So you love using Bing Search but may still be curious to see what another search engine will provide if used. Now you can search using another search engine from within the Bing Search page and enjoy numbered results using two simple user scripts.

Note: These user scripts may also be added to other browsers as well (i.e. Iron, Opera, etc.).


Bing Search does nicely on searches but what if you would like to try the same search with another search engine? Having to manually open a new tab, navigate to the appropriate website, and then start a new search is not too convenient.

Another possible frustration for some people may be knowing just how many search results that they have looked through. Well, both of these small problems are easy to fix with two wonderful user scripts.

Installing the Scripts

The first script that we installed (you may do either one first) was for adding alternative search engine links. Click “Install” to get started…


Note: For our example we had the Greasemonkey extension installed.

When the confirmation window pops up click on “Install” to finish adding the user script to Firefox.

Repeating the same procedure as above add your second script to Firefox.

Confirm the second user script installation and you are ready to enjoy nicer Bing Search results.


As you can see there are two small unobtrusive differences in our search results. The alternative search engine links are conveniently located at the top of the page and now you can easily know just how many search results that you have looked through.

The results when we decided to try the search in a transfer over to Yahoo.


Our search transferred to Ask Search. The alternative search links can be very helpful if Bing is not providing the kind of search results that you are hoping for.

Still going very nicely past the 100 mark…


If you have been wanting a small booster to searching with Bing then these two scripts will get you on your way.

Using Opera Browser? See our how-to for adding user scripts to Opera here.


Install the Bing (Alternate Search Engine Links) User Script

Install the Bing Numbered Search Results User Script

Download the Greasemonkey extension for Firefox (Mozilla Add-ons)

Download the Stylish extension for Firefox (Mozilla Add-ons)

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