Nearly everyone uses keyboard shortcuts of some sort on their Windows system but what if you could create new ones for your favorite apps or folders? You might just be amazed at how simple it can be with just a few clicks and no programming using WinKey.

WinKey in Action

During the installation process you will see this window that gives you a good basic idea of just what can be accomplished with this wonderful little app.

As soon as the installation process has finished you will see the “Main App Window”. It provides a simple straightforward listing of all the keyboard shortcuts that it is currently managing.

Note: WinKey will automatically add an entry to the “Startup Listing” in your “Start Menu” during installation.

To see the regular built-in Windows keyboard shortcuts that it is managing click “Standard Shortcuts” to select it and then click on “Properties”.

For those who are curious WinKey does have a “System Tray Icon” that can be disabled if desired. Now onto creating those new keyboard shortcuts…

For our example we decided to create a keyboard shortcut for an app rather than a folder. To create a shortcut for an app click on the small “Paper Icon” as shown here. Once you have done that browse to the appropriate folder and select the exe file.

The second step will be choosing which keyboard shortcut you would like to associate with that particular app. You can use the drop-down list to choose from a listing of available keyboard combinations. For our example we chose “Windows Key + A”.

The final step is choosing the “Run Mode”. There are three options available in the drop-down list…choose the one that best suits your needs.

Here is what our example looked like once finished. All that is left to do at this point is click “OK” to finish the process.

And just like that your new keyboard shortcut is now listed in the “Main App Window”. Time to try out your new keyboard shortcut!

One quick use of our new keyboard shortcut and Iron Browser opened right up. WinKey really does make creating new keyboard shortcuts as simple as possible.


If you have been wanting to create new keyboard shortcuts for your favorite apps and folders then it really does not get any simpler than with WinKey. This is definitely a recommended app for anyone who loves “get it done” software.


Download WinKey at Softpedia

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