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Read Mobi eBooks on Kindle for PC

Do you use your PC as a eBook reader?  Kindle for PC makes it easy to read thousands of books from the Kindle Store on your computer. What you may not know is that is also works with .mobi format too, so you can increase the amount of books you can read.

Amazon has jumpstarted the eBook market with their popular Kindle device.  Last fall Amazon unveiled Kindle for PC, and we reviewed how you can Read Kindle Books On Your Computer with Kindle for PC.  Whether or not you own a Kindle or other eBook reader, this is a great way to take advantage of the thousands of eBooks available from the Kindle Store today. It supports azw, prc, and tpz format, which are sold from the Kindle store, but it also supports Mobipocket (.mobi) eBooks that are not DRM protected.  Here’s how you can add them to Kindle for PC so you can easily read them on your PC

Getting Started:

First, make sure you have Kindle for PC (link below) installed on your computer.


Sign in with your Amazon account when you first run it.


Kindle for PC lets you easily read eBooks downloaded from the Kindle Store, but it doesn’t have any way to add other eBooks directly from the program.


To add eBooks, you can sometimes download and double-click on the books, and they will open in Kindle for PC and be automatically added to the library.  However, this does not always seem to work.

So instead, browse to your Documents folder (simply click on the Documents link on your Start menu), and double-click on the My Kindle Content folder.


This folder contains all the Kindle books you have downloaded.  If you have other eBooks you would like to add to Kindle for PC, simply drag-and-drop or copy and paste them into this folder.  Here we have a .mobi formatted book downloaded from the Gutenberg Project that we’re dragging into the folder.


Now, close and reopen Kindle for PC.  It should now show your new eBook right beside the eBooks you have downloaded from the Kindle Store.


These eBooks work just the same as the ones downloaded from the Kindle store, and you can change font size and add bookmarks just as with other eBooks.


The eBooks downloaded this way may show up with either a Amazon logo or a mobile device icon.  You should only see the mobile device icon on .mobi files formatted for mobile devices; other ones should show up with the Amazon logo.  In this screen, Pilgrim’s Progress is a standard .mobi book, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is a mobipocket book, and the others are downloaded from the Kindle Store.



This is a great way to read eBooks from across the internet on Kindle for PC.  Wikipedia’s Kindle page has a list of websites that offer eBooks formatted for the Kindle, so be sure to check it out for more books.


Download Kindle for PC

List of websites that offer eBooks that will work on Kindle – via Wikipedia

Matthew digs up tasty bytes about Windows, Virtualization, and the cloud, and serves them up for all to enjoy!

  • Published 03/22/10

Comments (11)

  1. Doctor

    Oh Cool now if there was onoe like that for Google Reader!

  2. Matthew Guay

    @Doctor – Google Reader is actually for RSS feeds, so it is totally different since Kindle for PC is designed for ebooks. I love both of them … for different tasks :)

  3. DiAnne

    Don’t forget that almost every state has a statewide ebook library for free. I live in Ohio and I use

    I think just about every state has this service. Call your local library branch and see if they can head you in the right direction. Although my district library didn’t participate, I was able to join (free) the State Library of Ohio and it allowed access to the ebook project.

    The books are all free, there’s a lot of popular authors (I’m reading James Patterson and Stephen King right now) but they are NOT available for Kindle. They are either ePub or .mobi books. You can read them on PC or MAC plus some ebook readers (Sony Reader and B&N’s Nook). I read the .mobi books on my cell phone.

    “Free” (and legal!) beats $10 to $20 any time. I just ordered a Nook because it will pay for itself with all the free books.

  4. Frank

    Is there a way to then get these to sync with the iphone application?

  5. nitika

    i have downloaded and installed amazon kindle in my desktop..but unable 2 read my books that i have downloaded from a site named….whch are in mobi pocket format..can u help me pls..??

  6. jay joffe

    why bother to use the program? one only needs to copy your mobi files into you document folder directly on the kindle.

  7. rroberto

    Just spoke to a real live person at the Kindle division of Amazon (whose customer service should be copied on the rest of its site. Quick, friendly responses!

    Right now, Kindle for PC, like the Kindle device itself, is not compatible with anything but the Amazon version of a .mobi file, let alone pdf files etc. But that will change this Fall, as announced in a recent press release. Kindle & Kindle for PC are being re-tooled to accommodate most popular e-book file types as well as other document file types. No doubt in the face of competition from other devices and apps that are more text-friendly. E-book readers are not just in competition with each other any more and Amazon has seen and Kindled the light.

  8. kotinka

    Just a quick update – I’m able to open pdf files and mobi files from other sources using version 1.7.0 (32981).

    Thank you for the tip, I’m finding it useful plus it’s getting me to sort out my chaotic hard drive a bit while I’m moving my books into one place.

    Anyone had any copyright issues?

  9. ula

    I’ve got problem with import a mobi files – my kindle didn’t see them. I fix it and got another tip for non-english users: delete non-english letters from file’s title. I coudn’t open my files because of that.

  10. Tim

    After moving to the correct folder on my PC, I can read my .mobi files fine on my PC app, but they do not sync to my kindle, kindle app for BB, or kindle cloud reader, and suggestions ?? Thanks

  11. dxcqcv

    I wanna read .azw file, but kindle for windows alert me that the book could not be opened. any help?thanks

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