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Ask the Readers: How Fast is Your Internet Connection?

The federal government recently announced a broadband initiative that calls for 260 million homes to have 100Mbps Internet connections by the year 2020. This got us wondering, how fast is your current Internet connection?

Photo by roland


When it comes to the speed of our Internet connection, we all want the maximum possible. The FCC recently announced their National Broadband Plan, which is an initiative to improve the Internet infrastructure in the United States and provide higher speeds to everyone. You’ve also undoubtedly heard the news about Google getting into the mix with their program to bring ultra high-speed fiber broadband to 50,000 users in select cities.

While we wait for those programs to come into fruition, we thought it would be cool to check out what kinds of speeds you’re getting now.

Test Your Internet Connection Speed

There are several sites out there you can use to test your Internet speeds, but probably the best site is It’s easy to use, and allows you test download and upload speeds to and from various locations in the US and throughout the world.


If you already know the speeds you’re getting leave a comment and let us know. If you use, just keep in mind that our comment system won’t allow you to copy their result links, but you can simply tell us what you get in the results. We’re especially interested in the results of those of you who have Verizon FIOS or Comcast’s “Ultra” service. Leave a comment and join in the discussion!

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  • Published 03/24/10

Comments (165)

  1. Kalle

    I have only 0,5 mb :D. We have 2 computers in same network :) it’s a pain!

  2. YoHoHo

    19.27 Mb/s download, 0.98 upload, 24 ms ping. Distance 50miles. Guess I better stop complaining about roadrunner.

  3. abrarey

    Mine is around 31.88 Mb Down and 1.89 Mb Up.
    Using Road Runner.
    Pretty nice, I didn’t know that I have that much speed.

  4. Trevor Bekolay

    I have Rogers Extreme up here in Ontario, Canada, and I get the advertised 10 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up pretty consistently. Annoyingly, I can’t upgrade to the next tier with 25 Mbps down and a higher cap because it’s not offered in my area.

  5. mpcrsc562

    I pay for 10 down and 1 up, but consistently get between 15 to 20 down and 1.5 to 2 up.

  6. Terry

    Mine is 13 down and 8 up. Which is wonderful because I came from 1.7 down and .128 up. However, it would have blown my mind when I first started using dial up when I lived in a rural area. I usually got connected at 18k. It took me 45 minutes to download a song.

  7. Zach

    I am using wireless. I get 5.02 mb/s on the download and .53 mb/s on the upload. That is fast for a rural community where I live

  8. Asian Angel

    Download: 0.86 Mb/s

    Upload: 0.15 Mb/s

    Ping: 45 ms

  9. Marcel

    I have a 4MBit connection at home. Not very much, but it’s enough for me these days. ;)

  10. Rob

    15/1 with Wide Open West
    28/2 with Comcast

  11. Mysticgeek

    Remember when you run your test to make sure there aren’t any downloads running… or Torrents for sure. Run from a freshly booted system with any intensive internet apps disabled.

  12. Jay

    At work right now I have

    download: 35.18
    upload: 25.35
    ping: 4ms

  13. Leigh

    Download: 25.53 Mb/s

    Upload: 12.76 Mb/s

    Ping: 85 ms

  14. Big Lou

    I get 5MBPS through the 5e patch lines and 3.2 through my WiFi.

  15. Keith C

    Download: 20.63 Mb/s

    Upolad: 2.79 Mb/s

    Ping 27 ms

    Cox cable

  16. Darryl

    Download: 9.89
    Upload: 0.49
    Ping: 16ms
    Provider: Virgin UK

  17. JackC

    Ping 12ms, Download 25.66 Mb/s, Upload 4.13Mb/s, 100 miles from Server at 1633 EDST… No complaints here; however, I’ve have seen Download Tests greater then 32 Mb/s in early morning hours

  18. zk

    In South Africa [Jhb to be specific]

    Download: 0.38 Mb/s

    Upolad: 0.11 Mb/s

    Ping 94 ms

  19. Agito
  20. Adam

    Comcast Performance Tier 15.79Mb/s Down 2.53Mb/s Up 34ms Ping

  21. jerrod

    Lol–interesting to see your test image is from lakes country of minnesota–my neck of the woods :) we dont get much attention up here. Also a good example that we do have electricity, internet, and even color TV!

