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Using Pandora in Boxee

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Boxee is a very cool multimedia app that lets you access and stream your digital media in many different ways. There’s also a lot of extra apps included with it, and today we take a look at the Pandora application in Boxee.

Pandora has been a favorite free music streaming service that’s been around for some time now. Though there are new services like Grooveshark and Spotify that are competing, Pandora is still a reliable choice. It’s now included in Boxee, and here we take a look at using it.

Create a Pandora Account

If you don’t already have a Pandora account, you can easily create one at their website (link below).


Pandora in Boxee

To start using Pandora from Boxee, launch Boxee and from the main menu select Apps.


Now from the My Apps section select Pandora.


When the Pandora app menu comes up, select Start.


Now you need to log into your Pandora account.


After signing in you can starting listening to your stations, viewing artist info, and cover art. All while enjoying some cool visuals in the background.


From the controls at the top you can control playback, skip songs, control volume, get information on why a song was picked, and give a song a thumbs up or down.



Of course you can also pull up your stations and switch between them and add more. The same features you’ve come to expect from Pandora are available.




One thing we noticed missing is not being able to click on the band or artist to get additional information about them –which you can do on the Pandora site and desktop app. But that isn’t a deal breaker by any means, and we’re hoping the feature will be added in the future.


Then while you’re checking out other apps, shows, and setting within Boxee, the cool visuals continue and the songs from you stations keep playing.



Pandora is a great streaming music service and a welcome edition to Boxee. If you’re a fan of Pandora now you can listen to it on your home theater system. If you’re new to Boxee, make sure to check out our article on getting started with Boxee.

Create a Pandora Account

Download Boxee

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  • Published 03/19/10

Comments (6)

  1. Ben Osborne

    After using Pandora through Boxee for about a week, I went back to the web browser. I’ll return when some of the bugs are fixed. Here are some of the things I found:

    * The track information / control panel on the right disappears after a while so that the visualization can take up the whole screen. There’s no easy way to get that panel to reappear. And without it, you can ‘t control the volume (with the mouse, at least), or access any of the Pandora controls (thumbs up/down, next track, etc.).

    * When skipping a track either through the next button or the thumbs-down button, the track name and album art often become out of sync with the track being played, often showing the data of a track that was played earlier.

    The visualizations are great, but in it’s present state I find it unusable.

  2. rmclaren

    I beg to differ with the last commenter. Pandora on Boxee on an LCD TV is an excellent interface for easy listening. It is also one of the most popular applications on Boxee.

    Yes, if you want to select and manipulate, it is not the best. But you just have to use the right interface for the job.

    If you are listening for a long time, the full-screen visualization is necessary for the LCD. (Samsung recommends no more than 2 hours of static images.)

    BTW, the latest Internet widget on some Samsung TVs is Pandora. Yet another way to get to this service.

    Has anyone figured out if you subscribe to Pandora and use it through Boxee, do you get the higher quality 192 kbps feed?

  3. 1fastbullet

    I must be getting old. I fail to see the advantage to yet another application to do what I’m already doing.
    If Boxee or anything else, for that matter, fixed the inability to use Pandora with Ubuntu, I’d call it worth a try. Since it doesn’t and Pandora is busy pointing fingers at everyone else instead of fixing this issue, I’ve essentially quit using Pandora where. Pandora works quite well with Windows XP without Boxee, so what’s the point?

  4. matt

    You are missing the point 1fastbullet.

    I want to sit on my couch wathcing tv, then change to Pandora. I want to do it with a remote, not whip out a keyboard and squint at a browser on my tv.

    The pandora plugin for Boxee does that. If only Windows 7 MCE had a plugin for Pandora directly, I’d be a happy camper.

  5. Robotech_Master

    Among other things, the Boxee app (at least on my computer) does a fairly nice simulation of 5.1 sound out of Pandora songs, rechanneling it so that just music comes out of the rear speakers. (Though I’m not sure whether that’s more due to Boxee or the way my sound card is set up.)

    More importantly, it plays without the “is anyone still listening” pause every half hour, and without the commercials I get every few songs if I listen to Pandora on the web. (I actually feel a little guilty about that: is listening via Boxee hurting Pandora’s revenue?)

  6. Tom

    What’s this “Mommy XXX” in your queue?

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