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Ask the Readers: What Operating System Do You Use?

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The three most popular choices out there when it comes to computer operating systems, is Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. What we want to know is…which operating system do you use?

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Computer users today have more choices than ever when it comes to the operating system they use. In the Windows world, there are three versions out there in daily use. A lot of businesses and home users use XP, completely avoided Vista, and are starting to migrate to Windows 7. While a lot of home users received their new computer with Vista pre-installed and are still using it. Others were quick to jump to Windows 7, and some don’t want to leave the comforts of XP.

Desktop Linux distro’s have been consistently growing in popularity as versions like Ubuntu become more user friendly. And let us not forget the loyal Apple users who would never give up OS X.

You may have to use a certain OS at the workplace, but when you get home, your options are a lot more open. And now with the ease of virtualization, it’s easy to run multiple operating systems on one machine. Each OS offers different advantages that people pick based on their needs.

Today we want to know, which operating system(s) do you use? Let us know in the comments and join the discussion!

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  • Published 03/31/10

Comments (312)

  1. Thomas Skov

    I use Windows on all of my pcs…
    Windows 7 Ultimate on laptop and desktop, Windows Home Server on (you guessed it) my server and Windows Mobile 6.5 on my HD2.

  2. nobody

    Ubuntu 9.10 for programing, surfing web and all thing, and Windows 7 Ultimate x64 only for gaming :).

  3. Nikolaj Møller

    Same as above except Home Server and Labtop

  4. Trevor Bekolay

    I use Windows 7 on my home computer, from which I use VMWare Player to run Linux apps if I need to. At work I use Ubuntu 9.10. With the droves of great multi-platform open source software, it’s interesting how little changes between the two machines. If audio worked better in Ubuntu I would probably switch to it at home.

  5. adjacent

    I use a mix.

    Work laptop, desktop / server, and mythbox are all running some version of ubuntu. It’s a great distro and it has a good feel to it.

    Gaming computer is currently running Vista, but we plan on upgrading to 7 this year.

    I also have a macbook running os x. Gotta say the more I use os x, the less I like it. Though I think this is because I’m less a mouse guy and more a keyboard guy.

  6. Ben

    Windows 7 Enterprise 32bit on the laptop
    Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit on the main desktops(at home)
    Widows XP Pro (32bit)on on 2 other desktops and 1 laptop
    Ubuntu Karmic Kola 32 bit on the Linux box
    Ubuntu Karmic Kola 64 bit on a VM in on the Main windows Box

    Windows XP Pro on the work PCs

  7. delphinus87

    I use two OS X running Hackintosh’s*. A Dell XPS 420 (Mac Pro XPS) and a Dell Mini 10v netbook (Macbook Mini).

    * Don’t Hate :(

  8. Jessica

    I use Windows 7. I’d like to try Ubuntu but every time I get around to installing it I get distracted… Maybe I will do it now

  9. Dwhole

    Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit (desktop), Win 7 Home Premium 32-bit (laptop), Win XP Pro (wife’s), and Win XP Pro (son’s). I used Ubuntu as the sole OS on the laptop after a HDD death for 9 months. However, drivers were a nightmare to configure/keep running – too many work-arounds. I’ve been using Windows since good old 3.1 (and DOS before that), and even though I stray for curiosity – I never leave. I guess I’m not “cool enough” for Apple products… or maybe I know better. Fanboys attack!

  10. bota


  11. Raymond

    Windows 7 on all my computers except the girlfriends T60. Android on my G1. Ubuntu from my thumb drive when I need it.

  12. Trevor

    I dual boot / parallels on a MacBook Pro with Windows 7. I want to buy a windows 7 or windows server computer with a Tower Case.

  13. Andrew

    Windows 7 Ultimate on work desktop, Windows XP Professional on work laptop, and Windows 7 Home Premium on personal Laptop. I sometimes run Ubuntu via SunBox virutually.

  14. Paul

    W7 primarily, but also SL regularly (hackintosh). iPhone OS on my iTouch. And Linux every once in a while to see how it’s progressing. Usually like it for a few days and then want to tear my hair out after a week.

  15. mrrix32

    Ubuntu 9.10 – Main OS Laptop and PC
    Vista – Came pre-installed on Laptop (Basic) and PC (Premium)
    I also have a VM of XP on my PC Ubuntu install.

  16. Aliihsan

    I use Ubuntu GNU/Linux on two of my laptops, debian on home server.

  17. Ricardo

    Kubuntu 9.10 or OpenSuSE 11.2 at home, Mac Os X 10.6 at work

  18. Kevin Lacey

    I use Windows 7 on my desktop and my laptop. The desktop can make full use of the aero interface, while the laptop uses the basic theme. I have been pleasently surprised on how win7 runs on old hardware. I actually installed it on a laptop that had a video rating of 1.0, and she is very pleased by how it runs.

    On my server I run debian, cause command line linux is sexy, but I cant find a GUI I can use on a daily basis for a desktop.

  19. Karlos

    Windows 7 on my main computer. WinXP Pro on my HTPC (soon to be Mandriva Free 2010) and on my working netbook. Vista Home Basic on my wife laptop and Puppy Linux on a old P3 computer for the kids. Yup, that’s it.

  20. Raymond

    Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala

  21. chessyang

    7 @ work
    XP @home/gaming/HTPC

  22. Bob

    I have Mint 8 on all my PCs and laptops. I am running XP via VirtualBox on a few laptops so that we can update our Zune players.

  23. Laban

    Mac OS X on my laptop, windows 7 on my workstation both at home and at work, and Windows Server 2008r2 for my home server that also funcion as testing enviroment.

  24. mike

    Desktop – Win 7 – for gaming
    Netbook – ubuntu v10.04 – browsing/email/im
    Server – Windows Home Server – Media Server[hd movies to ps3, music, file server]/backup for local comps
    Laptop – Win 7 – Work

  25. stephenowitz

    windows xp on netbook. Windows 7 at work. Ubuntu using vmware. Looking into OSX. Can’t wait to look at Chrome os and would love to dabble with Android. Rockboxed my mp3 player. Can’t we just find a way to all get along? hehe

  26. C. E. Frederick

    Windows 7 Pro on all my PCs except one old laptop which runs Ubuntu.

  27. Rickles

    Primarily Ubuntu (8.04 Server and Desktop as well as 9.10 Desktop). At work I bounce around on Windows XP/7.

  28. Bicho Pro

    Ubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10

  29. KBPrez

    Win 7 Home Premium (x64).

    At one time, I thought I’d switch to the MAC, but it never happened and I’ve stopped thinking about it!

  30. Don Bailes

    Windows 7 (64-bit) on all computers

  31. Benz

    Ubuntu 9.10 64bit on home and work computers for almost all stuff. XP running in virtualbox on both for when I need to use powerpoint (I just can’t get used to open office presenter)

  32. mpcrsc562

    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit on my gaming PC;
    Windows XP Professional on my automobile diagnostic PC

  33. Peter

    I’m currently using windows xp on my laptop. My plan is to switch to a dualboot with windows 7 and ubuntu soon.

  34. Matt

    Windows 7 for most things
    Windows XP for Adobe Flex
    Ubuntu for fun

  35. Xink

    Main PC – dual boot Win7 x64/Mint 8 x86(when I’m bored) and XP in VMWare
    Laptop – triple boot Vista/Win7/OSX
    Home Server – Win2k3 R2

  36. Ayush

    I use Win 7 pro on my laptop and Win XP to run some of my apps.

    Use Ubuntu (many versions), just for fun.

  37. James


  38. Zach

    I am a rare one. I run Vista 32 Bit Home Premium running a perfect 10

  39. freak0

    Xp only for gaming (sadly).
    Debian for servers.
    Ubuntu for everything else.

  40. Josh

    Windows 7 as main OS, with Ubuntu 9.04 and Mandriva Linux 2009 installed on VMWare Player for when I need to use Linux.

  41. Bob

    Windows 7 on both my PCs BUT XP on my Laptop, failed upgrade test :-(

  42. 216

    Windows 7 on my Home Desktop (main computer), Mac 10.6.3 on my laptop (MBP), and Windows XP on my Work computer. I also have a Netbook that I use to test new versions of Linux on (Linux Mint, Ubuntu etc)

  43. VIking

    I use all 3 actually. My main PC has Windows 7 Ultimate on it, my main proxy server has Windows XP, but I’ve been messing with Ubuntu on another PC for SSH/Proxy services.
    I built a hackintosh sometime ago which was a cool project. Around a year ago a friend of mine gave me a G5 based iMac which needed some work to get it working properly, so that was a fun project as well.
    My personal opinion is that there is good and bad about the three major OSes out there, but as a computer technician and total gadget freak, I love using all of them. I am definitely not tied to only one!

