If you are worried about the websites that your children could accidentally visit while browsing, then you may want to have a look at the Kid Safe – LinkExtend extension for Google Chrome.

Kid Safe – LinkExtend in Action

Before going any further you may want to have a quick look at the options. Everything is enabled by default but it is recommended that you disable the “Allow entering unsafe sites Option”.


For our first example we visited “chatroulette.com”. As you can see in the screenshot WOT and McAfee SiteAdvisor gave the website a “green rating” but when it came specifically to its’ level of appropriateness for children LinkExtend gave it a “yellow rating”.


Our second example was “hotbabes.com”…obviously not a good website for any child to visit. You can see that the entire window area has been totally “blacked out” and the available information for this site from each of the six ratings sources. The “Toolbar Button” is also displaying a “red rating”…

Notice the two links at the bottom of the ratings screen…both will be visible if the “Allow entering unsafe sites Option” is not disabled (see Options above).


You can see the difference for the links at the bottom of the ratings screen if you have the “Allow entering unsafe sites Option” disabled. Definitely much much better…


Clicking on the “Find Kids Sites Link” will navigate the tab to the Yahoo! Kids website.


The extension will also place “ratings buttons” beside search results at Google. As you can see in the screenshot below not all of the results had information available for them at this time. But it is certainly a lot better than nothing at all when it comes to keeping your children safe.


A close-up look at the ratings for one of the search results.



While no browser add-in makes for a perfect solution the Kid Safe – LinkExtend extension will definitely be a helpful addition to your family’s Chrome browser.


Download the Kid Safe – LinkExtend extension (Google Chrome Extensions)

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