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Save Web Articles to Read Later with Instapaper

Have you ever come across a bunch of great articles that you want to read online, but just don’t have the time? Today we take a look at an online service that allows you to read your articles later, either online, or on an iPhone, or eReader.


Instapaper is an awesome tool that allows you to save web pages so you can read them at a later time. Not only does it save an online article to read later, but also gives you several choices for where you want to read it.


Sign up for a free account, and drag the “Read Later” bookmarklet to the bookmarks bar in your browser.


To save a page you’ll need to be logged into your account. When you’re at a page that you can’t read right away, just click on the Read Later button in the bookmarks bar.


After clicking the Read Later button, a small message is displayed indicating that the page has been saved to the Instapaper site.


Save as many pages as you want, and when you’re ready to read them, go to the Instapaper site and you’ll see a list of the articles you saved. You can click on the link to go directly to the saved oage, read it as text (leaving out a bunch of images), or archive the article for later.


One of the really appealing beta features is you can save the article in .mobi format for a Kindle, or ePub format for other eReaders such a the Sony Reader.


Another neat feature is the “Instapaper Text” bookmarklet that lets you view an article on a graphics heavy page with only text, but doesn’t save it to your account.





There are also other cool features such as iPhone Apps, Kindle automatic wireless delivery, send items to Google Reader, and more. If you wish you could collect all of the neat articles you run across each day for reading later via multiple formats, Instapaper is a great tool for the job.

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Brian Burgess worked in IT for 10 years before pursuing his passion for writing. He's been a tech blogger and journalist for the past seven years, and can be found on his about me page or Google+

  • Published 03/30/10

Comments (8)

  1. Christopher Masiello

    I love Instapaper. I use it a lot on my iPhone so that I can read articles later when I’m at my computer.
    Good tip.

  2. Robert Barrett

    I loved it too, but one of the sites I used to archive started requiring a login to read their articles. Once they did that, Instapaper quit showing the pages.

    Does anyone know if Instapaper resolved that problem?


  3. Migration Expert Zone

    The one option I don’t see is a way to retrieve stories that span multiple pages. The bookmarklet gets only the initial page.

  4. Bradley Stolzer

    @Migration Expert Zone: From their FAQ Page:

    Why does it only save page 1 of a multi-page article?
    Instapaper saves exactly the page you were viewing when you clicked Read Later, so if you’re only on page 1 of an article, it only saves page 1.
    I’m working on improving this for the future. For now, many users find it helpful to click Read Later on the “Print”, “Printer Friendly”, or “Single Page” versions of articles.

  5. Pravin

    Zotero is another popular and free research tool that can save entire pages offline for viewing later.

  6. venus

    Does it save webpage or just links?
    I mean what happens when a saved page is deleted?

  7. Bojan Babic

    I love Instapaper. Actually, I love it so much that I’ve built Firefox addon to enhance Instapaper usage. Instead of going to link and then save it via bookmarklet – you can save it using right click.
    More info here:

    And addon can be found here:

  8. emilie postigo

    I hqve instapaper but i would like to be able to watch also the images as i want to use this in meeting presentations etc
    do you know how to do that

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