  44. Silentbob

    I’m pretty much a full time Ubuntu user(9.10). I also run XP Pro in Virtualbox for those times when I need it.

  45. TheFu

    5 physical systems with virutalization on most.

    a) Windows7 x32 Ultimate Desktop/7MC
    a1) Ubuntu 8.04 x32
    a2) OpenSolaris
    a3) WinXP Pro

    b) Window7 Pro x64 (laptop)
    b1) Ubuntu 8.04 x32
    b2) WinXP Pro

    c) Ubuntu 9.10 x64 (KVM)
    c1) Ubuntu 8.04 x64 (DMS-testing)
    c2) Ubuntu 9.10 x64 (XFCE Desktop)

    d) Ubuntu 8.04 x64 (Xen)
    d1) Ubuntu 8.04 x64 (email/IM)
    d2) Ubuntu 8.04 x64 (DMS)
    d3) Ubuntu 8.04 x64 (Wiki + web)
    d4) Ubuntu 8.04 x64 (CRM)
    d5) Ubuntu 8.04 x64 (Project Management)
    d6) Ubuntu 8.04 x64 (Infra [load balancer])
    d7) Ubuntu 8.04 x64 (Blog)
    d8) Ubuntu 8.04 x64 (VPN-testing)

    e) ESXi4
    e1) Win7 Pro (QB)
    e2) Ubuntu 8.04 x32 (VPN-prod)
    e3) Ubuntu 8.04 x64 (Desktop)
    e4) NetBSD

    I knew there were a bunch, but never listed them like this before. Most are running, but a few, like the OpenSolaris VMs are as needed. A few others aren’t listed since they are hardly used – PuppyLinux, PCLinuxOS, Mint, CentOS … you get the idea. Migration to the next LTS is coming soon.

  46. Asian Angel

    Windows Vista Home Premium (32 bit)

    Windows 7 Ultimate (32 bit)

    Specially-themed Kubuntu Linux 9.10

    Ubuntu 10.04 Beta

  47. Jason

    I us Windows XP on the computers at school. I run Ubuntu on my Acer Aspire One. If I had enough money I would use a Mac.

  48. chirantanf

    Windows 7 pro 64 bit on laptop!

  49. DigitalGeekery

    XP, Windows 7, and Windows Home Server

  50. Erzeal

    Windows Vista Home Premium.

  51. Ivan Kolevski

    I use Win7 + Linux Mint 8 at home, same on my laptop, win xp at work.

  52. Amr ElGarhy

    Windows 7 on my laptop and Home PC.
    Windows Vista at office ‘will move to win7 soon’.
    Mini Mac for just testing websites on.
    Windows Server 2008 on my server.

  53. Ryan

    I use Windows 7 for almost everything.

    I have a 17″ MacBook pro that I use for writing Mac software, but I prefer Windows…

  54. earle

    went from WXP to WVista to Win7

  55. Mike Garcia

    Windows 7 ultimate on my desktop and laptop. At work all the computers are Macs although I’ve bootcamped mine so it runs windows 7 professional.

  56. Hilaludi Wahid

    I use dual OS, XP SP2 n ubuntu Karmic on my laptop…

  57. Jake

    Gentoo GNU/Linux

  58. Ramma09

    New notebook – Windows 7 Ultimate
    Old notebook – Windows XP
    Desktops – Both Windows 7 Ultimate and XP

  59. Sdreamer

    Use windows 7 professional here. I’d still be on Vista Home Premium though if I couldn’t hav gottne 7 at $30. It worked just as well as 7 does for me now.

  60. Trinae Ross

    On my desktop I use Windows 7 Home Premium 64 (was lucky enough to by a Vista machine that qualified me for the free upgrade.) On my media server, I run Vista 32. (It plays well with my Xbox 360.) My laptop will be running Ubuntu 10.4 since it’s an LTS release and I won’t need to worry about upgrading that for a while. (Of course with Ubuntu, you never know *smile*.)

  61. Mark

    My desktop runs Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit, and my laptop came with Windows 7 32 Bit Home. My work PC and laptop both run Windows XP Professional.

  62. Shirkit

    I’m using currently Win7.

    But my 2 HD’s are coming, I’m planning to install the Snow Leopard, Ubuntu and the Chrome OS, all just for fun.

  63. SteveM AKA PendeagonUK

    Four computers running in the house, three Desktop’s and a netbook. The netbook and one Desktop (wifes daily machine) Are running Ubuntu 9.10 32bit. The is a testbed PC Desktop is running Ubuntu Alpha through to current Beta of Ubuntu 10.04. It has three VirtualBox session set up 32bitWindowsXP running 24/7 hosting server control software currently only available for Windows. A PC BSD install and Unity Linux install for testing.

    My main PC is duel booting between 32bit Ubuntu 10.04 Beta as the primary OS and Windows Vista32bit for gaming. For gaming I would much prefer to be running 64bit W7 but currently do not own a legit copy. One day I will give up the gaming and remove Windows all together.

    I have never been able to afford Apple, although I would like to give it a go. I find myself looking eBay for old Mac’s, one day may be..

  64. thesun

    windows 7, windows vista, xp, and 2000
    lol all microsoft

  65. Richard

    Personal Laptop – Windows Vista Basic. Quite happy with it.
    Work Laptop – Windows XP Professional.

  66. Jeff

    Windows XP Professional on desktop.
    Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Remix on netbook.

  67. JD

    XP pro on main machine, Win 7 Pro (migration still in progress), and Slackware and FreeBSD for other o/s fun.

  68. Eats Wombats

    Windows 7 Pro (laptop)
    Windows 7 Home Premium (Desktop)
    Fedora 12 (home server, Amahi based)
    Ubuntu 10.04 beta (Alternate desktop)
    Ubuntu 8.04 (netbook)
    Windows Vista Ultimate (DVR)
    Windows Vista Home Premium (Wife’s laptop)

  69. peter

    Vista32 bit lappie;
    RHEL5 x64bit workstation;
    RHEL4 x64 HPC cluster

    Win7pro 64bit HTPC;
    2x Netbooks: Ubuntu9:10 (x32)/10:4beta (x64);
    Desktop: OpenSuse11.2 x64; (11.3 ms3 in a VM)
    Lappie Fedora12 x63;
    Home FileServer: Amahi version of Fedora12 (x64)

  70. kjmcmanus

    i use linux mint it rocks over microwave

  71. Immolari

    Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit on my gaming computer.
    Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit on my Laptop, my wife’s laptop, my torrent server and my Home entertainment PC.
    Freenas on my server.

  72. Richard

    Windows 7 ultimate on my desktop and on my laptop , snowleopard , also run vmware which has Windows 7 , XP , Vista

  73. Joe

    On my desktop I have a dual boot of Windows 7 Ultimate (x86) and XP Pro. I also have a Mac OS X laptop running Snow Leopard. The other desktops in my house which are used by the rest of my family all still have XP Home, and they don’t really have an interest in switching to 7 any time soon.

  74. jdbpogo

    ubuntu 9.10 on an old p4 desktop
    win7 hp 64bit on a core2 duo laptop
    win xp on a atom280 netbook (will either upgrade to latest ubuntu or win7)
    win7 hp 64bit on a core2 quad desktop (just upgraded from vista hp)
    win7 ultimate on 2x core i7 desktops

  75. Tyler Szabo

    ubuntu linux
    windows 7
    windows XP
    windows vista (work)
    rhel 5 linux (work)

  76. tbl

    mac os x on hackintosh, macbook, and mac pro

  77. Matthew Guay

    I’m running Windows 7 Professional x64 on my desktop, and Windows 7 Starter on my netbook. Otherwise, I run Ubuntu 10.04 beta and Windows XP in VMware Player.

  78. jpmays

    Windows 7 Pro 32-bit (Desktop@Home)
    Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit (Media Server@Home)
    Windows XP Pro 32-bit (Laptop@Work)

  79. JonMCC33

    Windows 7 Home Premium x64

  80. Balachandran

    I use Windows vista home edition @ my home laptop. At work i use Windows server 2008 & Windows 7 ( desktops) and Windows Vista in Laptop.

  81. calebstein

    I tri-boot Windows 7, FreeBSD 8, and Kubuntu 9.10. I primarily use FreeBSD.

