Want to know if you have what it takes to be certified by Microsoft? Today we check out an enjoyable way to practice and test your IT knowledge of Microsoft products. 

There are two modes, one where you log in with your Live account so you can save your progress, and play additional levels.


If you log in with your Live account, it’s obvious that Microsoft wants to sell you some certification courses, so just be aware of that.

Or Guest Play where you can only play one episode and scores are not saved.


Playing the Game

We’ll take a look at the Guest Play just so you get a sense of what the game is about. Enter in a username and pick an avatar…


Then read the instructions…we won’t go over them all here, there are a lot of options and points are scored by correct answers, amount of time it takes to answer them, you get vouchers to play a question before answers are shown…etc.

Once you start playing, you get certification questions, you can take as much time to read the question as you want, then hit the Answer button when you’re ready.

Now you have four answers to choose from…notice the time clicking down, so you want to try to answer as quickly as possible.

After selecting the answer, you’re told if it is correct or not, then given an answer explaination, along with your score. You can flag the topic so it comes up again, which is a good way to get repetition of various topics, which really helps when taking the cert tests.

If you get an answer wrong, you still get an answer explanation which is cool, so you can learn and better understand the topic.


This game is definitely not for everyone, only those who are curious or want a fun way to practice for Microsoft certifications. If you are interested in a cert from Microsoft, it’s a fun way to practice up.

Play Are You Certifiable?

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