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Fix Windows Computer Problems with Microsoft Fix it Center

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Fixing computer problems can often be difficult, but Microsoft is aiming to make it as simple as a couple clicks with.  Here’s how you can easily fix computer problems with Microsoft’s new Fix it Center Beta.

Last year Microsoft began offering small Fix it scripts that you could download and run to help solve common computer problems automatically.  These were added to some of the most visited Windows help pages, and helped fix problems with things such as printing errors and Aero glass support.  Now, the Fix it scripts have been bundled together with the Fix it Center, making fixing your computer even easier.

This free tool works great on all editions of Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

Note: The Fix it Center is currently in beta, so only run if you are comfortable running beta software.

Getting Started

Download the Fix it Center installer (link below), and install as normal.


The installer will download the remaining components, and then finish the installation.


In Windows XP, if you have not yet installed .NET 2.0, you may see the following prompt.  Click Yes to go to the download site, and once you’ve installed .NET 2.0, run the Fix it Center setup again.


Also, the Fix it Center uses PowerShell to automate its fixes, but if it is not installed yet the installer will automatically download and install it.


Find Fixes for Your PC

Once Fix it Center is installed, you can personalize it for your computer.  Select Now, and the click Next.


It will scan your computer for problems with known solutions, and will offer to go ahead and install these troubleshooters.  If you choose to not install them, you can always download them from within the Fix it Center at a later time.


While those troubleshooters are downloading, you can create a Fix it account.  This will give you additional help and support, and let you review Fix it solutions for all your computers from an online dashboard.  You need a Windows Live ID to create an account.


Also, choose whether or not to send information to Microsoft about your hardware and software problems.


Get Problems Fixed

Now that the Fix it Center is installed and has identified issues on your computer, it’s time to get the problems fixed.  Here’s the default front screen in Windows 7, showing all of the available fixes.


And here’s the Fix it Center running in Windows XP.


Select one of the Troubleshooters to see more information about it, and click Run to start it.


You can choose to either detect problems and have them fixed automatically, or you can choose for the Fix it Center to show you the solutions and let you choose whether to apply them or not.  The defaults usually work good, and only take a couple minutes to apply the fixes, but you can select your own fixes if you’d rather be in control.


It will scan your computer for known problems in this area, and then will show you the results.  Here, Fix it determined that startup programs may be causing performance issues.  Select Start System Configuration,


and uncheck any of the programs you do not usually use.


Once you’ve run a troubleshooter, you can see the issues it checked for and any problems it discovered.


If you created the online account, you can also choose to view the details online.  This will show all of your computers with Fix it Center and the fixes you’ve run on them.



Whether you’re a power user or new to computers, sometimes it’s best to just get your problems fixed and go on with life instead of digging through the registry, forums, and hacking your way to a solution.  Remember the service is still in beta and may not work perfectly or solve your issues every time. But it’s something cool and worth a look.


Download Microsoft Fix it Center Beta

Fix additional problems with Microsoft’s Fix it Center Online

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  • Published 04/20/10

Comments (20)

  1. 216

    I ran this last week and although I’m not sure, it fixed a ranom issue I had with WMP12 crashing my computer every time I used it to play mp3 files. Kudos to MS.

  2. Matthew Guay

    @216 – Great, glad to hear that! I’m sure this will solve many small but frustrating problems, and only hope it gets even better and solves even more problems with future releases!

  3. sanket


    I am not able to install it! I get a message during installation that my internet is not connected (which is running well).

    I am on Windows 7 .

    Any remedies ?

  4. sanket

    The exact message that I get is ” Unable to download troubleshooters. Pls check your internet connection”.

  5. David Levine

    Seems like a great tool. I’ll be sure to give it a try after creating a backup just in case.

  6. Rich

    You do not need this on windows 7, as it can already..supposidly

  7. Matthew Guay

    @Rich – True, these are very similar to the new Troubleshooters in Windows 7 (which, by the way, are generally helpful as well). However, the Fix it center does include more troubleshooters than the default ones in Windows 7. Plus, it’s very nice for Vista and XP users.

  8. Midnight

    I ran this two weeks ago and it didn’t find or fix a darn thing, in spite of the fact that I have lost my Sounds in Win XP. Something about a PCI driver missing.

    No matter, I’ll be Downgrading to Win 7 next week and a clean install should set everything correctly!

  9. robert shaevitz

    do not knmow how to9 load your Micrsoft Fix it fieature

    Do i do the installing from your samples on todays page or do i find it on my computer to downlowd

  10. Kevin

    I used this one time for a problem with Internet Explorer “relax, I no longer use IE”. Anyway, there was an add on I had for Skype and it was causing IE to crash. This junk kept telling me to uninstall the add on. That is not a fix to me. A fix would be making the IE work with the add on. It works fine with Fire Fox. Thanks MS.

  11. Rick

    Seems OK, fixed a home group printer share coflict I didn’t know I had!
    Didn’t fix my Internet TV connection issue in Win7 Pro. Icons on the Guide show Up but wont connect.( normal TV on MC is fine, just the Internet Tv from MS)

  12. arch

    this program runs great on my vista, it cleaned up a lot of prblems i had and it runs faster

    thanks arch

  13. arch


  14. CURTIS K

    I’v got a compaq,presario-C500 this think has crashed.. on startup it stops go to a misg(bootmge is missing) it was an xp ‘ to vista trying to go back xp then it crashed .

  15. Spencer

    Ibought a lapntop from a pawn shop and want to bring my craptop back to new for my teen to be able to use this . IS THERE ANY WAY I I can delete all files and start a new lap top for this teen ? please help me or im going to trash it ! It is a Toshiba satilite and it has windows XP ? thanks Spencer ! please help me kid wants this unit before christmas . Any help will be appriciated ! THANKS Spencer :AKA MUDTURTLE

  16. Anonymous

    Those receiving the internet connection error pls update ur .net to 3.5

  17. sugarwho

    I ran ms fixit now I’m disabled stuff and i dont know how to change it back ( add ons on tool bar ( myFB games wont play! All I’ve tried to do so far since running fixit)

  18. Deborah

    I have an adm. acct. & then there is a user acct., the Microsoft Fix Program runs just fine on the adm. acct., there isn’t anyway that I have found yet to make it run on the user acct. After reading all of these comments, I’ve been thinking , what the heck, I can always run it on the adm. acct. I am (still) somewhat peeved that I can’t run it on the user acct, because I do have the mesh program running. I’ve tried signing in my user acct. as the adm., no go, I’ve tried to runas adm., that didn’t work either. Kind of weird, oh well, I have plenty to divert my attn., besides worrying about that prob. Thanks.

  19. Pgj1997

    I can’t wait for FIC v1.0! I hope it works with WinUpdate so I don’t have to keep checking for a new version. (how do programs work with WinUpdate anyway?)

  20. shirly

    I am having a happy day! I have had a problem for over a week with my MS word. It would not open unless I went to run and entered winword.exe /a. My virus detector found a Trojan horse virus somewhere on my desktop but could not access it. I searched and search the net for a fix and today found Microsoft Fix It. It was free and worked! My Recycle Bin had the corrupted file (virus). I now can open Word from the icon on the start/programs.

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