  22. Sam Tate

    Ping = 54ms

    Download = 1.34Mbps

    Upload = 0.54Mbps

    Pretty awful at the moment, but normally it is over 6Mbps down, which is decent – as we only pay for 8Mbps.

    I use TalkTalk UK. Upgrading to a better package soon (24Mbps!) My neighbour who has it gets 23Mbps. Wow!

  23. Daryl

    6.67 Mb/s down… 0.37 up. 49ms ping. BT in a rural area.

  24. Budohorseman

    I have 1.96 Mb/s down and 0.36 Mb/s up. And Mystic, while I do appreciate the “check from a fresh reboot with nothing running” that’s like saying what is your speed on the highway at 2:30 AM on a Wednesday, rather than during the rush hours when we are usually on and happy if we are moving. For the record, I was playing a poker game at the time on Full Tilt.

  25. Allen

    Roadrunner in Racine, WI
    Average over 5 tests to different geographical locations in the contiguous:
    Down 14.63
    Up 0.45
    Latency 79.6

    About what I’ve been getting since switching to RR from Uverse last month

  26. z7x8c9

    Down: 55 mb/s
    Up: 5mb/s
    Ping: 5ms

    Paying for 50mb/5mb fiber optic in Lisbon, Portugal

  27. KBPrez

    My ISP is Road Runner in New York City –

    Download 20.75 Mb/s
    Upload 0.49 Mb/s
    Ping 23 ms

  28. Qwerty

    Greetings from South Africa!
    3.84 d/l
    0.43 u/l
    28 ping
    Provider: Telkom(SAIX)

  29. cigraphics

    My ISP is Romania Data Systems in Pitesti, Arges, Romania
    I have a fiber optic connection :D
    Download: 56 Mb/s
    Up: 5 Mb/s :(
    Ping 10ms
    Distance 50 miles

    And another test at 850 miles
    30 Mb\s Down
    4 Mb\s Up
    Ping 32ms

    NOT BAD :D

  30. mg

    mine get up to 42.75 Mb/s down and max. 8.2 Mb/s up but only via cable – wlan performance is pretty sad.

  31. sfmitch

    Comcast in SF Bay Area – Standard Tier

    Download: 20.8Mb/s
    Upload: 2.86Mb/s
    Ping: 79MS

    50 miles from server.

  32. Gary

    Optimum Online Ultra (CableVision)

    Down 100.17 Mb/s
    Up 12.95 Mb/s
    Ping 7 ms

    50 miles from server


  33. Art

    18.79 Mb/s down
    .49 Mb/s up
    Ping 25ms
    San Antonio, Texas Roadrunner

  34. Mike M

    2.91 Mbps down, .71 mbs up. I’m on Uverse, lower priced service, typically tests right at the advertised rates.

  35. David Levine

    Raleigh, NC Road Runner

    10.23 Mb/s down
    0.37 Mb/s up
    Ping 25ms

  36. Maki

    Verizon Fios High Speed Internet

    87.49 Mb/s down
    7.75 Mb/s up
    Ping 18ms
    Less than 50 miles from server
    Wasington, DC

  37. Matthew Guay

    We pay for a 2Mb/s ADSL connection, but generally our download speed is 1.5Mb/s. I just tested it on, though, and was amazed as it showed a connection speed of 4.59Mb/s … nice if that’s correct! Upload speeds are .37Mb/s. The worst problem is ping; here my ping is 281ms! This is from TT&T Maxnet in Tak, Thailand.

    I occasionally connect via EDGE sharing from my phone, and then usually get speeds of about 300Kb/s down and 100Kb/s up from the DTAC network (and had similar performance on T-Mobile when in the US).

