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Ask the Readers: Which Search Engine Do You Use?

While Google dominates the search engine market, there are certainly other alternatives out there such as Bing and Yahoo. Today we’re curious about which one you use, and would you ever consider another one?


Believe it or not…not everyone uses Google (surprising indeed), there are several other alternatives out there that some of you may be using and we’re interested in hearing about it. One of the more unique and interesting ones we previously covered is ixquick, which doesn’t save your IP or any information and can be customized quite nicely if you’re the paranoid type.

We’re interested in hearing about which search engine you currently use. Would you ever switch to a different one? Have you ever tried to experiment and not use Google (or your favorite engine) for a week?

Leave a comment below and join in the discussion!

Brian Burgess worked in IT for 10 years before pursuing his passion for writing. He's been a tech blogger and journalist for the past seven years, and can be found on his about me page or Google+

  • Published 04/14/10

Comments (149)

  1. J

    I use Google with the googlePrivacy greasemonkey script.

  2. Florin Iacob

    Google by default. Sometimes I use Bing for image searches. Also, site-specific searches such as Wiki, youtube, imdb, etc.

  3. Sasa

    Google only !

  4. Locutus

    Thanks to toolbar, I’ve blocked it via the HOSTS file. I use Google.

  5. Andrew

    Not really… Have always been satisfied with Google! :)

  6. KBPrez

    I use Google 99.9% of the time. I occasionally use Bing.

    Geeks, thanks for the write-up on “ ixquick”. I wasn’t aware of it. Google has become so invasive, I’m glad to hear about another alternative. I’ll give it a try.

  7. Matt


  8. Cc

    I use Google Search for along time & it’s good for me….
    It’s good also for non English use.

  9. Peter

    Always google.

    I’m so tired of Microsoft trying to compete. They’ll never manage to get quite as good a search engine.

  10. Prashanth

    I have been using Bing for the past 6 months now. I occasionally use Google also, but I find bing more easy and useful, and more relevant results are obtained in Bing. I am glad I made the switch.

  11. Cliff


  12. SteveB

    Most of the time Google but have been using Bing also. Whenever I use Yahoo, it always seem to find the same thing as Google.

  13. sdreamer

    using bing here about 99% of the time

  14. Marcio

    Google. It’s clean, simple, and gets the job done.

  15. Ava

    google, bing and start page

    Found I am turning to start page alot now.

  16. Jake

    Google nearly all the time. Bing is there when I want to stay away from Google but their search results are not as relevant or helpful. Yahoo is absoulutely out of the picture unless they get their search improved.

    Answer is Google my friends.

  17. Jason

    I use Google. There isn’t any reason for other companies to try to compete. The majority of people use Google. It is often the default setting on most computers.

  18. Gene

    BING a ding……….ring a BING…………BING is the thing…………..sing a song of BING……….

  19. Mysticgeek

    Google. I tried to go for a week using Bing and I lasted only 4 hours :-)

  20. Trevor Bekolay

    Google. For some reason my router hates google and will occasionally refuse to go there, so I use Bing, but I have not really found it worth using generally.

    Before Google, back in the dial-up days, it was Altavista.

  21. steven

    lol. I”m the only one so far that is going to say Yahooooo. only because I use their email service so naturally, It stays on yahoooooooooooooooooo

  22. NaeNae

    Google all the way

  23. excentric

    It’s Google all the way. Love it.

  24. Asian Angel

    I use multiple search engines…it all depends on what I am looking for at any given moment. ^__^

  25. Thomas Skov

    I use both BING and Google, it depends on my mood and what I am looking for.
    When BING/Microsoft get’s around to offer the same “extras” to their european customers, as they do to their US based customers. I am propably going to switch to only BING as I don’t like Google as a company on many levels…

  26. EricHowse

    Google, why would you need anything else ;)

  27. Jack

    Bing 89.9765%

  28. Andrew

    You mean there are other search engines beside Google?
    Hmmm – Didn’t know that :)

  29. Steve in Agoura, CA

    I ALWAYS use Scroogle. It provides a Google search through a proxy and filters out the sponsored links and all of Google’s tracking mechanisms. Scroogle doesn’t save search terms or set a cookie and their IP logs are deleted within 48 hours.

