Now that the new URL shortening service has been active for a bit you may be wanting to add it to your favorite non Internet Explorer/Firefox browser. See how easy it is to enjoy that URL shortening goodness with the “ with prompt for copying Bookmarklet”. with Prompt for Copying Bookmarklet In Action

To add the bookmarklet to your browser simply drag it to your “Bookmarks Toolbar” and get ready to start creating those shortened URLs.

For our example we chose one of the wonderful malware removal articles here at the site. All that you will need to do is click on the bookmarklet to create your shortened URL.

The wonderful thing about this bookmarklet is the small pop-up window that provides an easy way for you to copy the shortened URL.

You can see the “Context Menu” for the small window here…definitely nice. Once you have copied your new URL you can close the window by clicking on “OK” or pressing “Enter”.


Now you are ready to use your new shortened URL wherever you like or need to.


If you have been wanting to add URL shortening power to your favorite browser then this is the perfect bookmarklet to have.


Add the with Prompt for Copying Bookmarklet to Your Favorite Browser

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