  38. uttaradhaka

    I live in Bangladesh and have a 256 Kbps connection.. Quite enough for me.. I know, jaws dropping right now

  39. Neil Sielski

    DL: 88.15 mb/s
    UL: 53.81 mb/s
    Ping: 3ms
    Distance: ~50mi

    Oh how I love small ISP companies that give you crazy internet speeds

  40. armando liwanag

    eastern pangasinan,digitelone(the only isp here in our area; no choice)
    0.8 Mb/s down
    0.4 Mb/s up
    ping 457ms

  41. DigitalGeekery

    Verizon DSL. 2.88Mbps down. .66 up. Ping 29ms.

  42. FZ1

    14.7 – Down
    0.76 – Up
    23ms – Ping

    Telstra Internet
    Perth, Western Australia

  43. Jason Edwards
  44. Dave C.

    Download= 25.63
    Upload= 24.71
    Ping= 12ms
    Verizon Fios , Phila. Pa.
    Dist.= 50mi.

  45. Rich

    23.5 DL, 4.3 UL with Optimum

  46. Ben
  47. Romberry

    On CenturyLink DSL in rural Alabama…

    Downloads: 6.05 mbps
    Uploads: .76 mbps
    Ping: 18ms

  48. Robert

    Verizon fios Pittsburgh

    26mbps / 14.4mbps

    Smoking. @$50 a month

  49. Michael

    Download 6.09 Mbs
    Upload 2.44 Mbs
    Ping 83 ms
    ISP: Comcast
    Service level: Their basic “Performance” level, included in Comcast Triple Play package.
    Where: Tybee Island (near Savannah), GA

  50. N/A, is by far the most accurate bandwidth test site, my results. I’m at my school:

    Last Result:
    Download Speed: 164697 kbps (20587.1 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Upload Speed: 19236 kbps (2404.5 KB/sec transfer rate)

  51. Jeff

    Using FairUse with both cores cranking at approx 75%, 50 miles away from Kansas City, MO in a town so small a solar powered flashing 4-way stop light was a HUGE deal-
    ISP: Greenhills (
    Download: 2.45 Mbs
    Upload: 0.43 Mbs
    Ping: 63ms
    Service Level: Paying for a 1.5 Mbs line, so I’m actually doing better than I’m paying for. Not bad for podunkville eh?

    *Animals are counted in the population here if and only if they obey simple commands, much like their owners ;) *

  52. InDiSent

    Down: 25.68
    Up: 20.54

    Results from

    ISP – Verizon Fios

  53. Ross Royal

    24.12 down, 1.87 up, ping 56. I have TimeWarner Turbo in the San Antonio, Tx. area.

  54. Alex

    How can I make the meter go higher?

    84 down
    24 up

  55. shivaram

    9 Mbps DL
    0.79 Mbps UL
    BSNL, India

  56. LLL

    Up .10
    Down .27
    ping 131

    rural area, one provider, slow dsl and lucky to have that.

  57. Mehmet Latif Uzunel

    Download : 5.87 Mb
    Upload : 3.10 Mb
    Ping : 18ms

  58. akijione

    I have the Comcast Ultra Business Package, and I work at home. I am a web site admin for several sites, and a home account wouldn’t work for me because of the Comcast 250 gb cap. I go over that easy uploading / downloading new content to all of the sites. Anyway, I get 50 + down and 10 up, but I pay out of my nose for the service, over $190.00 a month. Quest, which is also in my area could only produce 20 down with fiber optics.

  59. nipsy

    We pay for AT&T highest connection, have 2 desktops and 3 laptops running..

    DOWNLOAD= 4.80 MB

    UPLOAD= .63 MB

  60. bryan

    Download: 0.45 Mb/s

    Upload: 0.15 Mb/s

    Ping: 200++ ms

  61. BrianA

    Upload 0.21 Mb/s
    Download 3.6 Mb/s
    Server Madrid
    Orange ADSL

  62. Kraven

    Download – 78.34 Mb/s
    Upload – 22.87 Mb/s
    N3 Service Provider

  63. lexcen

    4.99 download and 0.47 upload on

  64. Raiyan Hossain

    Download: 512Kbps (64KB/s)

    Upload: 256kbps (32KB/s)

    Ping: ~300ms

  65. tangooricha

    Test at 18:35, in Fujian,China.
    DownLoad 3.89Mb/s
    Upload 7.43Mb/s
    Ping 10ms
    Distance 150mile

  66. deanmitc

    15.13 Download, 2.03 Upload using Comcast in PA


  67. Matt

    I have Verizon FiOS in the Southern California area (Beaumont, CA), the plan I pay for allows for 25Mb/s down and 25Mb/s up.

