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Add SiteAdvisor to Google Chrome

With the continued increase in malware knowing when a website is trouble can save you from a painful experience. If you are looking to add a bit more security to your Chromium-based Browser then join us as we look at the SiteAdvisor for Chrome extension.

SiteAdvisor for Chrome in Action

Once you have installed the extension you should go into the options first. You can choose which style of warning that you would like to receive when encountering a “less then reputable” website. The default setting is for the “Toolbar Icon Warning” but can be easily changed to a full “Webpage Redirect”.

Note: The “Toolbar Button/Icon” does not display a drop-down window when clicked on.


Here is an example if you go with the default and receive the “Toolbar Icon Warning”.


Once again the same website except with the full “Webpage Redirect” in effect…of the two options this is the recommended setting. Notice that details are provided for “why” the website is listed as “less than reputable”.


An example of a website that is all good…nothing but checkmarks and green. Terrific!


There may be those of you who would be more comfortable with a “double layer” of protection while browsing. As you can see here SiteAdvisor and WOT work nicely together. You can read more about WOT for Chrome here.



If you worry about “less than reputable” websites SiteAdvisor for Chrome can help provide a layer of security that will warn you when you are getting ready to “browse” into possible trouble.


Download the SiteAdvisor for Chrome extension (Google Chrome Extensions)

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 03/25/10

Comments (11)

  1. Nathan

    It’s too bad that the Chrome extension does not put results on your search page so you can see before you click a link if it’ll be good or bad. That was one nice thing about Site Advisor for Firefox.

  2. Christo

    Waiting for this for a long time

  3. Chris

    Finally i decided to change to Chrome, I like chrome but waiting for Siteadvisor and ABP… now i got these 2, now waiting for NO-SCRIPT in Chrome

    I changed to chrome now

  4. Jagan

    This is good one, but we need some more additions to this extension, but I love McAcfee, so I recommend to use this.

  5. Miguel

    great extension, but I’m also waiting for the search results. BTW, what theme is that shown on the screen shots?

  6. Asian Angel

    @Miguel – That theme can be found here. ^__^

    Glossy Blue Theme

  7. Francisco

    Awesome extension.

  8. Johnson Yip

    Great extension for Google Chrome. I’m waiting for the search results as well!

  9. James

    There seems to be a new version of SiteAdvisor out for chrome that states itself as version Version: in extensions and does show results in searches. I am not sure how the hell I got this installed as I can find no reference to it on the internet. I can only think it has worked it self onto my machine from the IE or FF version of SiteAdvisor . Anyone have any clues about this? Have another machine but can’t get it loaded on the Chrome on that even when I reinstall SiteAdvisor for FF or IE. Weird, anyone know about this?

    thanks, J

  10. Asian Angel

    @James – My first (and very confident) guess would be that it did install in your Chrome browser alongside SiteAdvisor for Firefox/IE on your one system. I am curious about your two systems…are they different versions of Windows or the same?

    If you are wanting to install SiteAdvisor on your other Chrome browser try either of these links. Both are the same ending link but located in two different areas (regular extensions versus Chrome Store). Perhaps one will be a bit “more friendly” for getting SiteAdvisor installed for you. ^_^

    SiteAdvisor for Chrome

    SiteAdvisor for Chrome

  11. James

    Hi Asian Angel

    To cut a long story short, SiteAdvisor for Chrome seems to be available now from the Mcafee website. Rechecked it last night and instead of telling me that SiteAdvisor isn’t available for Chrome when I hit download on their site it now just takes me to a download which installs SiteAdvisor for IE, FF & Chrome, although it doesn’t mention Chrome. Seems to be some sort of delay between their software team and marketing team or whatever. The version number for this download is slightly higher than the version I somehow mysteriously got installed from them before. The difference in functionality seems to be that this new version does highlight search result, so guessing that Mcafee having been holding back marketing it until they figured out how to get that working. Most forums seem to be full of people complaining that the extension you mention above doesn’t highlight search results. However the extension from the Mcafee site doesn’t give you any options on right click which the one you suggested does. Though if you change the options in IE or FF it does change the settings in Chrome. They seem to want to keep one install for all browsers which causes these strange issues. That wasn’t so short, lol, thanks for your help, happy holidays, J

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