  82. Shawn Thompson

    Ubuntu 9.10 on one laptop (dual booted with Win7 for my wife), a desktop with Ubuntu 9.10 and Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Server, and LinuxMint on one laptop

  83. Ryan Dozier

    I use all of them! Windows, Linux and Mac!

  84. sfmitch

    Desktop – OS X 10.6.x
    Laptop – OS X 10.5.x

    I had no idea I was in the small minority of Mac Users on this site.


  85. shivani

    i use window as having sightly more than average knowledge of computers i find it easy to use. Did try dual booting with ubuntu n window for some time but gave up due to higher learning curve. but i do plan to give ubuntu or some other debian system soon.

  86. creepydarkdeath

    I use Win 7 in my desktop & XP Pro in my laptop..!

  87. KoRe4o1

    XP All Day, I hate Vista and I am to poor to upgrade to 7 just yet, lol!

  88. Derek C. F. Pegritz

    Win7 x64 Home Premium on desktop and laptop, WinXP x32 on my netbook.

  89. CMK

    I use Windows 7 Enterprise at work where I also support XP. At home I have Windows 7 Pro, Home Premium and XP Pro. My wife has Vista Ultimate.

  90. Dirk

    Kubuntu and g-os ( very practical with printers) on my desktops and on my laptop :Vista . although I don’t like it , it was pre-installed and I ended up keeping it that way.
    BTW are keeping a tally of all the anwers ?? :-)

  91. Tim

    Kubuntu 9.10 on my desktop (as of now, but will always be latest Kubuntu). Latest Ubuntu on anything else I’m tinkering with.

  92. Stephen Anders

    I use windows 7 on pc and laptop for games, and internet, and work. I use ubuntu 10.4 beta now to mess with server stuff, and Mac OS X for photo and video editing, as well as music production, and website design. All three work together to form a majestic computational environment.

  93. deadbyte

    Desktop & Laptop – stripped down xp pro (bare bones minimum)
    desktop came with vista but i find xp to be much simpler
    will probably switch to win7 for my next pc

  94. snsn

    Desktop:Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    VPC2007SP1: Windows XP SP3

  95. Tarun Iyer

    Running Windows Vista Home Premium 32-Bit on my primary gaming desktop and hand on heart its worked brilliantly since i built the rig 4 years ago (specs are Core 2 Duo E6600, 2GB DDR600, GTS 250). Only had two crashes to date and both times it was just me being an idiot!

    I have W7 Home Premium 64 Bit on the laptop (Compaq CQ61) and I’ve pretty much fallen in love with W7, will be buying a copy for my desktop as soon as I’m eligible for a student discount

  96. bill

    Dual boot Ubuntu 9.10 & XP. I’d say 98% of my time is in Ubuntu; I only use XP when I need to print photographs or scan negatives.

  97. Gary Cartwright

    4 systems + 1 laptop:
    2 windows 7
    1 Windows XP
    1 Ubuntu 9.10
    Laptop Vista

    one of the Windows 7 machines is my main system. I have windows XP Mode installed on it
    and VMWare Player.

  98. Steve

    Wow, lets see:

    Work: Windows XP for desktopdevelopment, CentOS running virtual machines using Xen. Guest OS’s include: multiple versions of CentOS, Ubuntu, and Windows Server 2003

    Notebook(s): OSX on a mbp, virtual machines through vmware fusion: windows xp, ubuntu 9.04 and 10.04 beta

    Netbook: Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.04

    Home: 3 Windows XP, one double boot Windows XP/Windows 7 Pro 64bit, one ubuntu server 9.04

  99. Maki

    My desktop is running Windows XP.
    Laptop is dual booting Ubuntu 9.10 and Windows 7.
    I also have a home server running Ubuntu Server Edition 9.1

  100. WillxD

    iMac : Mac OS X 10.6.3 + Windows 7 (with VMWare)
    PC: Ubuntu 9.10

  101. Trevor Hicken

    Windows XP for my primary machine but I will be switching to Mac OS X 10.5.8 on a PowerPC iMac

  102. InDiSent

    Windows 7 Pro x86 on my laptop
    Windows 7 Pro x64 on my desktop
    VMWare: Windows xp Pro, Windows Vista Business x64, Ubuntu 10.04 beta

  103. JT

    dual booting windows 7 pro and arch linux on primary pc for general compatibility and performance
    and vista on my media center pc.

  104. Yohan Perera

    Windows XP Professional with SP3 (32 Bit)

  105. kamaradclimber

    windows 7 enterprise on my desktop
    ubuntu on my server
    ubuntu netbook remix on my netbook
    ubuntu on the family computer

  106. Ed

    Windows Vista dual boot with LinuxMint on my Desktop, Windows 7 Starter dual boot with Ubuntu NBR on my Toshiba NB200, and Sidux XFCE on my EEPC

    Comment: Sidux is awesome

  107. IronHelixx

    Ubuntu 9.10 on my desktop and netBook — Windows 7 on my gaming rig

  108. Jeenu

    I run Ubuntu as native OS on my laptop. I do have a Windows XP to cope with _unavoidable circumstances_. I’m forced to use Windows XP at work.

  109. drjulian

    Vista Ultimate-desktop,going to 7Home

  110. Art

    Main Home Office Computer: Windows 7 Profession x64
    Media Center PC: Windows 7 Home Premium x32
    Main Webserver: CentOS 5.2 x32
    Home Server – Security System, FTP server, & Backup storage: Windows XP Home x32
    Notebook Computer (only used when traveling): Windows XP Home x32
    Wife’s Notebook: Windows 7 Professional x64

    If money was no object I would run all PC’s/notebooks on Windows 7 Ultimate x64 or x32, depending on the specs & all web servers on latest CentOS x32 & I would upgrade my Home Server to Windows Home Server or Windows 7 Ultimate to better tie into my Homegroup.

  111. Ron

    At home I have Linux Mint 8 on two computers as primary OS’s. I have Win 7 on one computer but I rarely use it. It is MUCH better than Vista but I just got sick of running spy/virus crap all the time. Too much time and resources spent on keeping the system safe and clean. I’ll keep Windows around so I can use proprietary programs when I need them but Linux will be my main system. It is a better OS.

    At work I have to use XP, sadly. REALLY tired of XP.

  112. calebstein

    Just noticed, almost no BSDs on this site ;)

    I feel so special :)

  113. Pete

    I use windows xp on my home desktop,
    windows 7 on my laptop
    Linux Mint on another home desktop.

  114. creira42

    DOS – FTW!

  115. Richard Grenville

    Gentoo Linux, with kernel 2.6.32-zen7 and fvwm, for daily usages.
    I also have a Windows XP SP3 installation for gaming, but rarely used.

  116. Ed

    I feel I should also put a note about how I found Windows Vista. I know it has had a lot of bad press but I have had zero problems, I can’t say that about any other operating system I have ever used, including 7. Go Vista. I do like mucking about with linux and have learned more about Windows because of this mucking around.

  117. Bry

    Win7 Ultimate
    Ubuntu 9.10
    and, (you guessed it) WINDOWS XP MODE!!!

  118. james

    at work : Windows Vista Business (office issued laptop)
    at home : Ubuntu Linux Desktop (for the home pc and personal laptop)

  119. whiplash55

    At work I’m saddled with XP. At home I use Win 7 Pro, Win 7 Home Premium and Snow Leopard. Occasionally I’ll run Ubuntu or Open Solaris in a virtual Box.

  120. bassmadrigal

    Slackware64 13.0
    Windows 7 x64
    VM: Virtualbox running 2 instances of Slackware

    Slackare 12.1 (soon to be upgraded to 13.0)

  121. MrMBerman

    Desktop Win 7 Pro x64, Lappy Win 7 Ultimate x32, Netbook Win 7 Home Prem x32

  122. techandlife

    Windows 7 on my desktop PC
    Ubuntu Netbook Remix on my Acer Aspire Netbook
    Ubuntu on my 2nd desktop PC

  123. Kevin

    I use Vista Home Premium on my desktop and laptop and I run Ubuntu 9.04 in the VM Player on my laptop. I plan to dual boot my desktop with Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx as soon as it ships.

  124. Martin Wildam

    Some older Fedora version at home on a fixed PC, Ubuntu 9.10 in production (at home and at office) on my laptop. Windows only in virtual box for testing and support of Windows end users.

  125. Platonange

    Desktop : Windows 7 x64 – Ubuntu 9.10 x64 – VM : all that I can run on it (Gentoo, Mint, Slackware, BSD, …)

    Laptop : Windows Server 2003 modified – Linux Mint 8.