    My result from is:
    25.45Mb/s down and 25.76Mb/s up.

    Ping: 29ms, Packet Loss: 0% and 1ms Jitter.

  68. n-had

    2.58 Down, .43 Up with AT&T DSL.

    The only alternative in this area, Mediacom Cable is faster, but a lot less stable.

  69. tjslider

    54.7M down
    30.45M up
    <50 miles

  70. Ted

    Download 21.4 Mb/s
    Upload 0.49 Mb/s

  71. 216

    At home I had something like 2.5 mbps down

    At work, I get “251.91 mbps down”, and 7.51 up. Absolutely ridiculous, I know

  72. Bobalou

    Getting 7.42 Mb/sec Down and .72 Mb/sec Up. Not bad in a town with a population of 68 in North Dakota.

    Cheaper than VERIZON or ALLTEL Wireless “High Speed”, which were usually lower than 30 kb/sec and that’s sub dial up!, which was normally 44 kb/sec. Yuck!

    Don’t even think about Wireless Internet unless you live within 100 feet of the tower!

  73. jrsyangl

    Download 19.13, upload 4.50, ping 10
    distance 50 miles
    Verizon FIOS

  74. 216

    And oh, if you dont believe me with the 251.91 down, I ran the test again, and got 279 mbps, here’s the link

  75. Jeff

    download: 2.61 mbs
    upload: 0.36 mbs
    ping: 177ms

    -From Guam

  76. Bob

    Down 25.55, Up 13.61 Mb/s Ping 80ms. Verizon Fios on a network.

  77. Joey

    Using SBC internet service, DSL highspeed, Download is 1.32mb/s—Upload is .31mb/s. Server 200 miles away. Advertised at download speeds of 1.5mb/s. So…..pretty good for the $25.00 a month fee. I can’t even imagine 100mb/s as the government talks about!!!

  78. Russell

    Fios Central NY 105.00 a month with extreme HD

    D/L; 25.12
    U/L; 21.12

  79. John

    Download 18 Mps Upload 6 Mps Rhode Island Cox Communications using “Boost” option

  80. Andrew

    Download: 20.57 mb Upload: 2.09 with Ping: 14 ms

  81. Erick

    34.5 download and 4.47 upload from – great speeds but the service is expensive

  82. Twistee

    It would be a lot cooler if peeps would share the name of their provider when they post their speeds, ya know, for comparisons and junk.
    I got AT&T Uverse now, just outside San Antonio TX.
    11.52 down and 1.48 up (thats megaBITS) w/40 ms pingtime. Those speeds are consistent at any time. I pay for the mid tier speed which is 10 meg down guaranteed.
    Neighbors who use more expensive Roadrunner (Time Warner) sometimes get equal or greater speed, but during peak times their actual speeds are much slower because of network traffic.
    Because my internet shares the same pipe as my hi-def tv feed, my internet speed can be affected somewhat when I watch or record more than 2 simultaneous HD cable tv channels. The slowest I have ever seen is 8.5 down. Still darned good.

  83. wolfman544

    Download: 57.93 Mb/s
    Upload: 33.83 Mb/s
    That’s what I get at work, I’ll let you know what I get at home when I get back home.

  84. Jerry

    I am in the western NC area and my ISP is Charter Communications. gave a 22Mbps download speed (which I think is way too high) and then failed the upload test. The Charter broadband test showed 11Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload which I think is reasonably accurate.

  85. Karl

    My ISP is VERIZON FIOS In Venice FL.
    DN load speed is: 23.31Mb/s
    UP load speed is: 12.00mb/s
    Ping is 93ms

  86. chad

    Download: 29.21
    Upload: 1.82
    This is work connection Charter business

  87. ed

    Down — 1.11
    Up 0.29
    Ping 73

    Lowest support provided by Cox Com — but it’s fast enough for an old man.

