Are you looking for some fresh new music to listen to at home or at work? With Antenna you can listen to online radio stations from all over the world.

Note: Requires Adobe AIR (download link at bottom of article).

Antenna in Action

Once you have completed the installation and started Antenna up this is the window that you will see. The left side will have a “browsing pane” where you can search for the stations that you would like to listen to using the various categories. Based on the stations that you choose the background map will change location to match the stations locations.

Here is a closer look at the “Categories Bar”.

For our first example we used the “Country Category” to find our first station to listen to. When you choose a country you will be presented with a list of the stations available for that country. To start listening to a particular station just double click on the appropriate entry line.

A closer look at the “browser pane” with our first station playing. Notice the “Reliability Indicator” that will be available for each listing…some may be better than others and you can use this to choose the best streaming stations from the list.

In the upper left corner you will notice three icons…each will open a small pop-up window with a specific purpose.

The first icon will open up the “About Window”. If you need to contact Antenna’s creator or would like to place a request for a station to be added to the app then this is the best way to do it.

The second icon will open up a Antenna specific chat window.

The third icon will allow you to set a default location and make adjustments to some of the app’s settings.

Recording Audio

The “Recording Function” is the only area where we experienced some “quirkiness” with the app. To start recording press the “Round White Button”…

Note: Based on feedback on the app creator’s webpage some people have experienced the same problem as we did during our tests with the app failing to complete the recordings. Hopefully this bug will be fixed with the next release.

Once recording has started the button will turn red. Click on the button again to stop recording.

Once you have stopped recording you will see the following message window appear and the main window will be shaded over with a whitish color until you click “OK”.


Regardless of the slight quirkiness in recording online music Antenna more than makes up for it with the terrific selection of online stations and streaming capability. New fresh music for you to listen to is only a click or two away…


Download Antenna (Antenna Homepage)

Download Antenna at Softpedia

Download Adobe AIR

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