    Server : Debian.

  126. Colin Phelps

    I have a variety ranging from Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista Ultimate and Windows 7 Ultimate on different machines. I also run Ubuntu in a VirtualBox environment and Windows Mobile 6 on my SmartPhone. Preparing to run up a Windows Server (probably 2008) and a Linux server (undecided as to what distro).

  127. Gurpa

    Win 7 Home. Happily!

  128. GG

    Laptop with dualboot (ubuntu & vista)

    PC (XP PRO) + 3 stations with vista premium

  129. ubuntu arab

    ubuntu 10.4 beta1


    windows 7

  130. cigraphics

    I use:
    Windows 7 Ultimate on PC and Laptop
    and on the server i use Ubuntu

  131. Nico

    Windows 7 Ultimate

  132. Em

    Windows 7 Professional on home pc
    Windows XP Pro on home laptop
    Windows XP Pro at work

    (Plus multiple work VMs with multiple Windows OS for testing purposes….. I work in testing!)

  133. Matthew

    I dualboot Windows 7 Ultimate and Ubuntu Studio 10.04b1, and running Windows XP Pro in a VM.

  134. Akshay

    Windows Vista Home Premium on my main computer. XP on my brothers’

  135. china_boy

    I use the Windows 98!!!

  136. The DataRat

    64-bit Win Vista on my primary PC. 32-bit Vista, and XP, on my secondary boxes.

  137. Manikandan

    I’m using Windows XP since I don’t know when… however tried Ubuntu 9 too.. but was not able to understand that much…

  138. shivaram

    win 7 ultimate 64 bit on my notebook and win xp on office sys.

  139. shivaram

    win 7 ultimate 64 bit and ubuntu 10.1 lucid on my notebook and win xp on office sys.

  140. Meshal

    2 laptops windows 7

  141. Jake

    Right now I have triple head with Debian Testing, Linux Mint Karmic x64, and OpenBSD (in synergy). My PDA runs Maemo 2008.1. My netbook runs Puppy Linux 4.3.

  142. Rik

    I use:
    [Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit] on desktop
    [Mac OSX 10.5.8] on laptop
    [Ubuntu] on server

  143. Ankit Upadhyay

    Windows 7 Professional at Home and Fedora (some version) at university (don’t fancy that for sure).

  144. Paul Sheneman

    Win7 on desktop and OS X 10.6 on Macbook @ work.
    XP SP3 Home Edition on Desktop and Ubuntu 9.10 on laptop @ home.

  145. Jason

    At this moment in time:

    Laptop: Dual boot Windows 7 & Fedora Core
    Desktop: Testing dual boot for Linux Mint and Unity Linux
    Primary Desktop: Ubuntu 9.10
    Business: Fedora and Windows XP

  146. Paul

    I am using a Linux machine right now, an older Gateway laptop. I also have another machine running Fedora Linux. My mother’s PC has WinXP on it.

  147. Eileen

    On my 17″ personal laptop (which I usually ssh into work with from home) I use Ubuntu 9.10 exclusively.

    I used to run an XP install in virtualbox but I haven’t gotten that figured out since I switched to 9.10 64 bit and there is almost nothing (basically matlab and mathmatica) that I miss.

  148. Jaan H Murumets

    Only Windows 7 (on my white iMac). I find it suits me better than Mac OS X.

  149. Daryl Griffiths

    Windows XP on the work PCs (with SBS Server 2003 on the work server); Windows XP on the home desktop and laptop; jolicloud (ubuntu) and Windows XP dual booting on the Samsung NC10 netbook – I boot into JC and the wife into Windows at the moment; Windows Mobile 6.1 on the HTC non-touch phone.

    Rather alot of Windows there, mostly because it works so well in our enterprise, so alot of the other stuff is similarly specced so it all plays together nicely :)

  150. Justin

    How about all:
    Win 7 Ultimate on my high end gaming systems and Media Center
    Win XP Pro on older laptops.
    Ubuntu Desktop for ironically, Windows recovery services.
    Ubuntu Server; File and web servers
    MacOSX on a couple of macs I have.
    ..and one lonely Vista testing machine

  151. Cachivache

    Ubuntu Karmik Koala 64 bits (3 PCs)

  152. David

    Windows 7 Professional on my spiffy new desktop PC

  153. Maria

    Windows 7 Ultimate – desktop
    Windows XP Home – laptop (soon to be updated to Win 7)

  154. John Creed

    I’m currently using Windows XP but preparing to purchase a new computer and it seems I have no choice but Windows 7. I will survive.

  155. Ashutosh

    I’ve a laptop running Windows 7 Professional, and our ridiculously old home desktop runs Windows XP. I had put Xubuntu 9.10 on it and it was doing great, but dad reverted back to XP because he felt uncomfortable using Xubuntu (he uses the computer about once a month, by the way!). I’m also planning to get a netbook soon and will be installing Jolicloud or Ubuntu NBR on it. :)

  156. Jim Nagy

    I have 9 computers in my household, the breadown is as follows:
    Windows XP-SP2=4 ( for older PCs)
    Windows XP-SP2 & Ubuntu 9.10 dual booted ( music recording PC)
    Windows 7 & Ubuntu 9.10 dual booted= 4 (newer PCs)
    My family relies on XP and is comfortable with it, but I frequently have to clean them from spyware.
    I tend to spend 90% of my time in Ubuntu and jump to Windows 7 only when I have to.
    All PCs can share files among each other on the home network.
    4 PCs are in the basement and are on a wireless G network off the main cable modem.

  157. fermatsenigma

    2 XP desktops, 1 Vista laptop (I actually hate having to use XP now), 1 old powerbook Ti with Tiger, 1 fedora box and one 1 FreeNAS server

  158. Ian Warren-Tibbetts

    Hi, I use Win 7 Pro x64 on my Desktop and Vista Home Basic on my laptop. I prefer Win 7 now I’ve got used to it.I had a gaming pc built and demanded Win 7 Pro plus disc – got it and it plays and displays so beautifully. Back to my games, see you, Ian

  159. mhenriday

    I am currently using 64-bit Ubuntu Lucid beta 1 on my laptop and Ubuntu Karmic on my main (desktop) box. I also have various 32-bit Windows OS installed – XP, Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 – in multiboot configurations (I use GRUB2 to select) on these and other boxes, which I use when helping retirees with problems (a multitude !) on their Windows systems….


  160. wolfman544

    Windows XP Pro – desktop
    Windows 7 Ultimate/Ubuntu 9.10 – laptop
    Windows Vista Ultimate – laptop

  161. boss

    Ubuntu 9.10 at home
    Win 98 at work

  162. Ben

    I have Vmware workstation and Windows 7 Home x64 on my primary.
    In vmware:

    Windows XP Pro SP3 x86
    Windows Vista Home premium SP2 x86
    Windows 7 Ultimate RTM x86
    Debian 5.

  163. Ripperman

    I’v been working on windows since i was a little chlid! i tryied a lot of os and i can’t leave the enjoyment of windows 7 or vista or xp

  164. El-Dante

    As a techy freak i like to run a dual boot for a my computers. My desktop runs a dual boot of Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04 and Win Xp, whiles my Netbook runs Ubuntu Karmic koala 9.10 and Windows 7. For all my mission critical operations I work solely in linux.

  165. Manuel

    Suse Linux for our workgroup server
    Windows Xp on my second machine
    Windows 7 Ultimate on my main machine
    OSX Snow Leopard on my Laptop
    and IPhone OS 3.2 on my phone ;-)

    cheers mnu

  166. David Levine

    I use Windows 7 Professional on my home PC and Windows XP Professional on my work PC.

  167. Tradeitup

    I have Windows Vista on my Home PC and Windows 7 on my Laptop. I really want a MAC but waiting to see if they upgrade anything in the next few months

  168. Ryan

    I have a MacBook Pro with 10.6 as my everyday machine and I run Ubuntu on my netbook and a second headless machine I use for music and file sharing.

    @adjacent It’s funny, I rarely touch the mouse in OS X, but when I’m on a Windows machine I’m lost because I haven’t learned all the shortcuts yet. Mac has ’em, you know.