  88. Mike

    On AT&T DSL in Escondido, California I pay for “Up to 6 MBPS” and generally get 5+ upstream and 650-750 KBPS downstream, with an average 40 ms ping.

  89. Phil

    I have Sympatico/Bell H/S in Toronto Canada
    Download 7.21 mbs
    Upload 0.82 mbs
    Ping 105 ms

  90. Dan

    What would be nice is the see how much you are paying for the speed you get.

    It’s common knowledge that we up in Canada are getting royally screwed by our providers for what we pay.

  91. Rimas

    TEO Lithuania

    dow – 2,43 Mb/s
    upl – 0,46 Mb/s

  92. Roberto1

    I get about 1.4 Mb/s down and 0.38 up. This is in a rural area about 4 miles from the telephone exchange ( and around 50% faster down than the isp I switched away from a month ago)

  93. JH

    6Mbits down, 0.35 up. Ping ~50ms, ISP BT. We pay for 8 down, so that’s alright (The computer’s on a wireless network so I probably lose some). The real trick is to find a website that can upload content at that speed, so far I’ve found about 2, one of which was Microsoft.

  94. TB

    I have verizon fios My download speed on was 25.36mbps my upload speed was 26.29mbps

  95. Leonard Grossman

    Comcast Cable
    Download 21.16 Mb/s, Upload 4.42 Mb/s Ping 15 ms
    That was just now and happens to be the fastest I have recorded in a couple of dozen tests at over the past couple of months.

  96. Ben

    Here’s mine:
    About 9.1 mb/s per second download speed.
    About 2.61 mb/s upload speed.
    Ping: 64ms

  97. Colette

    Location – North West, England, UK
    ISP – Sky Broadband Unlimited
    Download – 3.8mbps
    Upload – 0.66mpbs
    Ping – 60ms

    Wifi laptop with a second laptop also currently being used.

  98. TheMadFatter

    25.55mb/s / 5.15mb/s
    using fios, distance is over 400 miles but i know my peering, 21ms ping

  99. Karl K

    I have to (unfortunately) use HughesNet’s satellite system for an ISP that is faster than dial-up. Yes, it is faster, but NOWHERE NEAR the speeds they imply in their advertisements on television! A recent development out here in “the boondocks” will soon let me use an alternative ISP to HughesNet that will indeed be not only faster, but without upload/download restrictions that HughesNet has.

    The speed testing company has my ISP as being located somewhere in Kansas, but it is located in Germantown, Pennsylvania. There is no way to change the ISP location in the SpeedNet page to where it SHOULD BE, so the results I obtained are totally bogus!

  100. AldoP

    I’ve got Basic Internet from Comcast and that usually gives me around 8Mb/s downloads and 5Mb/s uploads over my wireless network. SpeedTest has given me scores as high as 18Mb/s downloads but I think those are just short term quirks in the test. I’m upgrading next week. I’m not sure what I’m getting because Comcast is throwing the upgrade in for free because I am changing my phone service over to Comcast.

  101. Bartman

    Download – 19.63
    Upload – 5.02
    Ping – 10ms

    Verizon FiOS

    Approx. $40 / mo.

  102. Bartman

    Above speeds are Mb/s

  103. damiththa

    Download – 39.58 Mb/s
    Upload – 64.16 Mb/s
    Ping – 12 ms


  104. Kyle

    University of Delaware:

    Download: 32.98 Mb/s
    Upload: 31.00 Mb/s
    Ping: 10 ms
    Distance: ~50 Miles

  105. ian2

    14.4 megabits down
    .49 megabits up

    Shaw communications

  106. Energokinetic


    Download: 4.47
    Upload: 0.76
    Ping: 16ms
    ISP: Primetel PLC

  107. MIKLO

    My speed is 32.18 Mb/s download & 6.74 Mb/s upload tested from BTW I have COX and have always had great speeds.

