If you keep a lot of bookmarks available in your Bookmarks Toolbar then you know that accessing some of them is not as easy as you would like. Now you can simplify the access process with the Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar for Firefox.


As you can see it has not taken long to fill up our “Bookmarks Toolbar” and use of the drop-down list is required. If you do not keep too many bookmarks in the “Bookmarks Toolbar” then that may not be a bad thing but what if you have a very large number of bookmarks there?

Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar in Action

As soon as you have installed the extension and restarted Firefox you will see the default three rows display. If you are not worried about UI space then you are good to go. Those of you who like keeping the UI space to a minimum will want to have a look at this next part…

You are not locked into a “three rows setup” with this extension. If you are ok with two rows then you can select for that in the “Options” and and enjoy a mini scrollbar on the right side. For our example we still had easy access to all three rows.

Two rows still too much? Not a problem. Set the number of rows for one only in the “Options” and still enjoy that scrolling goodness. If you do select for one row only do not panic when you do not see a scrollbar…it is still there. Hold your mouse over where the scrollbar is shown in the image above and use your middle mouse button to scroll through the multiple rows. You can see the transition between the second and third rows on our browser here… Nice, huh?



The “Options” are extremely easy to work with…just enable/disable the extension here and set the number of rows that you want visible.


While the Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar extension may not seem like much at first glance it does provide some nice flexibility for your “Bookmarks Toolbar”. You can save space and access your bookmarks easily without those drop-down lists.

If you are looking for another great way to make the best use of the space available in your “Bookmarks Toolbar” then be sure to read our article on the Smart Bookmarks Bar extension for Firefox here.


Download the Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

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