    StartPage is great for privacy too but their interface is a bit too cluttered for me.

  30. DigitalGeekery


  31. Joe

    Bing is very good. But, AltaVista still is best “word” searching code…yes better than google.

  32. Roman Berry

    Google is first and is my default. Bing gets used occasionally. After that, other search engines are used so seldom as to be too insignificant for me to even list.

    I’m an old timer at this. Heck, AltaVista was once my default choice, and I was good enough at teasing out the wanted results that I won an AltaVista embroidered polo shirt from them back in 1998. Maybe one day some new paradigm will arise which will do to Google what Google did to AltaVista.

  33. Ryan Dozier

    I’m a fan of Google but sometimes I like to spice it up with Dogpile.

  34. rzlmlchm09

    I use Google. For those that have mentioned not liking Google, I ask, is Microsoft really any better?

  35. Dan

    “search” ?
    what is that??

    Oh i remember! it’s the word which was replaced by Google!! :P

  36. Francis

    Google ! But sometimes Wolfram Alpha can be handy, for instance it can solve maths equation and show you the steps to get to the answer .

  37. yumenoko

    Google as default on both home laptop and desktop because I use FF with Greasemonkey. Yahoo on work laptop because we’re forced to use IE and it’s the default. And I’m too lazy to bookmark Google.

  38. Lasrin

    Google is it!

  39. jpmays

    There is only one true search engine worth using… and that’s Google (or iGoogle)! Nothing else compares!

  40. Col

    Google, tried bing to see what it did and was uh oh no way jose!

  41. Pedro

    Always Google, don’t even bother to use others

  42. Matthew Guay

    I use Bing by default, even in Chrome, but still use Google about 20% of the time.

  43. Lee Lemons

    Bing makes a very good secondary. Also Firefox is much faster.

  44. Kevin

    80% Google 20% Bing

  45. abrarey

    Google all the way

  46. Mike

    google for me

  47. Beard

    Google or Blackle( which is just Google with a black screen to reduce the energy it takes to load it)

  48. Paul

    I have been using Google for years now. I have tried others but I always come back to Google.

  49. David Levine

    Google though I’ve been known to try Bing every now and then.

  50. Li Bing

    I hate the Bing..You see ,my chinese name is LI Bing. (LI is my surname).
    I use google as my default search engine
    and secondly :)

  51. RushArt

    Google and Google alone.

  52. WOFall

    Duck Duck Go!
    …and on occasion Google :p

  53. Blubmaster

    I use DuckDuckGo, Bing and Google. I try to stay away from Google as much as possible though. They’re a horrible and evil company that does not give a shit about privacy.

  54. kjmcmanus

    try KEYBOARDr much better then google

  55. vietnamrum

    i use scroogle to query google. they delete all logs after 48 hours.

  56. Ron

    The Start Page is the only one I use. It gets the same results and my IP address is never sold for a song to spammers and web sites like most search engines do. Hence, I am a happy web surfer and remain familiar to only those I want to be familiar with.

  57. Kalpesh

    Google !
    Tried for others but some how my small Brain is matured for using keyword in Google search.

  58. mpcrsc562


    And I thought this little quip was rather funny:

    “Bing isn’t a search engine, it’s a Decision Engine. Once you use it, you’ll Decide to stick with Google.”
    10:32 AM Apr 5th via TweetDeck

  59. Antrikshy

    I use Google always, but I have my homepage set on all my computers to Bing, for the beautiful pictures everyday.

    I’ll try using ixquick too.

  60. Dantv

    FRACK GOOGLE, I use Bing!