  108. Dennis Anthony

    Funny you should ask this. I have been using for the past few days with astounding results. My ISP gives 2.00Mbps in the package but I found I was getting 0.81 consistently over 4 or 5 days.
    This morning I was getting from various UK servers and from L.A. N.Y. Irkutsk, Melbourne, Rekjyvik etc. speeds of 4.53, 6.18!!, 9.72!!! from Manchester, UK, etc. etc. many around 1.80 – 2.25.

    Then I had an idea – my previous very low readings were done via IE8 and those huge ones above were via Google Chrome! I went back to IE8 for retest and there were the low readings. Anyone know? I have contacted speedtest but have had no reply as yet.

  109. Anonymous

    55.4 Mb/s Down
    34.8 Mb/s Up.
    Ping 12ms
    ISP: Texas State Technical College – Waco

    TSTC hosts their own net, leases it to students that live on campus who also happen to be sysadmins, etc.

    We host one of waco’s backbone servers.

    It’s not the best, it could be better, lol. If I test again in six hours or so, the speeds will be more than twice this.

  110. Dennis Anthony

    Just retested using Cox Business speed test :-

    Download using IE8 69kb/s
    ” using Chrome 1574kb/s

    ‘Nuff said? I have never seen any comment about this anywhere.

  111. Paul

    Using Verizon FiOS.
    Download 9.7 Mb/s
    Upload 1.8 Mb/s
    Distance approx 10 miles
    Ping 10 ms.

  112. kzinti1

    Download 16.54 Mb/s
    Upload 2.13 Mb/s
    Ping 26 ms

    Charter Communications (Thanks Uncle Bill!)

  113. Minuz

    Denmark, Copenhagen

    Download: 55Mb/s
    Upload: 34Mb/s
    PING 4 MS

    My ISP are awesome!!
    I can highly recommend them if u live in DK.

  114. phinney5350

    20 down 5 up//Verizon Fios

  115. wampir

    Download 46.96 Mb/s
    Upload 4.26 Mb/s
    Ping 4 ms
    ISP: Orange

  116. Marco

    Perth Australia
    Provider: Telstra
    Cost per month: AUD79.95
    Traffic limit per month: 25GB (then slowed)
    Consistent download speed: 1.32
    Consistent upload speed: .21
    Ping: 31ms
    Server distance:<50 miles

  117. Big Don

    I’m on Comcats in the midwest. I have 77Mb UP / 10 Mb Down with a PING of 41ms from

  118. wolfman544

    Home speeds
    Download: 8.92 Mb/s
    Upload: 3.21 Mb/s

  119. jvidal

    Verizon FIOS (NJ)

    PIng 50ms
    Download: 9.03Mb/s
    Upload: 1.81Mb/s

  120. Dennis

    Using Verizon FIOS, ran speed test twice.
    download: 13.35, upload: 4.52, ping: 32 ms
    download: 16.85, upload: 4.46, ping: 28 ms

  121. Tom

    Downloading at 27 mbs

    Uploading at 36 mbs

    I have the service and that’s about all you can say.

  122. creepydarkdeath

    My home internet speed…

    DL – 0.10 Mb/s
    UL – 0.11 Mb/s

    My office internet speed

    DL – 1.00 Mb/s
    UL – 1.20 Mb/s

  123. MichaelW

    DL: 1.13Mbps
    UL: 0.26Mbps
    Ping: 56ms

    I’m going to upgrade to 10/2 Mbps once my current contract is over.

  124. Radu

    My max download speed was 91 Mbps, i didn’t upload much but that to should be set at 100 Mbps. I don’t have Gibabit ethernet, but for at a colleg of mine that has, we set up a lot of speed, He reached a max of 245 Mbps (I’m an ISP employ :P ).

  125. r00m

    DL – 5.67 Mb/s
    UL – 1.72 Mb/s

    Ping 39 ms

    Distance 100 km (~ 62 miles)

  126. Exitstageleft

    Download Speed: 31905 kbps (3988.1 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Upload Speed: 31591 kbps (3948.9 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Friday, March 26, 2010 2:05:32 PM

  127. Eddie Geis

    ~10Mbps down and ~1.25Mbps up on RoadRunner business class in Corpus Christi, TX. Server was <50 mi.