  169. GerGn

    My wife’s HP laptop runs Ubuntu 9.10 (saves me a lot of time, and she can do everything she wants without noticing the difference with Vista), as does my EeePC. A Medion netbook is back to XP, after my son and I decided the MacIntosh System 10 we tried on it provided nothing extra and was counter-intuitive. Not so nice as the System 6 and 7 of my Apple Classic I remember from the good old times.Two Acers bought in 2008 run Vista without problem: they cannot run Ubuntu. I had Ubuntu temporarily on a Dell laptop from 2005. It performed very nice, but it had to put XP back on it, because I could not get my Windows PaperPort 11 scanner software run under Wine, and I did not find an Ubuntu alternative to PaperPort.
    I miss the OS in ROM of my first computer, a Tandy TRS 80 with 16 KB RAM and no hard disk!

  170. Agustín

    At home:
    Windows 7 Ultimate x64
    Ubuntu 9.10 x64

    At work:
    OS X Snow Leopard

  171. Duane

    I have a Windows 98se machine and two dual boot XP and Vista machines.
    I have had Vista fron Day one and have never had a problem. It works so good I am not going to spend money on Windows 7. I tried Linux and thought it was a waste of time.

  172. Joe Coburn

    at home

    64bit 7 home premium
    vista home premium 32bit on dell

    many pcs with xp and ubuntu on.

    school network is xp pro sp3 and so is work.

  173. Kaik541

    Dell Mini 10v: OS X 10.6.3/Windows XP SP3
    Acer Veriton M264: Windows 7 Professional x64/Windows XP SP3/Ubuntu 9.10 x64
    HP Pavilion dv8225nr: Ubuntu 9.10 x86

  174. Kannan

    Win 7 Ultimate on Desktop
    Win 7 Pro on notebook

    Ubuntu 9.10 X64 via VM on desktop

    Windows XP.

  175. PunksUndead

    Kubuntu 9.10 64bit Karmic on main PC.
    Kubuntu 10.04 64bit Lucid on Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop
    Backtrack 4 on HP Pavilion dv5 laptop
    Win7 Ultimate 64bit on HP slim line PC (only used for kids games and iPod sync)

  176. JH

    Windows 7 Professional x64 (£30 lol). I use XP Mode (but in Vmware) occasionally but so far haven’t really been able to find any software (except Civ II) that won’t run in Win7 but is still worth running. I’ve also got virtual Windows 98 and NT4 for fun. I wouldn’t mind Linux but CBA learning another OS.

  177. Beslay Cyril

    I use Ubuntu and Windows 7

  178. psyelmer9

    Windows 7 Ultimate x64
    Ubuntu Karmic 9.1
    Ubuntu 10.04 beta

  179. Sandy

    Windows XP until they pry it from my cold dead hands. I have to admit, though, I do like Win 7 so far, but really haven’t used it enough to make a truly educated opinion.

  180. lob502

    Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

  181. Spydey*RCH

    On my machine:

    HDD1: Win7 Pro x64 -> Ubuntu 9.04 VM (through VirtualBox); Vista Business x64 VM (through Virtual Box)for school purposes; XP Pro x32 VM (one through XP Mode & one through VirtualBox)

    HDD2: Linux Mint 8 x64

    HHD3: Ubuntu 9.04 x64 -> XP Pro x32 VM (through VirtualBox)

    On my wife’s machine:

    Win7 Pro x32.

    I have played around with hackintosh on my machine but found it too buggy and I really didn’t have a need for it.


  182. ed

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit — since 12 Feb 10, when my XP quit for the last time. I NEVER wanted to leave XP, but I’ve gradually gained a lot of satisfaction out of 7.

  183. RocRizzo

    I use all 3. As a field support tech, I have to support them all. I finally got smart, and bought a MacBook, and put VMWare Fusion on it, and loaded Windows 31, 98, 2000, XP, and 7, as well as Ubuntu, Open Suse, Mint, and Puppy. Now I can support just about any OS that someone has from 1 box. I think it’s kind of neat, if I do say so myself.

  184. T

    I use ubuntu kermic windows 7 and fedora 12

  185. Wil


  186. Grant

    On the little server, Debian Etch, the desktop is Debian Squeeze, and my old machine (Pet 2001 N-32) is CBM Basic V2 with the Skyles Electric Works chip to add most of the V4 functionality (DLoad, Catalog, etc.)

  187. Bobalou

    I’m using XP and VISTA on the LAN. I have two versions of a commercial LINUX that I have tried to install on three different machines and they did not function in some way or another, so I decided to hold my nose and stay with Windows.

  188. RedDodgerAZ

    Still using XP…new computer in the works.

  189. David

    At work: Win XP
    At Home:
    1. Brand New home built PC w Win 7 Pro 64 bit
    2. 2 Year old Laptop w Windows Vista
    Out and About: Android, baby!

  190. Muaz

    Windows 7 on my main computer and netbook. a windows home server, symbian for mobile devices and linux and xp occasionally on virtual machines.

  191. Dan

    Ubuntu 10.4 beta – Home laptop
    Win 7 – Home Media Center
    Snow Leopard – Wife Laptop
    Vista – Work

  192. Jeremy

    Work PC – Win XP Pro
    Main Home PC – Win Vista Hom Basic
    Bkup Home PC – Win XP Pro
    Home Laptop – Ubuntu 9.10
    Wife’s Laptop – Win 7 Home Prem.

  193. rMatey

    Ubuntu 9.10 for laptop. Dual-boot Ubuntu 9.10 and Win7 (gaming) on desktop. Also using XP on wife’s computer. Spare computer has OS X10.4.

  194. cam

    Desktop – dual boot – Ubuntu & Windows 7. I mainly use the Ubuntu because I find it more stable and flexible.
    Laptop- Ubuntu.

  195. JackFalstaff

    All 3 of my home PC’s run Kubuntu 9.10 and dual boot to Windows Vista/XP, for the very rare case that I need to do something like use Itunes. Also have a Server running Ubuntu 8.04.

  196. Lloyd Kuhnle

    Desktop – WINDOWS 7 (Upgraded from VISTA)
    High end laptop – WINDOWS 7 (Upgraded from VISTA)
    9 year old laptop – WINDOWS XP SP3

    I did screw around with UBUNTU for about 6 months, but found it was a bit of a hassle to do what I wanted to do. I then came back to WINDOWS 100%.

  197. Sam

    Win 7. My laptop technically does not support Aero, but I’m amazed at how many of the visual features actually work on it.

  198. Cam

    Ubuntu 9.10 here, about to upgrade to 10.04, XP on a laptop, and I’m going to buy a MacBook Pro soon.

  199. Henry

    I use Windows XP Pro SP3 on both of my desktops

  200. farid

    dual OS, XP & Windows 7

  201. F1forHELP

    Edge Routers – IPCop
    4 Internal Servers – mix of Debian Etch / Lenny
    Reception – Kubuntu 8.04
    Front Bench – Debian Lenny w/KDE 3.5.9
    Quickbooks and my old desktop both running headless XP Professional
    Business laptop – Debian Lenny w/KDE 3.5.9
    and a Vista box for internet radio only because it was a gimme and that is all it is capable of.

    Personal – Debian Lenny w/KDE 3.5.9
    Internal Media Network – LinuxMCE on Kubuntu 8.10 (core and two media directors)
    Testing Server – Ubuntu ebox

    It was a learning curve, Linux is definitely worth learning!

  202. Roberta

    Windows XP Pro & Mac OS X

  203. Max

    Arch Linux and then Linux Mint (testing visual effects), Arch with Openbox (custom distrolet), OpenBSD, and Ubuntu (only used to figure out how to create .deb packages). By far Arch Linux and most of the BSDs are my favorite OS’s out there.

  204. Yanski

    Windows Vista Home Premium (32 bit)

    Ubuntu 9.10

    Ubuntu 10.04 Beta

  205. Nandeo

    Desktop Game PC: Windows XP Pro
    Laptop: Windows 7 Ultimate
    Desktop Server: Ubuntu 9.10

  206. Antrikshy

    Wow, so many views here.

    I use Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit, SP2) on one laptop and Windows XP Home Edition (32-bit, SP3) on the other, plain and simple.

    I am going to learn booting Linux from a flash drive too.

  207. Raiyan Hossain

    Windows 7 Ultimate (32bit)

  208. George

    At home I dual boot Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and Linux Mint 8 x64. At work it is a mix of Windows XP Pro, Windows 7 Enterprise, Linux Mint 8, and Ubuntu (all 32bit).

  209. Ryan

    At home I have 4 Desktops, 3 with WIndows Vista Home Premium and 1 with Windows 7 Professional. My web server is running ubuntu 8.04 LTS. My laptop is running Windows 7 Professional and I have been considering moving to Ubuntu but the lack of Windows application support is bothering me. I still haven’t found a way to sync my Apple TV and Ipod Touch with Ubuntu.

