Would you prefer to have Firefox’s Tab Bar located at the top of the browser instead of its’ default location? See how easy it is to move the Tab Bar back and forth between the top and current positions “flip switch style” with the Tabs On Top extension.

Note: Tabs On Top extension supports multi-row feature in TabMixPlus.


You can see the “Tab Bar” in its’ default location here in our test browser…not bad but what if you prefer having it located at the top of the browser?


As soon as you have installed the extension and restarted Firefox the “Tab Bar” will have automatically moved to the top of the browser. You will most likely notice a slight decrease in tab height as well (which occurred during our tests).

To move the “Tab Bar” back and forth between the top and default locations just select/deselect “Tab Bar on top” in the “Toolbars Context Menu”.


You can quickly reduce the size of the upper UI after hiding some of the other toolbars and go even further if you like using extensions that will hide the “Title Bar”. This is definitely a good UI matching extension for anyone using a Chrome based theme in Firefox.


If you are unhappy with default location for Firefox’s “Tab Bar” then this extension will certainly provide an alternative option for you.


Download the Tabs On Top extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

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