One of the cool features of Windows Home Server is the ability to backup and monitor the computers on your network. If you no longer need a machine on to be monitored or backed up, here we show you how to remove it.

Remove Computer from WHS

The process if straight-forward and basic –Open Windows Home Server Console and click on Computers & Backup.

Right-click on the computer that you no longer need and click Remove.

You’ll be prompted to verify that you want to remove the machine and delete all of its backup data. Check the box I am sure I want to remove this computer then click the Remove button.

That’s all there is to it! The computer and all of its backup data is removed.


Remember that if you remove a computer, all of its backup data will be deleted as well. If you no longer have the computer, you probably don’t need the backed up data anyway, but you’ll want to be sure you no longer need it before removing it.

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