  210. JK

    Another XP user. Am looking at Ubuntu for my netbook.

  211. Polli001

    I use Windows 7 Home Premium on my laptop (64-bits), just bought to replace my old one (with Ubuntu installed on it). Alas, I can install Ubuntu (dual boot or with Wubi), but I haven’t been able to make my wifi to work in Ubuntu (also 64-bits), so I have to work with Windows 7.
    I don’t know what’s the problem and would like to solve the problem so I can further work with Ubuntu.
    My choice for Ubuntu is a choice against the misplaced monopoly and supremacy of Microsoft. I know I can choose for Apple, but think they are just way to expensive.

  212. Jami

    XP Pro for work, Linux Mint 8 for play :)

  213. Gordon

    I use Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit at work along with Lucid Lynx 64bit beta (Ubuntu 10.04); at home I have Windows 7 on all my PC’s (laptops included) and either PCLos or Ubuntu on them as well.

  214. Wayne

    Mac OS X 10.6.3
    Windows 7 x64
    Ubuntu 10.4

  215. NickVK

    I use Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit Slovak

  216. SANDY

    Ubuntu 9.10 on my laptop and server. XP Pro on the Desktop and Mac OSX Snow leopard on Macbook Air

  217. Jascal

    I have 2 computers a netbook and a notebook both of which are running a multi-boot system with Linux mint Ubuntu linux and Windows 7 Ulitimate.

  218. AndyB

    Ubuntu 9.10 on work laptop, with XP on VM
    Vista on my own main laptop
    Ubuntu 10.04 beta on my second laptop

  219. damiththa

    Visa at work, Windows 7 at home, thinking changing OS of my old desktop to Ubuntu, and waiting to see is MACs do any kind of a changes to their line up, to buy a MAC.
    Oh yeah I do have an old xp laptop dual boots with opnSUSE (I hardly use that machine anymore though)

  220. Jeff

    For my desktop I have Windows 7 Professional X64.

    For my netbook, I have Windows 7 Starter (there are workarounds for some of the the more mindbogglingly stupid restrictions).

  221. Sarah Palin

    All of them.

  222. john

    Super OS (Ubuntu 9.10). I would use Linux of any kind before Windows. I’m cheap and Linux is free.

  223. Isma'il

    WinServ 2008 R2 on server, 2 Win Vista 64bit notebooks, and 2 PowerMac G4’s with OS X 10.4

  224. James

    Win XP on my computer, supplemented with Cygwin for all the nice command line features Linux has that Windows kinda sucks at (God help me if I ever need to work with batch files).

    Ubuntu Server 8.10 on an old G3 iMac sitting in my basement that I use as my home server; when it comes to servers, Linux is still the best, especially compared to my other option for that computer- Mac OS 9!

    And Mac OS 10.5 on an old 800 MHz eMac that’s really starting to show its age- I’d buy a new iMac if they weren’t laughably expensive for a college student’s budget.

    Love ’em all.

  225. artiboy

    I’m not much of a techno-geek, but I do like to learn and play……
    2 desktops currently (1) running SimplyMepis and (1) running VectorLinux
    Wifes Inspiron 5150 dual boots MSWinXP and open OpenSUSE
    and then there is an ever changing stack of maybe 45-50 Linux CD’s/DVD’s…..As of late my wife has taken quite a shine for DreamLinux.
    Started with an Apple llE long long ago…..I have never much cared for OSX. We went online in 1992 (I remember when we got a 14400 modem that back then was like lightning) with an Apple Performa that still runs (very rarely) a later version of Mac7.5—-IMHO the best MacOS ever….Last Mac we’ll ever buy was a 2003 model IMac.
    Our 26 y.o. son has an IBook and PowerMac and and prefers OSX on either to either Linux or MSWin. Our 23y.o. daughter has no preference at all, she just wants no problems, so I have her running SimplyMepis too……
    All I care about is security and stability…… I have been using one Linux distro or another pretty much exclusively since 2002. My SM and Vector PC’s have never had the first issue with stability or security……I have had this one here (SM8) on-line 24/7 for as long as 8 solid months running as many as 5 browsers with 21 windows and 123 tabs open at the same times simultaneously with never any kind of “security” issues ever…..maybe that 4gb RAM helps….. I just clean up the caches and such real regular. Maybe I’m just a little stranger than I think.
    I’m never going back to Apple or MS ever……

  226. Ali

    I’m using windows 7 ultimate 32bit on my two laptops
    and windows xp media center on the other laptop
    windows xp pro on my desktop at work
    windows server 2003 on my other desktop pc at work
    also I’m using ubuntu 9.10 .. ^_^

  227. Xavi

    I use Ubuntu Karmic in my Desktop, Edubuntu in the kids PC, Mint (Linux) in the laptop and the ubuntu server in the home media server.

    NO piracy, help others, be free.

  228. someone

    archlinux and ubuntu 10.04 beta

  229. tait os

    i use dual boot Linux-fedora && Windows-7

  230. Slava

    Win7 Pro on my desktop, dual-boot Win7 Pro and Ubuntu 9.10 on a laptop.

  231. Mehmet Latif Uzunel

    I use Windows 7 Ultimate and I love it. It’s the best Windows operating system ever

  232. pammeyepoo

    I use Windows XP on work laptop, on family pc (which is the oldest), and on my personal laptop. My husband uses Vista, but has had some tweaking done to speed it up.

  233. dany74q

    I am so happy to see that so many of the commentors are using some distro of linux,
    in my country 98% of the people don`t even know what OS is.
    Well,I use my own distribution that called dany74q_OS,it is a distribution I built with Gentoo linux.
    I use KDE 4.4.2 and XFCE for main uses,switch between them when needed.
    Also – I use windows 7 that I have installed on my external 500GB HDD,as much as I love open source I have to play my games somewhere,
    watch my blu-ray movies somewhere,and along with the built in hardware acceleration – i think that windows OS is the better choice.

    The number of people using linux in the comment section is amazing,this poll made my day a better one.

  234. Hirsul

    Well I use in this order:

    On my main PC quad boot:

    Windows 7 x64 for 64 bit gaming and editing
    Windows 7 x32 for gaming
    Vista x64 and vista x32 for testing and support

    On my second PC: Triple boot
    Mac OS X 10.5.8 for Mac testing and support
    Linux 9.10 for Linux support
    Now Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 for testing pourpose

  235. Ed

    XP Media Center Edition 2005 (Pro)

    Vista Home Basic

    IBM PC-DOS 7/Windows 3.1

    Commodore 64

  236. ubu_fan

    Ubuntu 9.10 – Primary Desktop
    Dual Boot XP & Ubuntu 9.04 on a Laptop but Ubuntu is used 98 % of the time i boot up
    Lubuntu on an old P3 Desktop
    Vista & XP for Work
    OSES in Virtual Machines for adventure & testing includes:
    Centos 5.3
    Ubuntu Server 9.10
    Win XP

  237. benjamin

    I use MAC OS X for good. I’ve been using a lot of OS and this is my favorite. no more changes anymore. all the rest OS have become VM inside my MAC.

  238. amgad elsaiegh

    Win7 Ultimate
    Ubuntu 9.10

  239. RW

    I am using XP @work, will be replaced by 7 sometime may be this year.
    have tired Ubuntu in my old laptop, took me 2 hours to configure wifi, coz I had a very old wifi network card. then used for couple weeks, time consuming for daily use.
    using macbook @home for 1 & half yr so far.
    I would prefer mac for personal use, stable and friendly ui, most important, the search function is so great. But still have xp in parallel, only for using Office and manage my nokia s60. Cannot find a good office app in Mac so far.

  240. Michael

    Mac OS X 10.6.3 for my MBP and Mini. 3 Dell Laptops running XP, Ubuntu 10.04, and Solaris and an iPad about to join the fray.

  241. bobbylight

    Laptop windows 7

    Desktop – XP

    Used to run Kubuntu , thinking about changing back.

  242. Joe

    5 computers with Windows 7…

  243. João Batista

    Desktop: Windows 7 (for gaming) & Ubuntu 10.04 (for all the rest)
    Laptop: Ubuntu

  244. Bob

    Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium, Ubuntu 9.10 through WUBI (soon to apt-get upgrade), XP Pro 32-bit Virtual PC, and VM of OSx86 with an iMac running SL 10.6.3

  245. Genzer

    Desktop: Windows XP & Ubuntu (VM)
    Laptop: Win7
    Why don’t we make a poll?