  128. Algernon99

    DL 38.13 Mb/s
    UL 36.77 Mb/s
    Ping 24 ms

    Using Utah Education Network in my classroom in Ogden, Utah.

  129. BullDawg

    Qook Internet (Korea Telemcom Fiber). From Kwangju in Korea to Changchun in China: Down 41,03 mbps, up 12.97 mbps ping 151 ms. Using servers in Korea ( 84.92 mbps down, 72.66 mbps up, ping 7.5 ms

  130. Shirkit

    Download speed: 2Mb/s
    Upoload speed: 0,5 Mb/s

  131. BearGriz72

    Average Download Speed
    21.95 Mb/s
    Average Upload Speed
    16.39 Mb/s

  132. Callum Booth

    Download: 3.01 Mbps
    Upload: 0.78 Mbps
    Ping: 5.3 ms
    BT Home Hub :(

  133. wilber

    Almere, Netherlands
    ~42Mbs down
    ~ 4Mbs up
    Ping 10ms
    Although, reportedly they are going symmetrical on our FttH connection shortly.
    Now if they would only agree to provide BBC, so I can watch Top Gear, again!

  134. Goran

    Bosnia and Hercegovina

    Provider : Pincom d.o.o.

    DL: 1.95 MB/s
    UL: 0.25MB/s
    Ping : 26ms
    Distance < 50mi

  135. Al Onisto

    Charter comm
    South Carolina

    DL: 18.19
    UL: 1.90
    Ping: 10ms
    Distance: 50 Mi

  136. Tarun Iyer

    Joining you from the tiny island in the Middle East that most have never heard of, Bahrain!

    Download: 0.98 MBPS
    Upload: 0.12 MBPS
    Ping: 112ms

    Internet has improved quite a bit over the last couple of years, but having the connection capped to dialup speeds after 4 GB of bandwidth is still a killer.

  137. Gerhard

    Always amazes me to notice how many people read but do not pay attention.

    Federal Government imply America – Not South Africa, UK, Middle East, Bosnia etc.

    I’m from South Africa and my speed is best kept to myself.LOL

  138. Tomasino

    I’m from Lithunia/Vilnius my connection speed is: Download: 4.00 Mbps and upload: 1.03 Mbps. My country has one of the most developed optical cabel networks in the world, so 10 mbps coonection is average, but now you can get a 1000 mbps connection for only 25 $/month here. (yes, 1000 mbps)

  139. carlos

    12.06 DOWN
    2.09 UP

    this is Cablevision. sometimes it slows down like hell.

  140. Andre

    AT&T here in Atlanta..5 laptops and one desktop..w/ AT&T’s hightest offered where I live

    Download 4.27Mb\s
    Upload 0.43Mb/s
    Ping 10Ms
    Distance <50 mi

  141. nm1396

    I get 2.01 max up and 768 down. Looking at everyone else…….I’m jealous!!

  142. nm1396

    Reverse that….2.01 down and .768 up!

  143. Jack

    At home (currently at work!) I have about 6mb down and 3mb up. Not bad, could have more but its more than enough for my g/f and I.

  144. Brent

    Hughesnet uses ku band technology, which means they will have slower internet than satellite internet companies that use ka band technology. Hughesnet will try to sell their service as having the latest satellite technology, but in reality their satellites have to be positioned further away from the earth, meaning their signal has to travel further. For this reason ka band is faster. Although, there are others, WildBlue is by far the largest ka band satellite internet provider. I would recommend them. I have a blog that only talks about the latest in satellite internet. Just search for MyBlueDish in Google and you will find me.

  145. Mark

    Here are the results for my Comcast Cable Modem:

    Download: 33.75Mb/s
    Upload: 5.13Mb/s
    Ping: 57ms
    Server Distance: Less than 50 miles

  146. rahul jaisinghani

    download: 0.1 mb/s
    upload: 0.1 mb/s………….its very sad ……plzz some1 help me…..!!!!

