A tasks list can be convenient but most times you can not include details for those tasks or have to have an online account to do so. If you want to keep your tasks list with you on your computer or laptop and be able to add plenty of details then you might want to look at toDoo.

Note: Requires Adobe AIR (download link at bottom of article).

toDoo in Action

Once you have installed toDoo everything is rather straightforward for getting started. The first time that you start toDoo there will be a temporary “fill-in” for the “Subject & Details Areas”. Simply highlight over the temporary text and add your information. Notice that if desired you can easily set a custom date and time for your tasks right below the “Details Area”.

Note: toDoo does not minimize to the “System Tray”.

Once you have everything set all that you need to do is click on “add task”.

Here was our first new task being viewed in the “toDoo Description Tab”.


Time to add a second task…here you can see the drop-down calendar. You can scroll through and select a different month very easily…just click on the desired day and it will be automatically set.

Adding our second task…

If you need to edit any of the details for a particular task you can do so in the “Edit toDoo Tab”. This nice little app is convenient and easy to use.


ToDoo is a simple straightforward app that lets you keep track of your tasks list and relevant details without an online account (especially helpful if you are without a wireless connection at a given moment). If you are looking for more of a list approach that runs on your desktop, then check out our article on Doomi here.


Download ToDoo at Softpedia

Download ToDoo at Adobe Marketplace

Download Adobe AIR

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