  246. Nhat Minh

    I’m just using Windows 7. I have used Ubuntu before. :)

  247. asdf-chan

    Ubuntu 9.10
    Gentoo 2008
    Debian 4
    Win XP Pro
    Win 7 Pro

  248. Kingsley

    Windows XP and Win7

    Ubuntu 9.10, Windows XP, Mac OSX

    Chameleon bootloader ftw. :)

  249. Thorien Tyrr

    Ubuntu 9.04 here on an old P4 box with an added nVidia 9500GT so I can run dual monitors. I’ll upgrade when they discontinue support or I run across a hardware conflict. I also keep a 9.10 bootable flash drive handy for work on Windoze boxes.

  250. Armel Atina

    I started with MS-DOS in the early 90’s. I guess that’s the reason why I got stuck with Windows. I use Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit on my 2 laptops (I use them when I travel and conduct trainings and seminars); Windows XP Vienna Black Dream Transformation Pack on my desktop (where I do the bulk of my work for more than two years now).

  251. Aladdin

    dual boot Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and Linux Mint 8 x64 on desktop.
    windows mobile 6.5 on my SE X1i
    and windows 7 home preimume on laptop

  252. Beard

    running XP right now, installing W7 soon and will have linux and macOSX in VM

  253. jeroen

    File server: debian
    internet/print server: debian
    Workstations: W7
    indispensable application for which development stopped a decade ago: W98 in VMware Player

  254. Mojtaba

    Home pc : Windows 7
    Work laptop : multiboot (Windows7, Ubuntu9.10)
    Work pc1: Fedora 12
    Work pc2: Windows xp

  255. Roi

    I am dual-booting my laptop into:

  256. Roi

    Oops I don’t know how that ^^^^ happened :P

    Anyway, I am dual-booting my laptop into:
    -Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (which I got for free, courtesy of Microsoft)
    –Virtualizing Linux Mint and another Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit (to test the programs I create and install, also x64 wouldn’t work)

    -Ubuntu 10.04 beta 1
    –Virtualizing Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit (x64 wouldn’t work)

  257. Music Videos

    I use windows 7 ultimate 32 bit on my laptop and vista home basic on my desktop. I also have windows server 2003, XP and Ubuntu installed in virtual box on my laptop. I am thinking about also installing a hackintosh as a virtual machine.

  258. Agenda 21





  259. Billy

    Linux Mint 8 64 on my desktop and my wife’s laptop, Windows 7 on HTPC for media center

  260. Green

    OpenBSD laptop
    OpenSolaris laptop
    FreeBSD laptop
    Solaris Express Community Edition laptop
    OpenBSD Ultra10
    Solaris 10 V210
    OpenBSD DL140
    OpenBSD Ultra 20 (firewall)
    FreeBSD Ultra 20 (web server)
    OpenBSD Ultra 20 (DNS)
    OpenBSD Ultra 20 (mail)
    Solaris 10 V440 as a backup server
    FreeNAS (runs FreeBSD)

  261. JohnF

    I use windows 7 Ultimate on my notebook now but used to use windows XP Pro on my notebook and desktop and skipped Vista. Never tried Apple, see no advantages for a user like me who needs to be flexible with all programs out there plus customizing your PC with Windows system seem much more fun, I can get my geek on better ;)

  262. metm

    I use Windows 7 on my main laptop

    I got ubuntu installed as dual boot on my old Win XP and now i never use the Win XP partition.

    I got Vista on my other desktop

    I have Win XP on my other old laptop. Probably will install Ubuntu 10.04 on it when it comes out.

  263. Den

    Dual boot, Pentoo & Windows 7 ultimate(32 bit), on my laptop.
    Dual boot, Ubuntu(ultimate edition 2.5) && Win7 ult(64) installed оn desktop.

  264. Timothy

    I have been using OpenSuse for quite some time. 11.1 was quite good, but 11.2 got better with the newer KDE version 4.3 up. It is quite complete, contains all the basics and is quite configurable for thos interested in adapting and configuring their systems.

    I am interested in knowing more about other Linux distributions (e.g. Ubuntu, Mint, etc.). My focus is the end-user desktop version as I am developing a series of tutorials, manuals and teaching material for non-techies.

    Nice to have a forum like this.


  265. mike

    Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala

  266. Ian

    OS X on various computers …. and Win XP on VMWare

  267. chalky

    Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala for 99.9% of the time. I use windows XP only for ripping CDs with CDEX – its so much faster than any of the Ubuntu rippers.

  268. Fuad NAHDI

    Triple-boot Win7 Ultimate, Ubuntu 10.04 and PC-BSD 8.0 on my laptop.

  269. Adam

    Main Desktop: Ubuntu 9.04 / 10.04 as the main OS dual-booted with Windows XP which is only used for gaming.

    Second Desktop (P3 class): Lubuntu (Ubuntu + LXDE) 10.04 as the main OS dual-booted with Windows 98SE for playing classic games and Windows XP for a microscope that is used. This computer ran Windows 200 until a few months ago.

    Laptop: Windows Vista for everything.

    I also keep lots of OS in Virtual Box, including: Windows 3.1, Windows 2000, Mandriva Linux, Windows 7 and several other Ubuntu versions.

  270. RoseMarie

    WinXP on old laptop, thinking about putting ubuntu on it …
    Win Vista on desktop…
    Win7 starter on netbook with an added dual bootup of ubuntu netbook remix…

    Seriously considering going strictly to Linux in the future … only drawback is hubby likes his games on the desktop and they only play on Win.

  271. Alexia Longley

    I use mac os x on my laptop at home and at work/school I use windows 7 and mac os x

  272. Tylrlttle

    windows 7 all the way on all the computers

  273. Chris Langford

    MacBook – Mac OS X 10.6.4 – main machine – also run XP and Lucid Lynx under Parallels
    Acer Aspire One A150 – Triple boot: Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04/Mac OS 10.5.6/Win 7 – road machine
    Old Dell – Ubuntu Lucid – testing & support
    Oooooollllldddd PC (1.8GHz P4) – Ubuntu Lucid server (no GUI) – testing & support
    Power Mac G4 w/SATA card (backup & media server) – Mac OS X 10.4.11 (Crashplan & SqueezeCenter)

  274. Mohit

    Vista Premium (32) on one of the laptops, and 7 Premium (64) on the other

  275. udrtrat

    i started with xp home. now its the same updated to sp3. ill go to 7 when i get a new pc. whenever that is. i love xp

  276. Jommastafibb

    i have tons of comps around most of my P4’s and above runs windows 7 ultimate and all of my older comps run xp except for one that i installed xbuntu on cuz i wanted to try it sorry to say i dont like it.

  277. nickfrost

    Windows everytime for me
    At home i run windows 98se on ma old laptop (for scsi audio) tried to run 2k on it, but with only 32mb ram it was sad.
    And xp pro sp2 on my other 2 audio workstations.

  278. JohnP

    I USE WINDOWS XP. and have tried vista, which was disappointing to say the least, and have converted computers back to XP.
    I have also studied windows 7, which could be promising after about three years time.
    But why they never produce a basic system, and let people buy add ons, when and if they need them.

  279. DickieC

    I had a custom desktop computer built and use Windows 7 Home Premium x64. Plays games perfectly but has a problem starting print with Epson Stylus PHOTO RX595 and WORDPAD. It takes 2 to 4 minutes to start these last two programs mentioned. Have went to websites and downloaded latest drivers, have un-installed and re-installed, nothing works. If I can’t get this problem solved, I will try Win 7 x32. If that doesn’t help, then I will try Windows Vista x32. It worked fine in old computer with Windows Vista x32. Can’t figure whats wrong and know body else can either. A friend has an older Epson printer installed in Windows 7 x64 and his printer works fine. I’m lost as to how.

  280. Derald H

    I’m running Vista Home Premium 32 bit on my Gateway notebook. I’ve added a little extra ram, 4 gigs-fried the first HD so it’s got a new Seagate, 400 gigs, so I have a Gateway 4×4.. An old Presario 5000 out in the shop is packed full of fun stuff along with my estimating program, payroll, and all that boring stuff. Both treat me good and both run windows. The Presario has XP Pro-upgraded from ME. AND—-I like Vista—-I think it’s a great OS. I can beat it up till the case gets hot and with just the small tweaks I mentioned,it just hums along.