  61. whiplash55

    50/50 Bing, Google

  62. Smetad Anarkist


  63. tneria01

    I was looking for an alternative (smaller footprint) to Adobe Reader and found Foxit. I installed it and unchecked to add the “” tool bar. But afterwards, I had the Foxit/ tool bar in MS Explorer. I don’t play those games…so, I am removing both Foxit and Ask.Com tool bars from my computer. You have just become Malware in my eyes!!!

  64. Madman

    Google for general search, wikipedia for specific subject info with citations.

  65. Rimas Birgela

    Only GOOGLE :)

  66. Ciprian

    Google (for 70% of searches), Wikipedia (for specific knowledge), Bing (mostly for searching images and a bit of info)

  67. Steel Hawx

    I use Google and sometimes Bing for Images

  68. Firas

    Google 100% :-)

  69. Juergen

    I’m using miscellanous Searchengines in the Search-Bar of my Firefox:
    – and… sometimes Google….

  70. rickyram25

    Google and it’s many wonderful tools

  71. Leafy

    Yahoo, actually. I’m kinda sick of Google everywhere..

  72. Mark

    Google, its non intrusive and simple. Yahoo and the rest were always in your face and trying to force its products on you.

  73. Nico


  74. Daryl Griffiths

    Google in the main.

    But I do use the Firefox search-box drop-down and select other site-specific when appropriate, from:;; Wikipedia and crunchbase.

    I also have others on that list (eg Facebook), but to be honest, don’t think to use them and would either go to the relevant site and use their on-site search box.

  75. Michael Davis


  76. Sandrina

    Google and Bing

  77. Dr. Redneck

    I use either dogpile for most or if I am looking for academic references.

  78. CPJames19

    Does blackle really save energy? I usually ‘google it’

  79. damiththa

    Primary Bing, then google

  80. Urichhai

    Google here too but use Firefox for my BBC proxy server.

  81. Sumanth

    Generally i use Google as my first preference and while searching images i go for bing since in bing we can get all the images in just one page and no need for us to load the new page for new images as in google..and for my educational info i use wikipedia….

  82. Star Gatherer

    Almost exclusively Ixquick is my engine of choice. I also use Google scholar and at times Yahoo or a few others. I have pretty much completely weened myself off of google’s main search engine.

  83. TheFu

    Scroogle is primary.
    Yahoo when I need to send someone else a link.

  84. Jami

    I always use Google.

  85. M Henri Day

    I use Google and, on rare occasions, Wolfram Alpha, Clusty, and the University of Washington’s Textrunner….


  86. KoRe4o1


  87. Rex

    I have used Google for a very long time. Default is Google, Google is my home page. I have tried other search engines, just to see if things are equal, and to my experience, yahoo, and Bing, and others just seem to be… not sure how to describe it, less than? I mean you search yahoo and the first results are exclusively result found ONLY on the Yahoo domain, same thing with MSN and Bing. I like Google, because to me it seems to offer results which are more open to all the information available on the internet.

  88. RickA

    About 3 months ago switch from Google to Bing – “Binging” is better.

  89. TwoWings

    StartPage by ixquick…….clean, efficient, fast, and private……many thanks for your review of it….I switched to StartPage the day the review appeared and have NEVER gone back to G****e…….

  90. kzinti1

    I use iGoogle. Only iGoogle. I’m not the least bit interested in any other.
    I tried Google Chrome. Once. It sucks. It doesn’t have a “Favorites List”, so it is totally worthless. I have hundreds of sites on my “Favorites List.” It grows and shrinks daily.
    Chrome is also slow.
    I couldn’t remove it fast enough. And Chrome was the best of the other alternatives to iGoogle.
    I sincerely appreciated the program to delete this POS from my system.
    Why iGoogle is totally ignored here at “How to Geek” is beyond me. Unless money is involved, of course.

  91. Suteran

    I have used google for the last 15 years and cannot believe that i would change to any other one as they are just not as good

  92. Muzza

    By default I use This is because it apparently is more environmentally friendly. It enables me to use Google and Google Images if I wish; the search is not quite the same as Google and occasionally I follow up on Google. If I need real privacy (not very often) I use

  93. Bung

    Bing is the one I use.

