If you’re a Windows Home Server user, you’ve probably come across a lot of cool addins that you can use to enhance its functionality. Today we take a look at Addin Central… which gives you easy access to the many addin possibilities out there.

Addin Central from HomeServerLand is a free well…addin…that brings you information and easy access to several other addins that are available for your Windows Home Server. It essentially creates an “app store” of sorts for your Windows Home Server that you can view in the console.

Install Addin Central

Browse to your shared folders on the server and open the Add-Ins folder and copy the AddinCentral.msi installer (link below).

Next open WHS Console from one of the computers connected to your network, and click Settings then Add-ins. Under Available Add-ins click the Available tab and you’ll see the Addin Central installer file we just copied over. Click the Install button.

Installation kicks off and when it’s complete, you’ll need to close out of the console and reconnect.

Using Addin Central


When you reconnect to WHS Console, you’ll see Addin Central in the menu with a list of the newest updated addins.

You can go through the list of addins and check out their rating, version, author, amount of downloads, and if they’re free or you need to purchase a license.

You can sort through the addins by popularity, author, categories, or look at them all.

When you select an addin you can read more detail about it in the pane on the right side…from here you can go directly to the addin website as well.

Hover over the thumbnail of the addin to get a larger screenshot of what it looks like.

The toolbox gives you different options for controlling Addin Central, and notice you can easily search for addins too.


In the Addin Central Toolbox you can change settings such as the startup view, showing tooltips, and more.


If you’re a Windows Home Server user, you’ll definitely want to give Addin Central a go. It lets you easily find and download various addins for essentially anything you might want to use to customize your home server. HomeServerLand calls it “The Mother of All Addins” and for a good reason.

Download Addin Central (registration required)

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