  281. Rippasnortus

    I run Sabayon 5.3 KDE on my two laptops. My new laptop has Windows 7 Home, but it was only used long enough to download Sabayon(Gentoo). My wifes puter in her studio is an iMac running Snow Leopard. My spare desktop runs Mepis (soon to be Sabayon) and XP (soon to be ArtistX (debian). At work I use ArtistX on main computer and use XP pro some. I used to like windows 98se but sure don’t miss the never ending security updates and anti-virus software.I have several computers running various Linux distros and one old 386 running Dos 6.2? that is part of a packet station which I like to boot up just to watch people scratch their heads when they see “2 mb ram”flash across the screen on startup……

  282. Richard Cantlay

    I built a new computer from parts purchased at Fry’s Electronics. All the latest gear at time (1 yr. ago). Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium x64, 6.1.7600 Build 7600 ver., with a AMD Phenom(tm) 2 X4 920 Processor, 2812 Mhz, 4 Core(s), LTD ASUS M3N-HT Delux Motherboard, 4.00 GB installed physical memory, WDC WD10EACS-OOD6B1 ATA 931.51 GB Hard drive, Fast USB port for local printer direct to computer. Printer is Epson Stylus PHOTO RX595. I have loaded all the updated drivers for this printer, have done everything else required, and still it takes forever to start the printing process plus at times it won’t print at all whether on internet or not. I switch to the Windows 7 auto installed driver and it prints fine but can’t get some of the RX595 features like, printing on both sides of paper, other features that worked fine when I was using Windows Vista x32. This is an excellent Gaming system and fast internet featured system, but so far for over a year has not been worth a slug penny as far as getting my printer to work correctly. So far no one has been able to help with problem, not Epson or Microsoft or any utility software. Anybody who reads this if you can offer a way to fix my problem, please I am all ears. My mail is, Thanks.

  283. Navjot

    I’m running Windows 7 on my laptop with Mac OSX, Chromium OS, Windows XP, and Ubuntu in VMware.

  284. Dot Jones

    How do I know if I`m running 32-bit or 64-bit windows?
    Which photo app is a must have softwear on my computer?

  285. Dot Jones


  286. Dot Jones

    do you have an answer ?

    If not that is OK.

  287. Dot Jones

    I`m running WXP,

  288. The Dude

    Do Not ever use anything made by Apple!!! That’s #1 on importance!!!

  289. M John

    i always use windows operating system. i’m big fan of Microsoft product.. they make product most easily. and user friendly… i need Microsoft products in all my device…

  290. Matthew

    I have a laptop with Windows 7 x64 for gaming, programming and general use, dual booting with Ubuntu 10.10 for programming and general use if I can’t be bothered switching.

  291. Hayden

    I dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.10. (both 64-bit)
    I also use Puppy Linux a lot.
    Ubuntu is my favorite and the operating system I use 90% of the time.

  292. Hein

    Ubuntu 10.04 Work + XP VM for Exchange
    Ubuntu 10.04 Home Laptop
    OSX Home Desktop

  293. Duyet

    i’m running W 7 on my home pc for games and ubuntu on laptop. i think in future i will switch to ubuntu for both.

  294. Eversmiling

    I prefer and love MAC OS X……

    But using Win 7 Ultimate…….

  295. Kerala Girls

    gaming computers should have multiple cpu cores and a lot of memory to support those heavy graphics ,:~

  296. ngathant

    I’m using Windows 7 Enterprise x64 on my desktop for gaming and x86 Enterprise Win7 on my tablet PC for note-taking. I use Ubuntu vmware every now and then but not everything goes smooth when I’m trying something new. I should watch tutorials. I also use XP vmware to program a microcontroller in assembly.

    It would not be fair if I say I hate OSX since I’ve never had a mac machine (except iTouch). Nonetheless, OSX interface is way too simple (to be cool) for me (my school computer lab has tons of them). Maybe I’m too used to windows interface but I find OSX’s organization to be a bit confusing. Ubuntu isn’t so bad.

  297. 912doctorwho

    I have a windows xp, windows 7 and a mac.

  298. bleh

    where are the real geeks?
    a lot of people hate on OS X, but it’s a pretty flexible *unix* desktop (console, x windows, bsd ports)
    between me and my gf we have

    os x on 2 hackintosh netbooks
    os x on hackintosh xeon x3440 for photo editing
    openindiana (opensolaris) for file server (zfs rocks)
    openbsd on g4 mac (router)
    arch linux on x86
    solaris express 11 on sun v240 (x app server and sunray server)
    (+1 sunray)
    freebsd on sun v100
    reactos on x86 (jtag/electronics workstation)
    not to mention 2 cisco APs running ios
    planning on trying minix3 and plan9 soon.

  299. -Pablo-

    I use Windows 7 on my desktop (with Ubuntu and OpenSuSE virtualized) and Ubuntu 10.10 (not the awful UNE variant) on my eeePC 900 netbook. I exect to switch to using only Linux on my desktop too and probably running Windows virtualized or settling for WINE…

  300. JACK



  301. user

    Win7 64bit SP1
    WinXP SP3

    Virtual: WinXP SP3, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, RedHat, MenuetOS, …

  302. 01 vlatce

    Windows 7 Home Premium x64

  303. Khaos

    6.1.7601×86 on my desktop
    6.0.6002×86 on my laptop
    Maverick for Linux apps from desktop
    Hardy planned.
    6.2.xxxx planned for the desktop.
    Memphis ?E abandoned on the desktop.
    5.1.???? abandoned on the desktop
    6.0.6000 abandoned on the desktop
    6.1.7600×64 abandoned on desktop
    6.0.6002×86 on my laptop before reinstallation at workshop due to fragging the OS via Acer’s stupid recovery console.
    6.1.7600×86 fragged due to installing a Walkman driver for 5.1.???? on it, requiring a reinstall.
    For “Decoding” my terminology, look them up on Wikipedia.

  304. Rohan

    I usually use Fedora and Ubuntu Linux! Windows Goes down in my opinion when we compare it with Linux…

  305. Ray

    I use windows Vista and XP professional on my old PC. I am very happy with Vista and my old XP system seems to be pretty stable. However I only use these machines for internet searching for documents, news and email and a good Thunderbird Email client. If my Vista machine HDD did not get so full I would be a lot happier but there seems no way around that as the C drive is where miost new stuff seems to be installed. I have an alternative 1 terrabyte HDD.
    Keep up the good work.

  306. James

    Currently, I use Mac OS 10.6.7, looking forward to Mac OS 10.7, Lion.
    I used Windows exclusively for as long as it has been around, but switched to a Mac Pro with 2 Quad Xeon Processors, and 6gb of ram. Now that I’ve got virtual OS’s around, I’m going to try them all!

  307. not me

    i use winxp home edition. really good.

  308. Archangel

    old laptop started with Win ME ( pre-installed ) , soon removed for Win2k , far better and more stable

    Desktop running mostly XP (classic look ) , but with Ubuntu 11.10 to play with

    new lappy Vista home basic (pre-installed ) which I hate , too fussy going to upgrade top Win 7 when I can

  309. Archangel

    XP Pro that is , nice and stable

  310. bootMOZ

    dual boot Vista and uboot 11.04 , virtualbox mint, win7

  311. Ken-Dupre

    Yep! win 7 64-bit Professional x 2 PC, i gonna get some of that linux again but have been so long since a discovery that i in fact don´t need it. However i like it, alot! but for now i need something with so many options and easy to do that i just let to another day. Win 7 at least mine is a great visual operational sistem. Hey!!! if you want a invisible folder in yours here is it:

    Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}

    of course you have to attrib -h -s “Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}”
    ren “Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}” Privata pô

    and do the oposite before

    ren Private “Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}”
    attrib +h +s “Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}”

    with md and shit, people talking about writting down they password here is mine technich
    no one in you computer will do anything in that folder by just siting in your computer off course you
    will need BAT to EXE so people don´t know your password to the folder.

    This i have learned recently and from there on i am really curious for shit like
    alt+0160 and alt+255 in windows 7 to hide the folder name and then choose a missing icon.

    I like and will not chage windows for another OS if this second takes-me for ever to do or learn to do
    something that i can do clicking it about 3 to 8 times. And just one button seems limiteted!

  312. Joseph P.

    Dual Boot Windows 7 64-bit and Window Developer Preview (Windows 8) 64-bit on my 17″ Packard Bell EasyNote LM85

    Windows XP SP3 on Desktop Computer that works rather quickly considering it’s age

    Windows ’98 on an old obsolete desktop with the purpose of being a table….

    Snow Leopard at School (I hate it’s lack of right click) otherwise it’s slightly bearable

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