When you work with webpage images in Firefox you normally have to use the Context Menu to do anything with them. The Image Toolbar extension provides an extra toolbar to use when you hover your mouse over webpage images.

Note: This extension will not function if you have the NoScript extension installed/enabled unless JavaScript has permission to be active on that page.


You can see the available “Context Menu” options for working with images here. Not bad but it would be nice if some other convenient options were available as well.

Image Toolbar in Action

Once you have installed the extension you will be able to view the toolbar whenever you hover your mouse over an image. All of the commands are active by default but you can choose what is available in the options. The toolbar will also appear in the upper left region of the image but can be set to appear relative to the cursor.

Note: The default minimum image size for the toolbar to appear over is “260 x 260 pixels” so you will probably want to change it to a much smaller size (see options below).

Here is what is available in the Image Toolbar:

  • Save – Choose between being prompted when saving or automatically saving to a specified location
  • Copy – Copies image and image URL so that you can paste the image or URL depending on the app pasted into
  • Print – Provides print preview and printing capabilities
  • Info – Opens a window with “properties information” about the image
  • Folder – Opens browser’s download folder in Windows Explorer


The “Save, Copy, Print, & Folder Commands” are all pretty clear in what you can expect from them but what about the “Info Command”? This is what you will see if you use the “Info Command” and expand the window out all the way. Very nice…


There are quite a few options available for what appears to be such a small toolbar. The first “Tab Area” lets you set up the “Save Scheme” that best suits your personal needs.

You can choose which commands are available in the toolbar, decide if you would like text labels visible, and enable small icons if desired.

As mentioned above the default image size for the toolbar to appear is “260 x 260 pixels”…we set ours for “10 x 10 pixels”. If you would like the toolbar to appear relative to your mouse cursor as opposed to the upper left corner of the image then you can select for that here.


If you have been wanting more options for working with webpage images in Firefox then this will make a very useful and convenient addition to your browser.


Download the Image Toolbar extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

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