  94. SubZero

    i use google… i find it give me all the results instead of filtered results that i think i get from other search engines

  95. HemiHead830

    I use StartPage and iGoogle

  96. GaryB

    Google primarily, Bing for images, Wolfram Alpha when I need to “know” something. Actually, I generally use my Goofram Firefox addon so I get Google and Wolfram together.

  97. hearsetrax

    been surfing b4 google was born and have yet to find any use for it ….

    used a great many but bing/msn has never failed me …. also use

  98. ed

    Only Google. News, Search, Books, whatever.

    Prefer iGoogle, with all the tailoring, nice-to-haves — but the sign-in turns me off; so default Google.

  99. Phil

    I use google for web searches and Bing images for image searches.

  100. Joe Isaac

    I love Bing. I don’t have to open the web site, Bing gives me a couple of paragraphs to view to see if I want to open it.

    Also in the Bing Address bar I have an option to use Wikipedia, Yahoo, Goggle, Youtube, etc.
    there is an option to add these.

    Now if I want to search in each of these, The address bar stays the same but I can change Search Engines.

  101. kathy

    Metacrawler–it searches several other engines.

  102. Ty

    Google most of the time. I do like bing sometimes because of their previews without loading the whole page. It’s good when I’m not exactly sure what specific site I want. Their results are comparable. Google is just faster.

  103. Alec S.

    I’m still pretty much just using Google and have been since the fall of 1998. I still remember hearing about “a cool new search engine by some guys in another University” in class and checking it out later that day.

  104. Bev

    I use HTTPS Startpage now and if I remember correctly it was Ixquick before.

  105. cam

    Google for search but not for email,docs etc.(I use Zoho).I don’t like too much stuff under one umbrella

  106. Dadramon

    I’m like Asian Angel and some of the others. I vary search engines according to what I’m looking for. Thanks to HTG I have added Startpage today due to some recent privacy issues that have come up. I admit that Google has been my main tool for most of the searches I do, but at times I use it to generate a starting place to refine results with other engines.

  107. Robert

    Strictly Google. I hate the Microsoft attitude of “All your computing is mine!”

    Bing = Live renamed = stupid.

    Ya WHO?

  108. QuakeZone

    Google, 100% Google, Have tried others and always came back to Google. Did I mention that I use Google?

  109. Hoopbh

    Well I use Bing or Yahoo can’t stan Google

  110. John Shelton

    I DO NOT – I WILL NOT – use Giggle for anything. I am satisfied that Google makes more money by selling their followers’ browsing history than by selling advertisements. I don’t want my personal information and browsing history handled in such a way. I normally use Yahoo search by default.

  111. rfb100

    I use Google and will continue to do until something comes along that is able to meet my needs as well.

  112. Chet

    I use Bing more than Google. 80% – 20%

  113. Luis

    I use Bing for normal day to day stuff. And for technical stuff I switch to google.

  114. Chaim Chaikin

    Google, I love them!

  115. Bob

    Mostly Google, sometimes Bing, though I have occasionally found Clusty useful.

  116. Wil


  117. ME!

    Google only………….

  118. pcusers

    Clusty has been my alternative search engine for several years, It also respects your privacy as it does not record searches. Very useful in helping to narrow down a broad search topic.

  119. Delusion

    Google: 99.5%
    Yahoo: 0.4%
    Bing: 0.06
    Other: 0.04%

    Or something like that ;)

  120. Ask and it is Given

    Ask and it is Given that through recognizing and acting on our emotions, we can learn to operate on a higher frequency. Once we have become proficient in achieving this on a day-to-day basis, we can then directly influence how our lives.

  121. John

    Google… has always done the job, so never considered tryng another.

  122. Paul

    I have tried other search engines but I always go back to Google.

  123. Dell

    Bingo! bing! sometimes google too, for a change.

