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Want an iPad? How-To Geek is Giving One Away!

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That’s right. All you have to do to enter is become a fan of our Facebook page, and we’ll pick a random fan to win the prize. Once we’ve got 10,000 fans, we’ll change the prize from an iPod Touch to an iPad 16GB (typo in the image above). Everybody who is already a fan is already automatically entered in the contest!  (there’s no country restriction).

So to make sure we upgrade the prize, make sure to share the How-To Geek Facebook Fan page with your friends that might be interested (don’t mindlessly spam everybody, of course).

We’ve already got the iPad sitting here.

Win an iPad on the How-To Geek Facebook Fan Page

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  • Published 04/5/10

Comments (16)

  1. Simran

    I would love to win an iPad and I’m already your fan on facebook :)

  2. Madman

    Well, that’s pretty crappy for those of us who do not live our lives around online social gathering sites. What about those of us who DON’T have a facebook and don’t want one?

  3. Josh Fox

    … just out of curiosity, what happens to the iPod Touch when the 10,000 fan goal is reached? Second prize? Up for the next drawing? Or does someone at HTG pocket it? :)

  4. Abhisek

    I never win such contests… :-(

  5. Nshung

    I am already your fan on facebook. Want to win this one !!!!

  6. LinuxUser

    i gotta admit it … this website is great :) keep going guys ! i’m already a fan of u on fb

  7. Edgar Cooper

    Awesome! I hope i win :] but i know its not going to happen lol.
    Thanks for giving me hope How-To-Geek.
    You guys take care!

  8. tcatnat

    Oh well, the pitfalls of not having a Facebook account. No free iPad for me.

  9. Butch

    Alright! Already a fan…

  10. jim

    I would give my right arm to det a ‘facebook’ BUT NOT at the expense of joining Facdebook…never ever
    sorry guys they are dangerous

    Youse guys never said if you support PCTOOLS amother dangerous item ??

    keep up the great work


  11. Martin

    7,326 almost there :)

  12. Bimal Roy

    I don’t have much luck. But still hope if I could get it.

  13. Joshuah

    Naice, already a fan! You have gotta be pretty lucky to win though LOLOL

  14. Overlord Fhbd

    Give me luck, luck, luck, babe! ;)

    Already a fan. A brazilian one.

  15. Andre

    I became a fan. I want to win this.

  16. ^^

    Sorry guys, but I’ve already won it :)

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