Anyone who has used Opera will be familiar with the information presented for the webpage that is currently loading in the browser (i.e. number of images loaded). If you would like to have that same functionality in Firefox then join us as we look at the Extended Statusbar extension.


Here is the default setup for Firefox…not a lot of information available to indicate exactly how much of the webpage has already loaded versus what has not. For some people this is enough but what if you like more details?

Extended Statusbar in Action

You may be curious about the information that the Extended Statusbar extension will provide. The information includes:

  • Percentage of the webpage loaded
  • The number of images loaded
  • Bytes downloaded
  • Average download speed
  • The load time

After emptying the cache we once again reloaded the HTG homepage. The default style/mode is “Classic Style” and the “webpage load information” will be displayed within your “Status Bar” as shown here.

The information available after the webpage finished loading in “Classic Style”.


If you prefer “Slim Mode” this is how your “Status Bar” should look afterwards…very condensed.

For those preferring the “New Style” a temporary addition will appear above your regular “Status Bar” and disappear just a few seconds after the webpage has fully loaded (unless changed in the “Settings”).


The “Settings” are set up in two different ways. For those who prefer to use the “Classic Style & Slim Mode” these are the options available to you.

If you prefer the “New Style” then you will have a whole different set of options available. Notice that you can exclude certain webpages and set a custom style if desired.


If you have been wanting to add Opera style webpage loading information to your “Status Bar” then you should definitely give this extension a try.


Download the Extended Statusbar extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

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