  124. coldfire7

    Google all the way! :)

  125. Sam It uses google yahoo and bing all at the same time

  126. wolfman544

    I mostly use Google, and sometimes I’ll use Google, but on occasion I will go straight to Wikipedia or Wiktionary.

  127. knightspawn5

    99.9 % I use google.. It has most of what I’m looking for.

  128. konaing

    (Thank you Dennis Hwang !!!)

  129. calebstein


    but I will try startpage in the future

  130. poisoncidr

    For added security try browzar

  131. calebstein

    I just started using startpage (ixquick)

  132. Lucky

    AskJeeves and Lycos

  133. nate_rio

    I use Context Search to pick the right search tool (out of 18 search engines) based on what I’m wanting to search.

    For example, if I’m reading a news article and it mentions something I want to learn more about, I highlight the term in question, right click, scroll down to “search for ‘whatever you highlight'”, and select Wikipedia.

    If I’m reading an article on HowToGeek about the latest and greatest new Firefox add-on and I’m interested in an add-on that a commenter says is better or comparable, I can highlight the name of the add-on, right click, select Mozilla Add-ons…..

    If I’m interested in finding a price on something in a review, I highlight the product name, right click and use Amazon.

    One of my most used searches besides Google and Wikipedia is Acronym Finder. It rocks when reading techy blogs that mention clusters of letters I’m not familiar with.

    Bing Images with safe search off is great for celebrity nipple slips, and other unsavory internet image searches :D

    haha…and I use Urban Dictionary when I get confused by all the crunk comments on YouTube!!

  134. grandtechgeek

    Google with the slight occasion Ask and Yahoo!

  135. Whatever

    G o o o o o o o o o o g l e
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

  136. rimskyt

    Where is Altavista…
    I use mostly Google and some times Bing (mainly with MS technical issues).

  137. Kevin

    Bing. very happy with it.

  138. HydroKirby

    Scroogle. Seems sad that I’ve seen something like 4 Scroogle users above me. I don’t like that it doesn’t work with WOT or SiteAdvisor though. I use Google Images for pictures, but I’m thinking of migrating to Bing usage for that.

    I recently had to do a comparison of search engines for a class I was in. Hilariously, Yahoo! could not infer what I wanted at all and subsequently ruined the results given by Dogpile (which pools Yahoo!’s unusual results in with the rest).

  139. Jen

    I started using Bing about a year ago and I prefer it over Google. Also switched from only using Internet Explorer as my browser to using Firefox. Old dogs can learn new tricks. :)

  140. 1fastbullet

    As the name implies, SCRew gOOGLE.

    The designers of Scroogle created it with one thing in mind. Giving you everything Google had except Google’s nose up your butt, following you around and recording where you go.

  141. Icetiger

    i pretty much exclusively use dogpile

  142. Kerensky97

    Changed from Google to Bing about 3 months ago.
    But still prefer Google maps.

  143. Matt

    Only Google.

  144. Atreusj

    Google, generally.

    “B.I.N.G. -> Bing Is Not Google” :3

  145. Atreus

    Argh, put my name in wrong.

  146. gnarles

    I’m impressed with scroogle. Discovered blackle. now have just noted 15 (fifteen!) names I have yet to check (first with whois) and then by trying out. Some are .com. others .org. Suggestions on which to use when there are both e.g. ixquick?

  147. bootdawg

    IXQUICK, it doesn’t record IP address. Google who owns Youtube is censored by the government. But most peope are dumb little sheep, afraid of change and just go with whatever….try something higher, different, more secure and intelligent. Bet you didn’t know that you can create your OWN search engine, did ya?

  148. mikewooten

    i Google only I like all my personal gadgets Sports scores, News, weather,and yes Hangman.

  149. Shockwave

    I like this place to search.

    It’s the best search engine I have found. It allows me to ask questions, as well as gives me three flavors of searching. So I can quickly choose what ever search engine I want from one page. What does everyone else use? I am willing to try new ones and am looking around for the best one I can find.

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