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Display System Information on Your Desktop with Desktop Info

Do you like to monitor your system but do not want a complicated app to do it with? If you love simplicity and easy configuration then join us as we look at Desktop Info.

Desktop Info in Action

Desktop Info comes in a zip file format so you will need to unzip the app, place it into an appropriate “Program Files Folder”, and create a shortcut. Do NOT delete the “Read Me File”…this will be extremely useful to you when you make changes to the “Configuration File”. Once you have everything set up you are ready to start Desktop Info up.


This is the default layout and set of listings displayed when you start Desktop Info up for the first time. The font colors will be a mix of colors as seen here and the font size will perhaps be a bit small but those are very easy to change if desired.


You can access the “Context Menu” directly over the “information area”…so no need to look for it in the “System Tray”. Notice that you can easily access that important “Read Me File” from here…


The full contents of the configuration file (.ini file) are displayed here so that you can see exactly what kind of information can be displayed using the default listings. The first section is “Options”…you will most likely want to increase the font size while you are here.


Then “Items”… If you are unhappy with any of the font colors in the “information area” this is where you can make the changes. You can turn information display items on or off here.


And finally “Files, Registry, & Event Logs”.


Here is our displayed information after a few tweaks in the configuration file. Very nice.



If you have been looking for a system information app that is simple and easy to set up then you should definitely give Desktop Info a try.


Download Desktop Info

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 04/15/10

Comments (10)

  1. Alex

    Windows 7 Ultimate with 1gb ram? Hows that working out for ya? :P

  2. Asian Angel

    @Alex – Actually not bad at all even though it is a virtual setup. ^__^

  3. CPJames19

    @Alex – I have Windows 7 Ultimate with 1gb ram. It works fine!

  4. kzinti1

    Uh, go to the bottom of the screen. Right click. Left click on “Start Task Manager.” Use “Task Manager.”
    Why waste time and desktop space on anything else?

  5. Gyffes

    What do you use your desktop space for that this’d be taking up vital space??

    Your method requires switching to Task Manager for any of that info. This method means that Windowskey-M reveals the info you (might) need. No real time savings/loss.

    Besides, if Task Manager were All That, we’d not need Process Explorer.

    I love programs like this (or Conky on my linux installs) for my laptops b/c knowing at a glance if/what my IP is (and associated upload/download speed) is very helpful, let alone at-a-glance RAM usage.

  6. markus

    nice and lightweight tool.thanx for the tip :)
    i had some font corruption in my virtual XP (vbox) switching to System font in the ini cured it.

    markus ;-)

  7. HydroKirby

    I’ll have to try this later. I wonder how it compares to Samurize.

  8. Asian Angel

    @HydroKirby – I tried Samurize for a bit in the past but there did seem to be a learning curve along with a bit of tweaking just to get it set up and going…so I was not too happy with it for that reason.

    On the other hand Desktop Info was a dream to work with! ^__^ It was very quick and simple to set up and use…no hassles at all. So if I had to make a choice between Samurize and Desktop Info there would be no contest at all…Desktop Info all the way! ~__^

  9. Claire

    I know you all are Geeks, I’m not, I’m just a grandma trying to fix my Windows Vista calendar. We had company that used my computer and now my calendar gives me an error message I cannot put an appointment on a calendar that is disabled. Can you help me get it back? I am sorry to ask if you can put it in simple steps, I would appreciate it.

  10. Asian Angel

    @Claire – If you could re-post your question to our forums section then our friendly and helpful forum members will be able to help you get your calendar working again. ^__^

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