  147. Firas

    I got today this result in Belgium
    download: 102Mb/s :-)
    Upload: 0.91Mb/s :-)
    Ping: 36ms :-|
    Server Distance: ~50mi :-|

  148. Wayne

    I just got my 2400 baud modem. Now where’s my BBS directory?

  149. Dennis A

    All this proves is that these results are meaningless. The results given above are only from one server for a start. If you try different ones you will see that the speed from a next door server can be much slower that one 10,000 miles away and if you use different testers you will get very different results from the same servers AND if you are using Google Chrome the results will be much faster that using IE8 and perhaps different using other browsers.

    My ISP has a cap of 2.00Mbps but I have got many results of up to over 9 Mbps.

    So suggest we all forget about these results.

  150. jim

    20.89 DownLoad
    0.49 UpLoad

    RoadRunner Greensboro

    I am surprised. But i know my system at home runs noticeably faster that what is available at the office.

  151. dbarker

    62.08 down
    11.61 up
    comcast over 350 miles
    running remote desk top watching security cameras
    machine has been up for about a week
    7 torrents running on other machines on network

  152. Ali Haideri

    It gives different results each time you run the test. Even if you run the tests concurrently it will give very different result each time. It gave me 1.4 MB download and 0.09 MB upload the first time and 0.86 MB download and 0.13 MB upload the second time. Don’t know which is the actual. It’s LAME…! :P

  153. blopiss

    Result from Indonesia
    download : 0.73 Mb/s
    upload :0.09 Mb/s
    ping : 132ms

    sad but true :D

  154. rellison

    145.12 down
    1.75 up

    Road runner cable with speed boost or whatever its called. Im satisfied

  155. Nix


    Cytanet / Netrunner 2000:

    Download:1.9 mb/s
    upload: 0.31 mb/s
    ping (to local server): 62 ms

  156. thomasz07

    download 1.55
    ping .88
    not bad since i am paying for 1.5 download.

  157. JC

    urm… here at college(in uk) we’re getting 72Mb/s down in our rooms!
    this is pretty high right?

  158. Mistake

    I believe some people are probably mixing megabits and megabytes. 1 megabit = 125 kiloby

  159. linc1216

    DL- 6.46
    UL- 073
    Ping- 45

    So, what does this all mean and how does my speed rate? Comments welcomed.

  160. Carcarad

    What do you say about that i pay 50$ for 50kb/s down and 10kb/s up … fyi live in lebanon beirouth !!!

  161. Crye

    I tested at 0.78 Mbps download, 0.50 Mbps upload and a 305ms ping. I would be happy with this IF I could believe the results. I live in Canada in the Western Province. The test had me in EUROPE. That is BOGUS, I pay $35 a month for my internet with my local phone company. I tried to even shift the contries but to no avail the test wants me to live in EUROPE, Not Canada where I reside. I don’t believe the results.

  162. Sean

    ping 775ms… : 0.11mbps… upload : 0.06mbps WELCOME TO SOUTH AFRICA – TELKOM THE WORST ISP IN THE WORLD! For the last four weeks that has been my stats (these speedtests done 1 minute ago). Phoned telkom EVERY day for the last 4 weeks… and they say they cant help me. So.. am i getting what i pay for? Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks (i have a 384 line… but was sitting at a ping of 40 for 8 months… now it changed all of a sudden)

  163. sergio c luis

    Have Verizon Fios
    Download is 25.66 mbps
    Upload is 16.71 mbps
    ping is 11 ms

    Rated service in my area is 25/25

    Upload is not close to rated 25 but I do little of it.

  164. Smitty

    I have Insights 50 Mb/s service. My speed net results came in at 53.8 Mb/s Dl and 5.4 Mb/s UL.

  165. dirtrider1

    ISP = Verizon FIOS 25/25 package
    Location – SoCal US
    Current test results from speakeasy speed test –
    Download – 40 Mb/s
    Upload – 28 Mb/s
    Fiber is the future it carry’s much more bandwidth, it’s immune to electromagnetic interference, can go farther distances without attenuation and it’s more secure being much more difficult to place an eavesdropping device on Fiber.

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