No matter what browser you use sooner or later you will run across a website with an endless number of “next links” used for the sole purpose of generating page views. Now you can simply scroll through those articles without the “next links” using the PageZipper Bookmarklet.

The Problem

Here is a perfect example of a page view generating article. As you can see our browser is in a non-maximized state and the first part of the article takes up very little room in the browser window. Absolutely horrible…

The PageZipper Bookmarklet in Action

The bookmarklet is very easy to set up in your browser…simply drag it to your “Bookmarks Toolbar” and you are ready to go.

Switching tabs back to the article we never even needed to refresh the page. One nice little click on our new bookmarklet and…

It immediately went to work. When you use PageZipper you will see a page count in the upper right corner of the browser window area as shown here.

You can see the transition between pages here…nice and smooth. When using the bookmarklet just keep scrolling down as needed to read the entire article.

Six pages of reading condensed into one without having to click a single link. Now that is nice!


If you despise those irritating “next links” then the PageZipper Bookmarklet will be a perfect addition to your favorite browser.


Add the PageZipper Bookmarklet to Your Favorite Browser

Akemi Iwaya
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