “EZ” inside.

A closer look at the “Preview Button”.

Click on the “Preview Button” to open the popup window. Now you can get a very good idea of whether the page is worth visiting or not.


Here is a closer look at the popup window. Notice that you can see the URL for the webpage and access a convenient set of buttons on the right side (Open to new tab, Pin to keep overlay open, and Close). You can even resize the window as desired to best suit your needs (you can actually grab any of the four corners to resize the popup window).

It is also possible to open a “preview window” inside the popup window…you can see the “Preview Button” here…

If you have Chrome maximized you can enjoy using a large sized “preview window”. Now that is nice!

For those who may be curious you can see that ezLinkPreview works nicely with images too.


The ezLinkPreview extension provides a quick and simple way to preview links and/or images while you are browsing. If you are looking for similar functionality in Firefox then be sure to read our article on CoolPreviews here.


Download the ezLinkPreview extension (Google Chrome Extensions)

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